Generating Vector Grids in 3.0.x

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We've now got a draft set of presentations for the SW User Group meeting on 12th June - thanks Pascal for the nice page :-), and to everyone for stepping up with some really good topics.

Still a few tickets left, and a few speaker slots too - it's all-male lineup at the moment, so it would be good to get some gender balance, contact me or Pascal Coulon.

Final programme and details to follow late May/early June.

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New free WWF-UK guidelines on satellite remote sensing for conservation

Not specifically QGIS. But this was just passed on to me by a colleague. It's a rather nice new guide from WWF that does a good job of covering the basics of remote sensing, in plain english as much as possible. Also provides details of how and where to obtain data.

Hello hive mind ,
Does anyone know of any non-proprietary software that can convert ESRI raster coverages into an open format? I have a client with a coverage but they have no ArcGIS Advanced licence to process it...

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Tickets are now up for the SW User Group meetup on 12th June in Chippenham

Drop us a line if you've got a presentation to add to the list!

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The data set I use most heavily is OS VectorMap District, but I dislike the 'roads' layer. It doesn't matter what I do I have problems styling it and have done since the introduction of collapsed dual carriageways.

Recently I've been experimenting with the roads layers from OSM to see if these could be used instead of the OS VMD ones. The results are encouraging, OSM roads seem to fit surprisingly well with the VMD layers to produce reasonably-decent looking mid-scale mapping.

Here's where I am now, the illustration shows a fragment of map made using OS VMD data but with the roads made using OSM data. Everything but the roads were styled using OS VMD style files, the OSM roads I styled myself. There are in fact all sorts of problems with the map; the labelling needs sorting out and there are some glitches with road symbol layers, but this is all do-able. Scale nominally 1:15,000.

Other layers used include OS Open Greenspace (spotted areas), Terrain50 Contours and the OS GB Hillshade GeoTiff (used very lightly).

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For those who haven't noticed I'd just mention that the OS have released the OS Open Names, OS Terrain 50, OS Open Roads, OS Open Rivers, OS Open Map-Local, OS Open Greenspace, Code-Point Open, OS VectorMap District and Boundary-Line datasets as GeoPackage files. Each file contains data that covers the whole of GB. See:

for the background.

The data is also available in other file formats. QGIS 3 appears to handle the data very well, it's speedy.

There are compatibility problems styling the Open Map-Local dataset using the available OS style files.

Following up on the post last week, Pascal Coulon and I are organising a QGIS South West User Group meeting in Chippenham on Tuesday 12th June; many thanks to SciSys who have kindly agreed to host. More details and Eventbrite page shortly, but in the meantime if anyone has any proposals for presentations/ discussions, please post here or let me (@antscott) or Pascal (@pascal_coulon) know - a title and para or two of description would be great. One suggestion is something around how people can contribute to the QGIS project, and it will also be good to see what people are doing with 3.0 of course.

It will be a good-sized space, so there'll be plenty of room for our neighbours in the South East and indeed anywhere else!

So put the date in the diary and see you there...

I have a 1kmx1km grid covering the borough and I have created an atlas to print a page for each grid square (with annotations) but I only want to print those grids that intersect with the borough boundary. I don't want to mess with the grid file (it covers a rectangle so quite a few outside the borough).

Can I specify this in the Atlas feature to only print those intersecting?

A heads-up that I'm looking at organising a QGIS South West User Group meeting, probably in June - I think we've got a venue, will confirm asap. Watch this space and in the meantime keep June free :-)
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