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  ✘ 〈 Nᴀᴍᴇ :〉
                         ↳ Karïna Mizu

  ✘ 〈 Bᴇɴᴅs :〉
                         ↳ Water

  ✘ 〈 Aɢᴇ :〉
                         ↳ She is fifteen years of age.

  ✘ 〈Gᴇɴᴅᴇʀ :〉
                        ↳ Female.

➢ <<Personality>>


               ↳ Karïna is an outgoing, yet quiet person. She likes to help people, though can be naive at times. She is good with animals, and used to have a cat, though she had run away when she began to travel.


➢ <<Biography>>


               ↳ Karïna was born in Republic City, and about the age of thirteen, her parents had left to help any sandbender that needed it, given the recent attack against them. She started traveling, and is now currently residing in a small village with her friends Hokka and Niabi,and their soon to be adopted son Jeku.

art is not mine, credits goes to whoever made it, which I don't know
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He is an airbender but you can make him either a different kind of bender or an avatar for your stories purposes.

Name: Riuzan (the I is a long I sound in other words the I says it's name) Lientang
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Bends: Airbending (he was taught by zaheer and other great surrenders from the spirit world) (you can also make him an avatar for your story purposes) He does a more offensive form of airbending. He can also fly like zaheer and enjoys sucking all the air from an opponents body.

Birthplace: A small village in the fire nation.

Bio: Riuzan is the oldest of six. He was born to a firebending father and a waterbending mother. He has two younger brothers, two younger sisters and a twin, all of whom can bend. Riuzan was the only one in his family who could not. This angered him and at age 7 he ran away in search of a lion turtle hoping that if he found one he could gain the ability to bend. He traveled for many years the only thing keeping him alive was his intelligence and his ingenuity. Eventually at the age of 14 Riuzan found what he was looking for, one of the last lion turtles. At first the lion turtle refused to grant him the ability to bend but after proving himself it changed its mind and gave him one of the four elements. Riuzan has lived the remainder of his life on the lion turtle away from the rest of the world.

Personality: Riuzan is very intelligent but has little to no understanding of modern technology (having never seen or used it) he is generally positive and almost never gets angry, almost. Riuzan is quite awkward around people having been away from other humans for most of his life. He does miss his family some but is generally happy where he is. He is a very right or wrong driven person and will fight for what he thinks is right. He isn't afraid to kill people because of this and is in many ways a sociopath having not been around people for much of his life.

Riuzan has orange eyes. He is clean shaven and is on the taller side, about 6'3".


+Jonathan Gathers
has the profile template changed at all?
I can't find the old one so I'm asking to be able to make my characters again-

I find it a bit upsetting that not everyone in the old community joined. It's basically died. Disappointing, I had so much hope for this community, but no one's active. I understand you guys are busy, but honestly...only one profile was posted...

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Name: Humeyra
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Bends: Air
Birthplace: Southern Air Temple
Bio: Born at the Southern Air Temple and raised by monks most of my life. My grandmother Ikki taught me everything I know about air bending and the ways of being an Airbender. Since Ikki is my grandmother I have a somewhat relation to Tenzin. (I have no idea what else to add)
Personality: Funny (at times), smart, serious (depending on the situation), honest (sometimes brutally honest), caring, compassionate. Likes to think and solve problems in situations and is curious when it comes to finding out things. ((If I think of anymore I'll add it in here))
Appearance: First picture below is what I look like besides the hair is black not brown. The clothing in the second picture is what I'm actually wearing (I know appearance isn't one of them on here for character profiles but I added it anyway)
((Please no flames))
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THE STORY OF THE EARTH AVATAR AS WE KNOW IT SO FAR, written by Finn Wilson and Jonathan Gathers
After Avatar Korra passed, the new Avatar was born: an Earthbender named Yoami. He was born in Ba Sing Se to a poor family, but after it was discovered he was the Avatar, his training began. Before he was even born, though, an ethnic conflict erupted between the sand benders and a few Earth Kingdom provinces over some long forgotten grievances.


In order to fight the sand benders, some groups resorted to kidnapping kids and turning them into child soldiers. One of these kids was a water bender named Zhi-Ling. He was trained to be ruthless against the sand benders, but he also despised the people that held him captive. In order to escape, he meditated into the spirit world and enlisted the help of Wan Shi Tang, he who knows ten thousand things. The spirit taught him a water bending technique that allowed him to draw the life of people out of them, and he used it to escape his masters.

