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Kicking this off again as it's been a while!

I've had a lot of interest in a meet up here in the Midlands but had very few offers regarding venues or sponsorship. If this is going to happen we will require:

a/ a venue capable of holding up to ?? people (although we can limit if something small is on offer)
b/ ideas for presentations/workshops - I've got quite a few tips 'n' tricks for the everyday user
c/ sponsorship for either room hire/drinks/food or a combination of those (here a Rugby I have a price of around £700 for 70 people)

Bare in mind that I've been contacted by a good number of new users and a few who are considering moving to QGIS or getting it in to compliment existing GIS software, quite a few from local government.

I'd really like to get moving on this so please respond with ideas/offers.

Thanks to all those who have offered to help organising, depending on responce I'll be in touch.

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Hi everyone.
Only a couple of weeks to go until Rasters Revealed and the draft agenda is now available. Check it out at https://rastersrevealed.files.wordpress.com/2017/02/rastersrevealed_programme_21feb2017.pdf.

We have some cracking workshops and really interesting talks planned so it'd be great to see you there.

Registration is £45 for the entire day and can be completed here: https://bookwhen.com/geoger


Hi! We've been implementing an instance of the QGIS Gazetteer Search plugin and it's working brilliantly on two different networks, however, we have a snag on another network where the plugin responds with a 407 HTTP Proxy authentication error. I updated the plugin to explicitly use the proxy settings from QGIS but still get the same error! Anyone experience anything similar? 

Evening all! Does anyone have experience of running QGIS in a lab or classroom set up? I have a colleague who is working at a secondary school that is trying to integrate QGIS into the curriculum at all ages (big thumbs up on that one!) bit they are being really hampered by crashes and what appear to be network issues regarding data load speeds. I know that she would appreciate being able to bounce some ideas off anyone as she's at her wits end trying to troubleshoot alone. Thanks for reading!

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Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone here can help with this.

I used ogr2ogr as part of a python script to convert multiple spatialite files to PostGIS

The conversion worked and I could see the files in PgAdmin and in QGIS via the add PostGIS table panel. However, each layer appears twice in the QGIS table list, one with geometry defined and the other without. See image below

Is there a way to fix this? Either by modifying my python script or making a few changes in PgAdmin?

I would like each table to be only listed once to avoid confusing the users.

My python code which handles the ogr2ogr command follows

for file in glob.glob("*.sqlite"):
filename = os.path.splitext(file)[0]
elements = filename.split("_")

command = ['ogr2ogr', '-f', 'PostgreSQL', '-a_srs', 'EPSG:27700', 'PG:"host=### user=### dbname=### password=### port=5432 schemas={}"'.format(elements[2]), os.path.join(indir, file), '-nln', elements[3]]


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Possible bug - how do I report?
Can anyone one else replicate this crash/minidump?
(keep in mind I am a QGIS novice)

I uninstalled 2.18.1
Ran CCleaner
Then cleared out references to QGIS2, QGIS2 Pisa, Chugiak and 18.2 from registry.
Deleted .qgis2 folder
Then reinstalled.
Then added LAStools – set up path and enabled
Opened existing project and yea – all hillshade/altitude and other layers based on .vrt of .asc files all display.

Still have minidump though – annoying but othrwise all seems to be working.

Process to cause minidump
Open QGIS 2.18.1 Desktop (or desktop with GRASS)
Open New Project – do NOT load any layers (but also same effect if opening existing project with layers already defined and displayable)
Click Raster/Miscellaneous/Build Virtual Raster – window opens
Click Close Button (or ‘X’ in top right corner) without making any setting changes and no file selections
Close QGIS by clicking close window ‘x’ in top right corner (under windows 10)
TaDa - minidump

Am I doing something wrong?
I store each QGIS project with all its associated files in its own folder ( on my computer its on drive T:). If I need to share the project with a collegue I simply copy the folder. They open it and voila it works.
But not this time. In my current project I have used 'Build Virtual Raster' to link several DTM tiles into a single unit. Now copying the folder doesnt work. Thevirtual raster doesnt display - just greys out.
I have discovered that inside the vrt file there is an absolute path stored ("T:\...\...\..") rather than a relative path. Obviously on different computers the path may not be the same (my collegue has his on "E:\..\.."). Using VSUBST is a work around.
So - did I do something wrong when I selected the output path in the build process, or is this something that could be improved in future versiosn - I am using 2.18.0.

Good morning hivemind,
I would like to know more about the nuts and bolt of how on-the-fly projection is implemented in QGIS. Can anyone point me in the direction of a developers guide / code?
Any tips / link much appreciated!

The QGIS PSC and Voting Community has revised the statues and charter of the QGIS.ORG association. You see the decision making process here (https://www.loomio.org/d/OPpkXtnF/adoption-of-2016-revision-to-the-qgis-statutes) and if you click the link to the revised document you'll be able to view that as well.

As a user group we have a vote, well three actually (QGIS UK England / Wales / Scotland), on any communal decisions affecting the project.
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