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Welcome to the Avatar: Origins community! Here, you can join with other fans of Avatar and the Legend of Korra and skilled roleplayers to bring the characters we know and love, and those that so far live only in your mind, to life. I, myself, am a huge fan of the entire franchise (well, almost the entire franchise), and I really hope this community takes off.

However, to keep things running smoothly, there are some rules to follow, and myself and the other admin will expect you to adhere to them.

2. Be kind and polite to other roleplayers and to the admin, at least out of RP.
3. If you haven't seen the show or- Don't try roleplaying until you've seen them. Please. Make it easier on all of us.
4. Try to use proper grammar when roleplaying, and if you aren't really sure how to roleplay, ask me, the admin, or some of the other roleplayers, and I'm sure we'll be able to get you set up. (There will be an RP guidepost later on.)
5. No sex stuff, I guess.
7. Keep out of RP swearing to a minimum, guys, if possible.

This list may grow as time goes on, but we'll just have to see. Now, the admins have agreed on a general plot, storyline, or at least timeline, so the characters that everyone makes won't be all over the place and out of bounds. See this post:

The template for creating a character: The Avatar is already taken. Someone is already going to be the Avatar
Element: (Water/Earth/Fire/Air)
Kin or friends or companions or whatever:
Description, personality, etc:

Once you've set all that up, you're all ready to find a post and start roleplaying or create your own post! Always ask if you can join a post already made, and be sure to have someone lined up to join your post before you make it. Good luck, and have fun.


Humeyra had roam the temple a bit smiling to anyone she had seen walk by her. She would meditate and spend some time with the spirits like she usually did. But today she wanted to practice her airbending even though she was a master, her airbending wasn't as good as her spirituality. She asked her mother to help and have a couple monks look watch to make sure everything was good.
(Open to anyone...)

Katsu had been roaming the Earth Kingdom for the past few days. Well, more like running. He'd stumbled across a small camp of Senshi and had taken them out. A few more had shown at up, then an entire division. Katsus had left before it could get worse and didn't stop. Mushu nearly fell over with exhaustion as Katsu pulled on his reigns Come on, buddy...Katsu grabbed his stomach it growled just a little farther
After a few more minutes he spotted a village
Perfect...let's get some food and a good night's rest...I think we put enough distance between and the Senshi for now...
He grabbed Mushu's reigns and they hobbled to the village
(Close to +Kyra Ellsworth )

Anyone down for RPing with Katsu?

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Now THIS is a better picture of Hotaru

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Got our Chou descendant ready
Name: Hotaru Chou (which literally translates to "firefly butterfly". I wasn't about to pass that up

Age: 21

Element: None, but she can use a sword well enough to defend herself against rebels

Birthplace: Chou City

Bio: Born and raised into a life of wealth, the only thing Hotaru really had to worry about growing up was if she would be able to rule the city when her father died. Of course, things wheren't that easy. Her father wasn't the best ruler, allowing crime to fester and the city to fall into chaos. It had gotten so bad that the wealthiest citizens has abandoned the city when Hotaru was only three yeara old. Growing up, there were multiple attempts on Elder Chou's life, which lead Hotaru to learn how to fight in case she needed to defend herself against rebels. When her Elder Chou passed away, power was handed to Hotaru. The first thing she did was use her power to create a gaurd to rule with the roving crime. It worked, but a near miss with bandits has forced her to close the borders and strike a ban on all the weapons in the city (except for the ones in her guard) confined in a single location in her palace. Once that was done, Hotaru closed the borders and ordered the citizens to give a reasonable 10% of their earnings to ensure that she could protect them from bandits. That increased to 20%, then 40%, until eventually half of the citizens' money and food went to Elder Hotaru "to protect them". A raid for the food had been stopped, which lead Hotaru to make harsher laws and banished the rebels from the city to fend themselves from the bandits. Chou City has been under marshal law ever since.

Description: Hotaru used to be a social butterfly, but multiple attempts on her father's life and her own have left her increasingly isolated from the people, and parnoid that her life could be taken away any moment. Cautious and paranoid, she perfers to rule from within the saftey of her palace than leave the campus.

Companions: Her servants and her swordmaster, Shang

Sorry I haven't been on here yet. My tablet died for good last week, and my laptop (being almost a decade old) is extremely slow and unreliable. I'll try to be around tomorrow if Finn is around so we can establish some stuff, finally. Finn hasn't been on in a week, I think, so I don't know, but we'll see.