However, he still maintains his hatred of the sand benders, partly because of the indoctrination he suffered, and partly because the sand benders had raided Wan Shi Tang's library, angering the spirits. He is convinced that if the spirits are not avenged by wiping out the sand bender tribes, they will turn their wrath onto all of humanity. Consequently, he has begun a genocide of them, slaughtering thousands and putting the rest in work camps.

Republic City Arc (Arc Master: No one)
During a peace treaty discussion between Zhi-Ling and Ryu, a sand bender chief, Avatar Yoami was sent to join in the discussion. However, since Zhi-Ling despised the Avatar for "abandoning the spirits", he attempted to kill him. Zhi-Ling was stopped, though, by a blood bender named Eira, and was thrown in prison. Eira left for the swamp, not wanting to get in trouble for bloodbending. While in prison, Zhi-Ling enlisted a fire bender named Kiran to convince Avatar Yoami and Ryu to meet with him in his cell. The Earthbender/ Metalbender/Lavabender Hokka Beifong, grandson of Bolin and Opal, helps her find them using his seismic sense, and they arrive at the cell. While there, Zhi-Ling makes a deal with them to release Ryu's daughter who had been in a labor camp for a few years now if they release him.

They agree, and he is released. Yoami then begins his fire bending training with Kiran, and they become good friends. After defeating a mob boss that Hokka owed money to, all three of them bonded. Zhi-Ling then released Ryu's daughter to them, a nonbender named Niabi, like he promised. However, she was badly beat up and unconscious when she was released. When she woke up in the hospital, she thought that Kiran was Zhi-Ling and screams madly. Niabi soon calms down, though, and Kiran soon discovers that Niabi isn't mentally stable at all, having been tortured by Zhi-Ling for some time now. Despite having frequent mental breakdowns she became friends with Yoami, Kiran, and Hokka.

However, her friendship with Hokka was strained when he refused to open up to her, and things became worse after she tries to convince Hokka to teach her some self defense. He accidentally electrocutes her using metal devises he uses for combat, and she loses the ability to walk.

Meanwhile, while walking in the woods, Yoami meets Kasai, a traveler from the fire nation. They become good friends and she joins Team Avatar. After meeting for dinner, they decide to head to the northern spirit portal to find Wan Shi Tang's library and find some answers. But on the way they are momentarily stopped by the Metal Clan that banished Hokka long ago.

Thankfully, they don't find him, and they are allowed to continue on their journey. Also during the trip, Niabi reveals to Yoami that Zhi-Ling wasn't the one that killed a friend of hers named Ti. Instead, she had, though she had been forced to. Niabi then goes to sleep, and Yoami watches her for a bit, potentially hinting at a romance between the two.

Spirit World Arc (Arc Master: +Finn Wilson​​​​​​​​​​​)
Team Avatar eventually reach the Northern Spirit Portal, but once inside, Hokka can't find Iroh, an old friend he expected to see there, and they are attacked by dark spirits. After defeating them, they reach the library, and Wan Shi Tang informs them that Zhi-Ling plans on releasing an ancient spirit named Fate to bring back the dominion of the spirits on the world. The owl then attacks them, not wanting them to stop Zhi-Ling, but Wan Shi Tang is killed by Hokka during the fight.

Hokka then finds Iroh's spirit fox, Soyu, who he keeps, and Niabi finds a book on the medical experiments Zhi-Ling is conducting on the sand benders. She doesn't let anyone read it, however, claiming she's in the book.

Three of Team Avatar then sets out to stop Zhi-Ling from releasing Fate, who they learned is held somewhere underneath the labor camp Niabi had been in, leaving Kasai and Kiran at the Northern Water Tribe while flying on Hokka's unnamed friend's dragon. Unfortunately, they get there too late.

Zhi-Ling has already killed off all the sand benders at that one camp, and they are forced to retreat after being unable to fight him, allowing him to release Fate.

Metal Clan Arc (Arc Master: +Jonathan Gathers​​​​​​​​​​​)
The group then makes their way to Zoafu, hoping to get support against Zhi-Ling. They meet Thenan Beifong, Leader and Chief of the Metal Clan, Hokka's father who banished him for three years. He's reluctant to enter a war and accept his son back, but Niabi and Yoami push him into it. He then names Hokka the Metal Clan's Lieutenant and Second-In-Command so he can handle the charge against Zhi-Ling personally.

Niabi regains feeling in her legs, and after visiting a physician, Doc Shu, is able to partially walk again. While there, Hokka becomes a little more affectionate, and admits he is fond of her, maybe signalling a possible romance between them, creating a love triangle. (Cue the scary creepy music)

However, while at the doctor's, Niabi also saw a vision of a man wearing a surgical mask and holding a syringe, and she's worried it's a memory she has repressed. Hokka then agreed to apply acupuncture to her, hoping it will help her remember where she knew him from.

