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Hi everyone,
I wanted to use Voidlinux since a year or something as a home http server on a BeagleBone Black. Unfortunately the installation description never worked for me - nothing boots, the connected screen remains black, only a single diode is turned on on the board which means it's in a failed state. I cannot debug the problem because I don't have any serial cable which would let me see the boot procedure output from the board. I checked again today: now it's even worse - the procedure from the wiki seems incorrect - the required rootfs image is missing. I'd like to finally understand what am I doing wrong and make it work. Can you help me?

This is what I used for reference:
The void-beaglebone-rootfs-<date>.tar.xz is missing from current.
I also tried to use void-beaglebone-musl-20171007.img.xz and just xzcat it to a SD card - doesn't work with the same result as above - single diode on.

Is there an unofficial repository for Void like AUR in Archlinux?
Where can I find more packages?

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Void Linux minimal + i3wm
Only with tools and apps CLI

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Hello, everybody.
I got into Void Linux a while ago and I really liked it. I made some experiments and now I have installed it as my main working Linux notebook and it's going fine.
I use build with musl library.
I got into building from sources, from void-packages and discovered there were some problems, coming from updated gperf  3.1. I patched the packages affected and ran a small repo for my patches here:
Now it builds without problems.

I also patched and built some utils for Void with musl for my needs and I plan to packet them into xbps, as soon as I get into xbps. I work as a C/C++ programmer for over 15 years and it is not a big deal for me, but maybe my patches could be useful for somebody else. So I just put it here.

#voidlinux #musl  

Hi !
After the last update(4.8.8 ), Void cant boot (start booting and get shutdown before login ) ....a try to boot from previous kernels /recovery mode dosnt help...

its was update with the warning of :
"Attention: if your sh is not dash (xbps-alternatives -l -g sh): before your next system update reset it to dash: xbps-alternatives -s dash"

but I made checking dash before ....

any clue ?

I have 2 niggles with voidlinux 1st the lack of gutenprint
The 2nd this may be me i have searched for a solution but not found it
I have the latest download 64bt it immediately updates to the latest kernel when I update but just gives kernel panic on reboot the tool for removing kernels says its not installed, the search says it is installed, so am I missing something that needs to be done after it is installed. I did try another Kernel but the same message. kernel panic and bad block.

Anyone else has packages set to automatic- instead of manually installed for whatever reason?
If I try to remove orphans with 'xbps-remove -o' it lists me many packages which have been explicitly installed, like xorg-fonts, xorg-input-drivers, grub and even i3-gaps/i3blocks.
I can change the mode of packages with 'xbps-pkgdb -m manual pkg'. Reinstalling them somehow fixes it aswell, but it's quite an annoyance.

1/after an update to one of 4.7.xx kernels my broadcom wifi dosnt work (no adapter found) ...the reinstalling of "wl" package dosnt help...
2/btw , I had removed all old kernels before ....
during the reinstalling of "wl" package, installer looks for old dkms of removed kernels and I dont understand why?
any clue ? (sorry for bad English)

Despite everything i've tried i always end up getting thia error when trying to compile Android on Void Linux.
I've switched to openjdk1.7.0-u80, i've installed about every package that remotely sounded like anything needed for ubuntu and arch.
I copied over from ubuntu to symlink to ld in android's source (workaround on Arch)
Still, it always fails with that exact error, i'm running out of ideas what to do.. i really don't want to install another distro solely for the purpose of compiling (again).


I hope i'm just missing a package there, but tbh i don't know, as nobody else seems to have encountered that exact error.

Void Puppy linux  - is it possible ??
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