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See the origami we made in April. Choose the one you liked origami. A lesson on it you will find in the description under the video. To do this, go to YouTube channel.

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This is a school bag made of paper. I show a master class how to make an origami bag in 10 minutes. To work, you need one rectangle of paper. I used paper with a size of 15x21 cm. This is half the A4 sheet. You can use the entire sheet of paper, bag or briefcase will be more than 2 times. Repeat all the movements of the hands behind me and get exactly the same craft. Who is the first time on the channel, please subscribe. Also I wait for likes and comments) Who will share this video with friends, to that for kind business - excellent mood!

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Paper wiper holder. Make it origami with the children. To make such a ring for a napkin, you need a rectangle sheet of paper measuring 15x21 cm. You can combine different colors of paper to harmoniously look like a ring, napkin and tablecloth.

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On our channel, a new origami video. This floral ornament is a lily. To work, you need a rectangular sheet of paper measuring 21x15 cm. All folds are very simple. This is an easy origami. I teach a master class how to make this origami lily.

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This is one of the easiest origami for children. The designer of this origami is Ivanova Nadezhda. I made this paper house in a few minutes. For crafting, you need half a sheet of A4 paper. All folds are simple. I recommend making this origami for children from 7 years. Folds the paper house quickly. When the house is "built", you need to draw a window. Use beautiful colors to make the window bright.

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This origami was invented by Sokolova S.V. The head of a wolf is a toy on a finger. Origami is made from a square measuring 15x15 cm. It is best to use gray or white paper. Because it will be necessary to draw black eyes. Origami folds are all simple. I detail how to fold the animal's head. When the origami is ready, open the pocket and put the wolf's head on the finger. A hero for a small theater is ready. I wish you a fun game! Please subscribe, comment, put it.


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In February we also made origami. If you missed some videos, watch this release. Here I do a review of origami, made in February. Basically it's flowers, hearts made of paper. Since February 14 was Valentine's Day, the valentines were the main theme this month. Take a look at this short video, select an article that you want to make or just admire the new origami artwork. In the description, under the video, there are links to each video lesson. Choose what you like and click on the origami learning link. As always, I show in great detail how to make a craft paper.
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Learn from this video how beautifully fold two napkins. It is important that the colors are contrasted or combined. First, we fold each napkin, then turn it into a "tube". Next, the napkins are superimposed on each other and beautifully weave the layers together. In fact, it's very simple. For the layers to be beautifully folded, at the end, relax a little. Put the napkin on a plate. The manufacturing time is 2-3 minutes. If this is your first time on the Origami Cote channel, please subscribe. Those who liked the video, please post a comment, write a comment and share the video with your friends.

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