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Identification needed! Is this a meteorite or a meteorwrong? Please 

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is this suspect meteorite that  i cut in half and polished showing chondrules? at different angles the polished surface shimmers  like a mirror as the light catches the surface. highly attracted to a neodymium magnet passes tile streak test . any ideas on this one please. 
Thank you from Richie Vallance UK
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found in coventry uk
8th october 2014
i now have a lot of this type of suspect meteorite
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one of many me and me 3 kids have found :)
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There will be some of the new russian meteorite available for collectors hopefully in yhe next few days. To find out more go to or email for more info.

So anyone into meteorite hunting anywhere near penzance in Cornwall, wants to come hunting. let me know.

Well that's an ambition Gem!  would like to be there when you find it. It's been said that the best place to look in the UK, is at the edges of ploughed fields, that is, those that have been continually ploughed over the centuries, and should any material have fallen on the field it would have been shoved to the edges as it woud interfere with the plough. Having said that, there are lots of ploughed fields in the UK !!! ;-)
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