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Λοιπόν κακά τα ψέματα γύρω γύρω το έφερνα αλλά τελικά έποιασα τα serrvlets:

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Είναι ένα παγκόσμιο event που έχει σαν στόχο να διδάξει σε μαθητές Α'-θμιας και Β'-θμιας εκπαίδευσης προγραμματισμό. Πλέον περιτριγυριζόμαστε από πληροφορική και το 90% των σχολείων δεν διδάσκουν το πως να δημιουργείς με αυτήν. Και έτσι η τεχνολογία γίνεται ένα "μαύρο κουτί" και δημιουργείται η "Ελίτ" που ξέρει προγραμματισμό και πληροφορική και η "μη-ελίτ" που παίρνει ότι σερβίρει η ελίτ.
Προσωπικά χαίρομαι που υπάρχει αυτή η ευκαιρία σήμερα και μακάρι να υπήρχε η ευκαιρία όταν πήγαινα δημοτικό η γυμνάσιο.

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Infoanarchism, child of the Freenet

When publicists had discovered Freenet, they made an article about Ian Clarke called „The Infoanarchist“, this happened in July 2000. Since then exists term infoanarchism, which usually refers to people who are opposed to intellectual property and censorship. For example swedish group Piratbyrån, which created the anthology Kopimi (pronounced as „copy me“), and cooperates with famous Thepiratebay.

And from that time the Freenet has another role, it’s not anymore only for spreading the wierdest porn, it’s also a battleship fighting against censorship. We can expose the government lies, we can learn banned arts and we can share... Yeah, I’ve mentioned the porn, if you have to, go ahead, jerk off and then come to me. Done? Great!

I hope I won’t dissapoint you, but the fact we hate censorship doesn’t mean, that we are all pedophiles or some sort of wierdo. We just can’t get over with fact, there are people, who try to hide information from us. It gives them power and advantage. Yes, there’s a little exception, something I call child-protection-censorship, it means that they hide porn and brutal pictures from them, and I believe this type of censorship is not bad. But, we ain’t children no more, right?

There are some great and super cool arguments why we should bring quick end to censorship and copyright:

copyright and censorship may result in a obstacle to creativity.
It is meant globally. A lot of artist learn by copying and imitating, but if there is be only copyrighted and censored stuff, it will be really hard for him to make anything nice. The same is of course for scientist, he needs to learn something first and I strongly believe if he must learn from censored stuff, he will make much slower progess.

you obviously can’t steal any Intellectual property.
If you copied a story from a book, owner’s book would not be harmed at all. He would still have it. And by the way, there’s interesting fact. When there was copyright in UK and no copyright in Germany, in Germany were created more books and author got more money. Take that, copy monopol! And I would give more money as well.

freedom of speech, say whateverfuck and don’t get arrested.
You can even offend any body. It’s not nice, but it’s your right. Some organizations try to insert in legal code a law, which bans insulting, that’s usually the first step to censorship, because a great lawyer can make wonders with this law. And also it’s nice when you can hear honest another’s opinion, you may instantly know, you don’t want to meet him again.

The most important (by my opinion) was told. Rememer, the anonymity here is your greatest power on the Freenet. You can use it to spread banned knowledge, information and gossips about mankind’s society, and yes, you can also distrubute the banned porn and I’m afraid you probably will. But if you share just one thing which helps people to reach the truly freedom, I will be so proud of you.

I’m terribly sorry for my english, it is not my native/mother language. If you can correct it for me, tell me.

Original TIME's article
Copyleft 2014 Taché [tashe:]
Email: tach@ltvszx6obz4xd2rnjyur3i2elmz4z3n3i3tnz6rbek2xbvhi5rta.freemailBitcoin: 187p97JY4t7o49eSG2WfGQgAGcbUVopX7E
#infoanarchism #freenet 

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Freenet translation Transifex projet state :
French : 100%
Chinese : 97%
German and Russion ... only 91% !!! :-) #freenet #darknet  

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We are looking for individuals who want to help combat online
surveillance and censorship worldwide. If you speak a second language
(or more!) and are a fan of circumvention tools, we want to hear from

Circumvention tools are essential for people in countries where
citizens are subjected to on-line censorship and surveillance. These
tools often lack the resources to properly localize and test them for
different languages and cultures. To address this need, OpenITP has
launched the Localization Management Service (LMS) to cultivate a
community of volunteers to help with these tools with these goals.

While there is no set time commitment, most of our members
contribute a few hours a month, and you can play a key role in shaping
tools used by people under oppressive regimes and ensure they can
participate in a free and open Internet.

You will be translating software, documentation, video, graphics, and
websites. Basically, anything that is required for individuals to both
learn and properly use these tools. Once a translation is complete,
community members should test the tools and provide any cultural,
linguistic, user experience, and technical input you have for developers.

We use a web based localization platform called Transifex to translate
software strings, documentation, video subtitles and other materials
that support the tools. If you have not created an account with
Transifex, you can do so here:Â #freenet 

Once you sign up, let us know your Transifex nickname so we can add
you to the language teams on our hub projects.

In addition, we have an IRC channel on #l10nand a mailing
list, where you can interact with LMS team members,
project developers, and other translators.

Tor, Lantern, Cryptocat, Orbot, Psiphon, Commotion Wireless,
GlobaLeaks, Martus, and more. A list of the current hub projects and
other useful links can be found here: Â

If you have a project that needs localization and would like to join the
hub, let us know! We will show you the features and benefits of
Transifex and we can help you get your project set up.

Applying anonymously contributed diffs and reuploading the result should
work. I do worry that people who aren't using Transifex are unable to
(directly, they could ask someone I guess) indicate on Transifex that
they're working on it so that others can avoid duplicate work. #freenet 

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