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I would like everyone here to be careful with this guy
Block and Report him
He's a hacker that destroys communities

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Name:shadow moorwen
Powers: enchant any weapon he gets ahold of. And is a master shape shifter
Ethnic: Norse viking
Bio: traveled through time to try to save someone he loved

Sorry for being gone so long work is a pain and I'm normally tired when I get home anyways anyone want to rp?

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Name: Wolfboy Komane

Age: dont even think about it.

Crush: i have a crush on someone unknown

Likes/Dislikes: uhh, i like and dislike nothing. Unless you give me Kirby: Planet Robobot, i love that.

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Name:Lily Neko Mason
Personalities art loves the beach and park
Crush is:Sky,Adam
Facts: her parents were abusive and are divorced has tried to commit suicied many times from bulling from liking ponys and abusing
Freinds with:Zane katelyn Aphmau Garroth Laurance Travis Nicole Dante and celeste and some others
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during the anime party XD

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Name: Merlaine Collin
Age: 16
Personality: Innocent, kind, loving, clever, annoying (in some occasions), and curious
Likes: Watermelon, drawing, hanging out with friends, and animals
Dislikes: Vegetables, animal abusers, and loud noises
Extra: When Meraline was born, her parents died in a car accident so she lived with her grandmother. She didn't know who her parents were and didn't bother to ask her grandmother. She is scared on thunder and lightning. She loves hugs. She won't hesitate to help someone.

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Name: Natalie Robinson
Age: 17
Crush: +LpsWolfie TV (Sky,Adam)
Personality: Creative and Nice and Cute
Dislikes: Bugs
Likes: Miniatures


(stares at my painting) " Oh do I wish I had attention (paints more) Oh a text message..."

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Name: Princess k./ prince
Personality: friendly,helpful, happy, kill joy (a bit)
Additional information: a kind , friendly girl. Loves to hang out with +lps wolfietv. Her mom said she is a kill joy a bit. Wears a pink ribbon
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