The acupuncture sends her into trance, and she has a memory of this mysterious surgeon injecting her with a ominous black liquid.

Niabi is exhausted afterwards so she naps in Hokka's mother's old bed while he sneaks and reads the book on Zhi-Ling's experiments with Kiran. They find out that the black liquid was a poison, and they injected Niabi with it to see how long it took for it to kill a person.

Worried tremendously, Hokka immediately takes Niabi back to the eccentric physician, Doc Shu, who requests Hokka's help in bending out some residual poison still her bloodstream, which was slightly metallic, and was slowly working it's way to her heart. They bend it out, and Niabi passes out temporarily, and stops breathing.

Hokka gives her mouth-to-mouth, and she recovers. Upon her breathing again, Doc Shu explains that she should be functioning normally within the next day or two, walking with the best of them. He also says that in by the next day she could even begin combat training.

Hokka expresses doubt and worry, and Doc Shu tells him not be overprotective and also says they are lovely couple. They quickly deny it, and Doc Shu sends Hokka away so he can reveal to Niabi that he is seer, and can see into the future. He says he sees that both Yoami and Hokka will fall deeply in love with her, and already have, to some degree. He tells her to be wise when she chooses which one she wants to be with.

Hokka then begins to teach Niabi chi-blocking, and she quickly picks up the technique.

Hokka and Thenan then call a meeting of all officials and generals and Avatar Yoami and Niabi and they discuss the plan Hokka has formulated to wipe out the anti-Sandbender movement and take down Zhi-Ling by the end of the year.

By this time, the love triangle has become very pronounced, to the degree of Hokka showing physical affection.

When Yoami begins to feel useless and like he needs to help with the war effort, he ignores all plans laid down and attacks the camp outside Zaofu, alone. Having told Niabi ahead of time, she sneaks along with him without his knowledge. Yoami gets captured and delivered to Zhi-Ling, and guards find Niabi wandering the camp.

Meanwhile, Hokka and Kiran notice their absence, and upon discovery of Niabi's diary, they realize what has happened, and Hokka readies a rescue team.

Zhi-Ling, while Yoami is tied up with chains, converses with him, before ordering him to enter the Avatar State so Zhi-Ling may dispose of him. Upon the Inkblot's refusal, he has Niabi hauled in, and to force the Avatar to act, he shoots Niabi first in the knee, then in the chest. Yoami, panicked, enters the Avatar State, and Zhi-Ling turns the gun on him.

Naturally, Hokka, Kiran, Thenan, Doc Shu, and several other Zaofu guards arrive then, rescuing the two, and destroying the camp, while rescuing sandbender prisoners.

At the hospital while they wait for Niabi to come out of surgery, Hokka blows up at Yoami, furious that he would even think of doing something so stupid. Yoami yells back, and something in Hokka snaps, and he begins to cry. They end up addressing the matter with Niabi, their first acknowledgement of it. They decide to let her decide, and soon after Doc Shu enters to announce that Niabi is okay.

Her recovery is slow, so Hokka takes her to a spirit pool called 'Drusilla's Pond' where he tells her, "I-I love you, Niabi. I love you more than I've ever loved anything or anyone before in my life, ever. You're the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, and I can't imagine what I'd do without you."

When Niabi hesitates, Hokka kisses her, but quickly apologizes.

Meanwhile, Hokka gets the idea to ask his great uncle Mako, Grand Lotus, to bring the White Lotus into the war against Zhi-Ling, now labeled the "Fate Resistance."

He sends for him, and Grand Lotus Mako, along with former prince Wu, arrive in Zaofu, and a battle plan is formed.

Around then, Eira, who first showed up in the first Arc, now arrives in Zaofu with an army of Waterbenders from the Foggy Swamp Tribe, ready to end a hand in the Fate Resistance.

Kiyo, Xiao, and Tao also arrive, along with a new firebender named Cona. Kasai, who has been missing for weeks, shows up, and Hokka gathers them all in the War Room to decide how to place them in the Resistance.

It has been agreed among Team Avatar that they would go to Ba Sing Se and retrieve Yoami's sister, and then attack the biggest camp of Zhi-Ling's that's been found, as soon as Hokka and the other Beifong's retrieve the sand people from within.