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I got our first couple of villains ready:
A powerful airbending warlord and a tyrannical descendent of the Chou Family.
Onto the airbender:

Name: Nuta

Age: 20

Element: Air

Birthplace: Southern Air Temple

Bio: Nuta was born and raised in the Southern Air Temple. However, she was...different, from other airbenders. Nuta's airbending was forced, commanding, more akin to a master and servant than that of a productive partnership. While she could bend air, Nuta lacked spiritual wisdom and couldn't gain "inner peace" like the monks wanted her to. How could she? Nuta knew of the bandits and warlords running amongst the world and destroying it, yet the monks refused to do anything but sit and mediate and let her do nothing. One day, on the way back to the temple from gathering food, she was jumped by a rouge group of bandits, the Senshi. Unable to defend herself, she was abducted easily, and enslaved. Nuta trained and managed to hone her airbending skills just enough to escape her prison, and used her refined bending to defeat the Senshi's leader to seek vengeance for her suffering. However, the tribe had a code: The most powerful warrior takes control. And Nuta was by far the most powerful. Nuta saw this as her opportunity to take action, and help those in need. She gained control of the tribe and now leads them. However, during her time in prison and in the tribe, Nuta learned that the world was cruel, that there were fox-wolves, those who fought to survive, and koala-sheep, those who refused to fight. Shifting from a life of vigilantism and constanlty saving those in need, Nuta has made it her mission to eradicate those who stood idly by and did nothing, and create a world of those who would take action, even if said action was pillaging cities and killing innocent people. She has managed to enlarge the Senshi from a small tribe to a force to be reckoned with, all consisting of men and women who desire power, survival, and had the strength to garner them. As for the koala-sheep...they were slaughtered, left and right, but there was still much to be done...the Air Monks, for one. She would get to them soon enough. But first, she had a certain firebender to find....

Description: a little hot headed, but is obsessed with finding those she deems worthy of living in a world of those with agency

Chou descandent coming soon

((Rp open to +- kage))

Gedun hadn't eaten anything for an entire day. She ran out of food on the road to Gu-er, a city bustling with earth benders. Currently, her stomach was growling, but she was able to successfully push her hungry thoughts out of her mind.

The city itself had no walls, although some were under construction. Still, people were able to freely pass in and out. There were guards, but they weren't interested in filtering who entered the city.

The buildings here had been hastily constructed over damp mud. Gedun shivered from a cold breeze and saw ahead that a storm was on its way. People were heading into their homes to keep from getting wet.

Not knowing where to go, Gedun found an alley way and sat down, her back to one of the walls. So long as the rain came from an angle, it seemed to her that she'd be protected from it, here. She had to start thinking about where to get food, though.

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The Avatar's Profile Update

Name: Liang Sargon
Age: 20
Element: Earth, Fire, Air, Water (He's the Avatar, so...)
Birthplace: Ho-Yi-Na-Dak-Dik-Sing-Se

Backstory: Born to a poor family of farmers on the outskirts of Ho-Yi-Na-Dak-Dik-Sing-Se, Liang was a weakling, small and unlikely to live long. His father cast him out, lowering him into a small earthen vessel and setting him down the river. He was rescued by kindly young woman and her brother, and raised as their own. Liang's world was turned upside down when he was only a child, and war came to the gates of his city in the form of a horde of murderous Earthbenders led by their chief, Ur-Zababa, who quickly dismantled the city defences (made up of untrained, undisciplined older men who barely had a grasp on their element) and took over the local government. They imposed harsh, tyrannical laws, and demanded taxes in the form of 85% of all crops produced by the farmers. Liang's mother was forced to become the king's gardener, and her brother imprisoned for failing to produce a crop one season. Liang wishes only to rise up and avenge the injustices laid upon his family and city, and begins to train diligently in secret, all the while not knowing that he's the Avatar.

Description/Personality: Very intelligent and good at strategy, a natural leader; stubborn, moody, sarcastic, and witty, but kind-hearted, compassionate, and excessively loyal at his best. Suffers from depression, which fuels his dark worldview. Bisexual, but he intentionally makes it hard for anyone to get close to him so he doesn't have to bear the pain of losing them when he inevitably drives them away. (Well, that's a rollercoaster ride, innit?)

Kin and Companions: Adoptive mother; adoptive uncle; his uncle also raised cat deer, and gave one named Lanu to Liang when he came of age.

My good friend Finn was nice enough to draw the awesome picture of Avatar Liang that you see below, which I really appreciate
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