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HIE Expo has been postponed for a few months, due to some tech issues. The new date is September 29 and 30. We hope you will attend! This delay may mean that YOU can now participate as a speaker.... let us know!

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Bizarre how G+ does not put the most recent post first on the community page, even though the Settings say it should do so... anyway, as you know we're postponing the HIE to september, to make life easier for everyone. In the meantime, did you see your booth on +Leighton Marjoram's Flickr? And does that sound a bit rude?

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General hypergrid explorers server. Do join up - also a good skype alternative.

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Some Impressions of the Expo
Thank You Thirza and Mal for making this Event real.
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You have until December 24 to visit the HIE publicity booths, like this one for +ADRET WEB ART Go to and walk through any of the 3 Auditorium portals to explore the 3 region exposition.
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HIE DAY 2 of HIE on Craft Grid Thanks to +Raffaele Macis for hosting us once again, to our presenters and moderators +Jenny Bihouise, +pierre WILD+Frederic Tordo +Michel Nachez, +Yann Minh, +Lorenzo Soccavo, +Salazhar Stenvaag, +Giliola Allen, +Eva Kraai, +Thai Low, +WIZARDOZ CHROME for their great presentations, you will them on Youtube (not all videos may be available today - but we are working on it!
Thanks so much to the translation team +Nicole charest and +Lux Tergeste, +Xirana Oximoxi, and the amazing +Tosha Tyran who did so much work translating and behind the scenes...
This was the alpha version of HIE, lots to learn from the experience, and we hope to see you all at the next one!

Thank you so much Thirza and Mal for a great and well-organized event. It was a real pleasure to present here.

Looking forward to many more such expos in the future!


to all HIE presenters, please check your email for an important message about your biography and Speech notes

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An episode of Inworld Review that is all about the HIE
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