Hokka leaves with his army to liberate the sand benders from the camp outside of Ba Sing Se. Upon returning, he brings with him countless sand benders, but they are frantic and chaotic. Niabi tries to figure out why by talking to the only sand bender who is not like that. She finds out from a tattoo of some numbers on him that he was in Zhi-Ling's experiments and she shows that she has a similar number.

He informs them that the other sand benders are frightened because they think they are about to be killed, so Hokka gives a speech that informs them of what's going on and calms them down. They are then able to start giving them medical treatment.
One of the sand benders is dying from a bullet wound, and Yoami, Doc Shu, Niabi, and Hokka try to save him. Unfortunately, despite Hokka trying to jump start him with lightning, he dies. Worn out by the stress of the situation, Hokka passes out.
After recovering, Niabi shows Hokka a nursery that was made for the children of the sand benders. Hokka reveals to her that he'd like to start a family with her, but she is unable to offer a similar response.

Ba Sing Se Arc (Arc Masters +Finn Wilson​​​ and +Jonathan Gathers​​​)
Team Avatar arrives at Ba Sing Se. Yoami shows the group his parents and where he grew up, but Hokka quickly has to leave for a meeting with Governor Thonan. 

At the meeting, Hokka manages to convince him to join in the war effort against Zhi-Ling. Hokka returns to the others triumphantly and shares the good news with them. He reveals that he was up late the other night at a White Lotus Meeting and informs Niabi that they plan on inviting her into it. He also explains that his uncle was a Red Lotus operative who killed his aunt. In addition to this, Hokka shares that he hasn't seen his mother in a while and that she and his father had split up. Niabi also tells Yoami's mom, Miyo, that Yoami had almost been killed by Zhi-Ling not too long ago.

Hokka brings Niabi to the tea shop he co-owns with Raoul, a relative of his. Once there, Hokka presses her on whether or not she has made a decision between choosing Hokka or Yoami. This causes her to have a panic attack, but she refuses to tell him what trauma she was thinking about. The two of them return to Yoami's house, and Yoami and Hokka argue with each other.

The next day, Hokka and Yoami head to the train station to pick up Niabi's parents. They arrive, and Ryu leaves with Hokka to head with a meeting with Governor Thonan while Yoami returns to Niabi with her mom, Takoya.

At the meeting, Thonan reluctantly agrees to let the sand benders become independent from the Earth Kingdom, so long as they support his bid for re-election. The sandbenders then decide to name themselves the Desert States.

Niabi and Takoya reunite at the Jasmine Dragon, and they spend time catching up. Hokka and Ryu eventually meet up with them. After this, Niabi decides to move in with her parents in their apartment, since she hadn't seen them in 6 years.

She also finds Riuzan in the streets of Ba Sing Se. He had been outside of civilization for a long time, instead living on a Lion Turtle, so he wasn't familiar with a lot of modern technology. She invited him to live with the Avatar, and he agreed to help fight Zhi-Ling.

Hokka and Niabi were walking on the beach of Lake Laogai when they came upon Jeku and Karïna, both of them orphans. They are allowed to live with Niabi and her parents, but first they discover a testing facility under the lake being used by Zhi-Ling on sand benders. Thankfully, they are able to liberate the people inside.

Niabi next meets with Mako and the White Lotus who accept her into their group, and then she and Hokka enter the spirit world. They do this so Hokka can fuse with Vaatu, who is needed along with Raava to defeat Fate. After accomplishing this, the final battle against Zhi-Ling begins.

Book One: Fate's Finale (No Arc Master)
A large group of benders that agreed to help fight against Zhi-Ling's forces are brought to the desert where a large enemy force is. At first, the battle isn't going well, but then sand benders arrive riding giant sand sharks that turn the tide of battle.
Unfortunately, Cona and Ryner are severely injured in the battle, and Ryu is killed (this part hasn't finished yet).

Niabi, Yoami, Hokka, and other soldiers then begin the assault on one of Zhi-Ling's camps where he is located. They break through the wall, and Niabi and Yoami enter Zhi-Ling's bunker. Once inside, they free some prisoners, including one named Scarlet. They then find Zhi-ling, and after a long fight, they finally manage to restrain him. Yoami leaves to help Hokka, but Niabi stays and tortures him the way she had been. However, she is revolted by this and stops, remembering the way she killed Ti. Zhi-Ling then dies, choking on his own sick laughter. Startled, Niabi shoots his lifeless body, before beginning to weep.

Meanwhile, Fate has returned to the world and starts fighting Vaatu-infused Hokka. At first he is losing the fight, but Yoami arrives to help (this part has yet to be completed). 


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