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Welcome to warm bloods only just be. Nice and do what ever you want







Beak color (if your a bird)

Feet color:

Eye color:



Clothes (if you wear any)

Fur/feathers​ Colors:








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thanks i have a ennemy in this community

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Age: 14

Gender: Female

Species: Spix Blue Macaw

Height: 80 cm

Weight: 1 Kg

Beak color: Grey

Feet color: Dark grey

Eye color: Blue

Bf: =Open=

Wepons: None

Clothes: None

Feathers​ Colors: Blue

Likes: :flowers,anime,butterflies,Explore that there is more beech of The Amazon,human food,rain,brazilian nuts,listenig creppypastas,videogames,have a boyfriend and peace.

Dislikes: hurt anyone,fights,Be stalked,blood,killing someone,wars and people that want to hurt her or her family.

Sexuality: Straight

Characteristic: she has a look of a normal female spix macaw,but with she has a long feathers like hair on her head finalized in a beautiful color pink that remembered to her sweet personality.

Nature: Curious

Abilities: singing with a precious voice(She has a "mermaid voice"),Seeing paranormal beigns and dancing

Quote: "There some wanderful things out of the Amazon but...i dont want that out lider discover me...and that my brother Marcelo will punish me beacuse of this..."

Bio: When she was just an egg, her parents and brothers were captured by hunters and taken to London, England where they were sold illegally.
Fortunately, her family was rescued by some caretakers and then managed to arrest the buyer (an evil businessman) since he had no legal documents to say that these were him.
When she was born, she was in a nest made of branches and camellias and the caretakers and her parents called her Camelia.
She was released two years after her birth with her family to the Amazon Forest.

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Name: Whiteflower

Age: 19 years old

Gender: Female

Species: Raccoon/Human

Height: 30 cm (As a Raccoon)/ 1,65 cm (As a human)

Weight: 3,5 (As a Raccoon)/43,5 (As a human)

Feet color: Dark Brown

Eye color: Blue

BF: Roberto (Please Naira.....forgive me T-T)

Weapons: Claws,her powers(:v),knifes,axes,poisons and Thorn vines

Clothes(On human form):She wears a golden top, a denim skirt and yellow-heeled slippers and her neck wears the same white quartz necklace she had in her original form.

Fur Color: Brown variations

Likes: Chocolate,Muffins,Magic,Human stuff,Her friends, REAL MUSIC,Roberto(aaaw :3),magic,human stuff,blackberries(the fruit not the phone),flying,blood (Muahahaha >:D),sining,tecnology and her best friends

Dislikes: RJ(Formely),Be Evil,Carrie,Amalaya,Her ex-Boyfriend(Johny Fox Williams),some females stalking Roberto,Carrie,be raped,Black magic,perverts,obey the orders her brother,suffering,pain,get mad,stalkers,jaspers and be captured by hunter

Sexuality: Straight

Characteristics: She is a raccoon similar to RJ (his brother) but with the diference that she has like a tuft of the color of her coat of color brown and decorated with a pink flower, wearing orange earrings and wears a necklace with a white quartz on her neck.

Nature: Naughty and mischief

Abilities:drawing,making the flowers and plants grow,sining,transform herself into a human,Sings to seduce, conquer and hypnotize men, males and even stallions with her precious voice( Formely ) and playing the harp

Quote: "Woh!the human skin is the new fur,babe"

Bio: She was born during a strange astronomical event when a rose blooms while there was a full moon in the sky.
Her older brother, seeing her, was amazed at how tender she was when she was just a baby.

When she was 3 years old, a terrible tragedy had occurred, her parents had died in the sinking of a ship in an oceanic storm, so she would be taken care of by her older brother.
In that time that she lived with them. When she was 4 years old, a flash struck her in the head, and after a few seconds, she had magic and special powers with which she would learn to control over time.
During the time with which she lived with her brothers, she was physically and psychologically abused.

The abuses, beatings, bites and punishments were frequent, making her small and fragile sanity break into a million pieces.
Just when she was 15 years old, She was completely destroyed and with a psychopathic personality developed since she was a little girl.

To escape the reality in which she lived,she decided to create a musical band with her childhood friends: Jade, Nelly, Kimmera, Abby and Candancen.

Everything in the band was very good after the success of the first album of the BeautyMals "My Life, My own World" sung by WhiteFlower until the arrival of photographer and composer Johny Fox Williams.
At the time of her relationship with Johny,she was writing the song "Sailor Moon" for the album of the same name. The relationship had been planned by Johny's sponsor for both to gain fame in the world of music and even, Whiteflower had written a song dedicated to Johny telling him that she was in love with him and loves him very much. But the relationship was over just as he was pressing her to have sex even though Whiteflower refused.

Johny had entered prison for attempted sexual abuse towards her, besides several charges of child pornography trafficking and more than 2 counts of child sexual abuse where he had sex with underage girls.

She met her beloved Roberto, in the streets of Brasilia, but kept her courtship secret.After the trip, she decided to return home, making her settle her conflict with her brother and becoming happy again.
Until one day ... everything changes.

She decided to get rid of Carrie, her younger sister, whom she never loved.When Carrie realized her plans, it was too late, she could not ask for help.
When RJ arrived to find Carrie and white flower, he saw their bodies near a river.
He ... cried ... he decided to accept the death of his sisters. With a broken heart, he tryed to resist and inside and forever, between laments of repentance, he will cry for his sisters.
What he does not know, is that she is still alive and looking for her brother, that his only dream was to assassinate and dismember him, and escape from her past and for revenge, killing innocent small animals.
And trying to find the peace that she wishes.
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Name: Dakota

Age: 14 years old

Gender: Female

Species: Mer-Dog

Height: 1,56 cm

Weight: 38 kg

Feet color: None

Eye color: Blue

Bf: //Open//

Weapons: Her powers :v

Clothes: Eskimo coat and gloves

Fur colors: Black and White

Likes: Cold water, Chocolate (wants to eat one but her body does not allow her : 'c), Discover, Explore, Rock (That my mermaid! I'm proud uwu), her friend Snowy, have more friends, go places are different and try something new.

Dislikes: The pain, loneliness, reggaeton, stay in the same place and Eris want to kill her o-o

Sexuality: Straight

Characteristic: She has a black and white fur like the whole of a Alaskan Malamue (like the picture)

Nature: Curious

Abilities: Control the ice and powers and communicate the sea animals.

Quote: "I wonder if there are more places besides my home"

Bio: She was born in a common house in Alaska, in a litter of puppies.
But she was different from her siblings. Like the detail that his eyes were blue and have an obsession with being a long time in the water.

One day she could not bear to be away from the water and throw herself into the water and had become a mer-dog knowing that she will never see her parents or her siblings again.

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Hey hey Hey,Guys! im here! ;D

Hi im new here and thx for the acception

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Thanks for accept me
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And the orcs ? +killer Crow​ they are allowed ?

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