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Consitution (some articles)
1- The Kingdom of Corrientes is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy.
2- All people have rights.
3- The state is divided in 4 powers (Executive, Leslisgative, Judciary and Moderator(the last reserved to the Emperor).
5- Racism, Rape, Trafic and Torture are punished with death penalty.
6- the counties (states) can't leave the Kingdom.
75- the army is divided in 3 branches: Army, Navy and Air Force.
134- Nazism is illegal.

Greetings from Guanduania to the great kingdom of Corrientes


Essa nação fictícia é uma república presidencialista ou parlamentarista?

Tenho uma ideia pra constituição:
Será uma monarquia constitucional parlamentarista e não uma república bostona

I don't speak Spanish, so I'm going to use Google Translate.

No hablo español, así que voy a usar Google Translate.

Now +Texas the Texan Ball​ is the King of Corrientes with the random name Juan I!

Our anthem is the same of Spain, but with the world "España" changed by "Corrientes"

Someone make the constitution please?
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