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Iron Bug

Debate  - 
Hello, everybody.
I got into Void Linux a while ago and I really liked it. I made some experiments and now I have installed it as my main working Linux notebook and it's going fine.
I use build with musl library.
I got into building from sources, from void-packages and discovered there were some problems, coming from updated gperf  3.1. I patched the packages affected and ran a small repo for my patches here:
Now it builds without problems.

I also patched and built some utils for Void with musl for my needs and I plan to packet them into xbps, as soon as I get into xbps. I work as a C/C++ programmer for over 15 years and it is not a big deal for me, but maybe my patches could be useful for somebody else. So I just put it here.

#voidlinux #musl  
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Muchas gracias iron.
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Anyone else has packages set to automatic- instead of manually installed for whatever reason?
If I try to remove orphans with 'xbps-remove -o' it lists me many packages which have been explicitly installed, like xorg-fonts, xorg-input-drivers, grub and even i3-gaps/i3blocks.
I can change the mode of packages with 'xbps-pkgdb -m manual pkg'. Reinstalling them somehow fixes it aswell, but it's quite an annoyance.
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better if you start using this fourm forum.voidlinux.eu - Void Linux Forum
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1/after an update to one of 4.7.xx kernels my broadcom wifi dosnt work (no adapter found) ...the reinstalling of "wl" package dosnt help...
2/btw , I had removed all old kernels before ....
during the reinstalling of "wl" package, installer looks for old dkms of removed kernels and I dont understand why?
any clue ? (sorry for bad English) 
William Maxwell Iceladen's profile photoagur biedak's profile photo
ok. the new update (broadcom-wl-dkms- fixed it. Thanks for Void team.
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Void Puppy linux  - is it possible ??
agur biedak's profile photoWilliam Maxwell Iceladen's profile photo
Take it to puppy devs if you want puppy based on void.

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i've wanted to update my system today and got this:

chromium-48.0.2564.116_1: broken, unresolvable shlib 'libwebp.so.5'
chromium-48.0.2564.116_1: broken, unresolvable shlib 'libwebpdemux.so.1'

also affected: webkitgtk2, gimp, wxWidgets, playonlinux, wxPython, webkit2gtk & webkit2gtk2

I proceeded to deinstall the affected packages and some of their dependencies (shown above) and reinstalled libwebp-0.5.0_1 but it didn't solve the error.
I also updated the rest of the system, once this error didn't show up, rebooted and tried reinstalling, didn't work either.

What i am doing wrong?
Logen Kain's profile photoDuncan Overbruck's profile photo
Another good news is that Gottox merged a new feature into xbps-rindex that checks for dependency consistency before updating the repository index.
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Userx Xbw

Debate  - 
I don't know how well this Q and A works in here, BUT. I just installed DWM and I alreay have i3 installed. to run DWM with customizations. it interfears with i3. When I select ro run i3 from the login screen DWM still starts up, I have added a sh/script to prevent dwm from exiting MOD+Shift+q instead it checks for updated dwm exc. if no then exit.

if I do exit out of dwm then go into i3, dwm still starts up on top of i3. meaning when I MOD+Shift+q a few times it finally shuts dwm down leaving me in i3 but i3 will not respond properly

this is the script,

# relaunch DWM if the binary changes, otherwise bail
csum=$(sha1sum $(which dwm))
while true
    if [ "$csum" != "$new_csum" ]
        exit 0
    new_csum=$(sha1sum $(which dwm))
    sleep 0.5
it is directed to look into my bin dir from .xprofile to run the script.
I have no idea what to do to kill the WM completely when exiting
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Before I run into this, is Wine staging available? Or should I compile it manually? I'm not against compiling it, but I've learned from other distros that the package managers should know about as many other packages as possible. 
Cody Smith's profile photoAndrea Brancaleoni's profile photo
+Duncan Overbruck +Cody Smith staging build option is on by default.
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Hey. I just installed void in my old laptop, and tried to installed GNOME. Installed xorg, GNOME and gdm packages, and enabled both dbus and gdm services. When my system starts and it tries go start gdm, the screen starts to flicker, intercalating between tty and a black screen. After some minutes it stops and fallback to tty. I already tried forcing X instead of Wayland in /etc/gdm/custom.conf, but it didn't solve the problem. Anyone knows what I should do?
Mateus Felipe Cordeiro Catano Pinto (Twinsen)'s profile photoTassius Temistocles's profile photo
I don't know. But I do like a write you, and that work! Sorry, but I'm enjoying "O carnaval".
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How can I install Node.js v. 0.12.7
Enno Boland's profile photo
For node-0.12 use tools like nvm or n:

