\\ Guides 1: Vowels

\a\ - as in cat

\ā\ - as in lane

\e\ - as in energy (syllable 1)

\ē\ - as in energy (syllable 2)

\i\ - as in trick

\ī\ - as in pine

\ō\ - as in stone

\ä\ - as in father (syllable 1)

\u̇\ - as in put, could

\ü\ - as in tube

\yü\ - as in unity (syllable 1)

First off, I think I should set the guidelines for posts here.

Every post should have AT LEAST:

1. pronunciation in \\ or phonetic form - list alternate pronunciations if needed
2. definition (part of speech is optional but should be decipherable from just definition)
3. origin
4. Where you first heard of the word, if possible.
If possible, get the definitions from Merriam-Webster, if not, state the dictionary used.

EDIT: you can use it in a sentence if you want.

So, I'll start.

• \ˌkapəˈkōlə, äp, ȯl, -(ˌ)lō\

• a cured and smoked pork product cased like a sausage (noun)

• Originally Latin, passing through Italian.

• From a recent visit to Foodland Kehalani

• Jerry thought that he burned the capocollo by accident, so he was surprised to see perfectly good pieces on his plate.
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