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The Summer 18 Release emphasises on Collaboration, User Experience and Data Privacy as its 3 stand out features. Let’s take a closer look!

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Are you the owner of a small or mid-size #business? Then I suggest to pay attention to our brief review of #freeCRM and low-cost #CRMsoftware

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How we increase productivity of CapsuleCRM users....

We use CapsuleCRM as our CRM, so the use cases showcased below are built with us in mind first.

1. Pipelines from Sales to Recruitment and Fund Raising
2. Single Customer View
3. Unified Customer and Supplier Interactions
4. Customer and Supplier Intelligence

Hi do you have any more documentation regarding the Capsule / Ninja Forms set-up? I'm struggling with adding milestones and opportunities with the hidden fields.

Loving the new Search improvements

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How Can You Increase Your Productivity?
#CRM is a strategy implemented by some companies to research and understand their customers or potential clients. In today’s competitive marketplace, customer relationship management is critical to a company’s profitability and long-term success! 
Register to this #Market Research & #Consumer Behavior free online webinar

Is there a good tutorial on how Data Tags can be used?

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I just released a WordPress plugin for Capsule that lets you easily create a custom form to add new people automatically.  I hope you may find it useful.  Here's the link:

Since you have to "wait" for your post to be approved on the Capsule LinkedIn group, let's pump this group up.

I know you can "tag" a filtered group. It would be nice if you could "untag" too.
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