- https://github.com/creationix/nvm
- https://github.com/tj/n
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But when I installed my card wifi seams not be detected. I have a Gigabyte, using In tel chipset. It detect good in Manjaro, Gentoo, Ubuntu .... Why ?
Paul BOREL's profile photoDuncan Overbruck's profile photo
As I said on IRC, you need to enable the conman service to use the wifi gui in enlightenment. https://github.com/voidlinux/documentation/wiki/Network-Configuration#desktop-network-daemons-networkmanager-wicd-and-connman
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After install appache and mysql why is the command systemctl enable httpd mysqld ?
Duncan Overbruck's profile photoPaul BOREL's profile photo
Thanks a lot 
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About this community

The Void Linux community in Google+
Hi !
After the last update(4.8.8 ), Void cant boot (start booting and get shutdown before login ) ....a try to boot from previous kernels /recovery mode dosnt help...

its was update with the warning of :
"Attention: if your sh is not dash (xbps-alternatives -l -g sh): before your next system update reset it to dash: xbps-alternatives -s dash"

but I made checking dash before ....

any clue ?

agur biedak's profile photo
the last line in boot process is " runit :poweroff"
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I have 2 niggles with voidlinux 1st the lack of gutenprint
The 2nd this may be me i have searched for a solution but not found it
I have the latest download 64bt it immediately updates to the latest kernel when I update but just gives kernel panic on reboot the tool for removing kernels says its not installed, the search says it is installed, so am I missing something that needs to be done after it is installed. I did try another Kernel but the same message. kernel panic and bad block. 
Duncan Overbruck's profile photomandog kelvin's profile photo
To many years on Arch forgot about multi kernels that's age for you its fine now. Like the minimal set-up i hate having to remove half a distro before i can use it
I also like the package manager works very well and fast, Time will tell how void fares its off to a good start, just need gutenprint?
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Recently started using Void and really appreciating it, hoping to stay with it.
Though, I have a small problem with runit (I presume its runit causing it)

My shutdown or reboot is delayed or stopped if samba partitions aren't unmounted first.
I use couple of cifs line, previously with nofail, that used to work OK other places, but here it just hangs at trying to unmount.
Any suggestions?
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Despite everything i've tried i always end up getting thia error when trying to compile Android on Void Linux.
I've switched to openjdk1.7.0-u80, i've installed about every package that remotely sounded like anything needed for ubuntu and arch.
I copied over ld.gold from ubuntu to symlink to ld in android's source (workaround on Arch)
Still, it always fails with that exact error, i'm running out of ideas what to do.. i really don't want to install another distro solely for the purpose of compiling (again).

error: http://pastebin.com/vBTcPkn1

I hope i'm just missing a package there, but tbh i don't know, as nobody else seems to have encountered that exact error.
Georg Eitler's profile photo
unfortunately the error still persists after a successfull repo sync.
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VoidLinux is useless as a Live system since you can't install new packages with a certain volume (eg gcc) since there is not enough space (although 8 GB RAM available). Is there any cheatcode such as 'cow_spacesize= 8GB'?
James Sumners's profile photoGeorges Mertens's profile photo
That was my point!
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Userx Xbw

Debate  - 
quick shot of ruxvt compiled with everything and custom duck feet with Void Linux and comton -b setting in i3 .
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Is there a way to install opera or vivaldi browser ?

Duncan Overbruck's profile photo
opera is now in the nonfree repository for x86_64 glibc
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I am having problems installing Topmenu in my Mate 1.8 desktop. I am following the compilation instructions described in the site. The applet compiles and installs correctly, but it doesn't appear in my Applet list (that one wich appears when you click "Add to panel"). I tried to load the compiled module by many ways (.gtkrc-2.0, --gtk-module option, GTK_MODULES environment var), but it seems that the module is not loaded, or if it is, it still doesn't appear to me to add to the panel. Somebody can help?
Screenshots. Requirements and compatibility. Currently, TopMenu ships as a panel applet for either Mate 1.8 or Xfce >= 4.8 (Gtk+2 versions only). The Mate applet would be relatively easy to port to Gnome 2. Gtk+2 is the preferred toolkit, albeit Gtk+3 is partially supported.
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After updating, iwifi module takes approximately 2 minutes to load appropriate firmware.

dmesg spits out garbage about unable to load firmware and failing with error -2 and then goes on to loading a user helper.

The cause is a firmware mismatch between what it's looking for (iwlwifi-7265D-15.ucode) and what's available (most recent I see in /lib/firmware is -13).

My solution was to copy iwlwifi-7265D-13.ucode to iwlwifi-7265D-15.ucode Wifi comes up instantly on boot after that.

Apparently, you can also enable CONFIG_FW_LOADER_USER_HELPER_FALLBACK in the kernel to remove the delay to load an older firmware. I didn't use this solution so I can't verify that it works.

Does the wifi-firmware package need to be updated?



Looks like there's updated firmware for kernel 4.2+
Zach Lewis's profile photoJuan RP's profile photo
Juan RP
I updated linux-firmware thinking it might resolve your issue.

Glad to read its working again, cheers.
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