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There's always has to be a moment for an Artist to say stop! Because close after this stage I was thinking I was going to be finished. But this was very fun to continue and I kept going. Art therapy.

This group still active?

some friends from work and I just joined Ingress.  Anyone in yakima currently playing?

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Greetings from The Dalles, Oregon! I am Lightleaf, an L15 member of the Resistance who usually stays local since my access to a vehicle is but intermittent. We Blueskins down this way have a passionate couple of Toad megafielders who live in Trout Lake, WA, who have joined with an increasingly avid couple who live in Dufur, OR (please refer to your Intel Map). Now these two sets of couples have allied with a Toad up your way, LuvBunnies, who, as you see looking at your Intel Map, owns Toppenish.

At the time I write this, there is a large green field extending from the City of Murals sign in Toppenish to Trout Lake to Dufur, and the number of us Resistance here in The Dalles are so few, and with but spotty cell reception to the portals in Trout Lake and Dufur, that we would love it were there any Resistance who would take an active interest in Toppenish. Any recruitment of local residents there would be great, because we have newbs here in The Dalles who can't train because of this field that pops back up as soon as it comes down, with no hope of a badger thrown to thwart the re-field so quickly are they in it.

I'm all for megafields, but when new players become demoralized for their severely limited play from the outset, so bail from the game soon after they start, that speaks to a game mechanic that needs to be tweaked somehow.

Thanks for being Blue!


So ive been off ingress for a while. So ehats new around yakima regardin ingress?

So where do the froggies communicate for coordinated things now?

BBQ / nerf war at my house soon? Yeah? +Fili Alcala that means you.

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If y'all didn't already know
The Translator Medal recognizes Agents who have mastered the Shaper Glyphs. Up to 15 Glyph Hack Points are earned for each perfect Glyph Hack beginning today:

Perfect 1-Glyph Hack: 1 Point
Perfect 2-Glyph Hack: 2 Points
Perfect 3-Glyph Hack: 4 Points
Perfect 4-Glyph Hack: 8 Points
Perfect 5-Glyph Hack: 15 Points

Note: Speed bonuses aren't currently part of this calculation, only perfect accuracy. Initiate the Glyph Hack Sequence by long-pressing the HACK button.

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