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I am deeply sorry to announce that I will be leaving this community, but I will leave it in the hands of a dear friend, +Nanami Miki​. Due to recent events, I am officially leaving the Hetalia fandom and I will sadly not return to it. I hope you can understand. Have a wonderful day.

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Name: "Matthieu Williams, but you can call me Matt if you're too lazy to use my full name."

Country: "Canada."

Species: "eh, Country?"

1p or 2p?: "Do I look like my 1p to you? 2p, of course."

Age: "18 in human years."

Gender: " sighs Male."

Personality: "eh, that's a good one... let's see; I don't like people, I don't talk much; I use sarcasm quite often too... Also I'm not as nice as Matthew, my 1p... and I HATE to be forgotten or mistaken for my brother Allen; which occurs quite often, by the way. Apart from that, well, just don't mess with me and i won't mess with you."

Likes: "Hunt down poachers, I hate their guts. I also like ice hockey, pancakes, snow, being on the forest, maple syrup and alcohol."
Dislikes: "Morons, poachers, Allen 's pranks."

Hobbies: "Hunting, making pancakes, going to the forest, talking with François sometimes, playing ice hockey and reading or playing video games occasionally."

Family: "eh, well; I have two siblings; Allen(2p America) and Madeline(2p nyo Canada); I suposse i can count François (2p France) in since I used to be his colony; and I think i can count Ollie (2p England) in too."

Appearence: "See the pictures. If you can't, I'm tall, with silver purple eyes and dark blonde hair I wear tied in a low ponytail. I use sunglasses also. About my clothes, I have different stuff but I wear mostly a red t-shirt with jeans or my uniforn from the Canadian mounted police."

Bio: "I was raised by François and Ollie, along with my siblings. We used to play together... but frankly; playing with Allen wasn't much fun; he was always picking fights with me. I used to be a French colony until I reclaimed my independency and became my own country, Canada."

Allies: "Allen, Madeline, François and Ollie. Also my pet polar bear, Kuma and my good ol' hockey stick."

Weapon(s): "It depends; sometimes i use an axe... other times, i use my hockey stick wrapped in barbed wire, or a hunting shotgun when i'm at the forest."

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Hello my lovely ppl I finally have a iPhone 4S

Uh here we go this is my oc and she is daughter of France and Alice Kirkland

Human name 1p : Daniel Bonnefoy (Danny).

Human name 2p : Dan Bonnefoy

Country name: Paris.

Human age: 15.

Country age : I HAVE NO IDEA.

Gender: Girl.

Bio: I dont know what this means.

2P Or 1p Or Non-Country: Both 2p and 1p.

Likes 1p: Friends,family,Internet,Kiwi.

Dislikes 1p : Bullies,blood,creepy pasta,lime.

Likes 2p : Murderers,Friends,Family,Ax'es.

Dislikes 2p : Life of others,Nice people,Kiwis.

Picture : I dont have one and no my profile is not her.

i have a question for everyone, do we actually talk about anything or discuess anything about the country we live in?

((Open rp))

I was looking for my brothers in a forest. They told me to wait here. After a few hours I was getting bored so I started walking. Then it hit me. I was lost then I started running and I collided into someone... 

I'm sleeping by the ocean against a tree when you spot me ( male needed)

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Name: Paige Vargas

City: Venice

Capital Age: unknown

Human age: 20

Family: 2p Italy and 2p Romano

2p Likes: 2p Germany , 2p Japan , 2p Canada , 2p England ,2p France , 2p Russia ,2p America
,2p Lithuania and 2p Prussia

2p Dislikes: 2p Denmark , 2p Finland , 2p Norway , 2p Sweden , 2p Austria and 2p China

1p likes: Austria , Russia , Germany , Spain , Romano , England , Japan and Lithuania

1p dislikes: France , Italy , China , America , Prussia, Denmark , Finland , Norway , Hungary and Greece

Bio: Found at the heart of Venice. She has lived and grown up with her brothers. And taught by Italy to fight with knives and is just as good as him. Romano taught her about style but prefers her own fashion. Facing many challenges with the other 2p's of strength. Sometimes they ask for a rematch witch irritates her to no end. Her best friend is 2p England.
She will travel just to meet her friends. 
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