So uh, y'all gave my pokemon to Dennis but he's gon b inactive for a bit...?

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Markkus suddenly bolted straight upwards from the comforts of his sheets, looking around hastily, sweat dripping from his face and his tempo racing. Another bad dream ticking in his absurdist mind had startled him and forcefully woken him from his slumber. Markkus sighed. He proceeded to reach for a cigarette whilst rolling Entei's pokèball in his unoccupied palm.


Markkus unscrewed a bottle of whiskey with his teeth and swigged a part of it, before looking in the mirror at himself. His face was pale and withered, like the sands of time had left their mark on an old man, but still an air of his young age was alive. His eyes were a deep red from a synchronisation of sleepless nights, crying and routinely alcohol abuse. He hadn't left his room for over a day and had a cupboard filled with Rubix Cubes that he had solved to pass the time. His usually strong and toned body had started to weaken, and he knew he had to fix that. But just five more minutes first, as per.

He slumped back into bed, still in a suit, but he didn't care. Too tired to care.


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Yveltal touches down outside of the headquarters before a sleep, food, alcohol, water, and nicotine deprived man with a change of clothes leaps off.

"Ew. Bad taste in architecture around here."

He smokes another cigarette hastily.


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Markkus thundered into the library, having entire disregard of his slight intoxication, sleep, food, and fluid deprivation, his still unwashed self from being dragged out of the sea, and he started rummaging through every single text in the "Ancient History" section, yanking out books that may help help him in his research endeavours. Then, with a purple flash, Gothitelle appeared along with the crate of research texts from his own home. There he began reading, this was going to be a long day.


Blaze sits in his 'cell', chained to the wall.
He looks around, screaming nonsense.
Blaze shakes, still trying to break the chains, struggling.
His personality shifts quickly, and he started to cry.
Tears stream down Blaze's face, and he quickly becomes angry.
lazy starter

Yay, my trophy

The chained Blaze was blindfolded and stripped. He was given a shirt and pants with no pockets or other accesories. His Pokemon were given to random grunts who were ordered to bring them to +Dennis, Hocus , The Inquisitor​​ for his magic befriending power. Even though that happened Jake, his Machamp and a few grunts never left an eye off of the man.

"You shouldn't have called me, you really thought I would rat my friends out?"

All of his belongings were shot in the sky and burned by Drake's Heat Wave. Blaze got taken to a heavily guarded prison with no bars but just a small one way window made out of plastic and pure metal walls. The door which had multiple locks had a small slid which was small enough for a small plate to be shoved under. It was one way only though, and that way was towards the inside of the cell. The chains and blindfold were kept on Blaze. Plus there was no bed or anything.

"I hope you'll like it here. If you want to eat you can crawl towards the smell of your food. And use your mouth instead of your hands."

Jake chuckled as he looked at Blaze one last time before he got kicked inside the cell and locked up. He said a few words throught the lid before he left.

"And for taking shits and pisses, use your pants."

He got a message from Oliver saying that either +Ese​​ or +Minty Shadows​ had to watch over lil' 420 before he left. He asked two grunts to go to them and ask whoever was able to do it.

+Blaze the custard fucktard​​

+Nick Vevasi
Oliver finds a golden helmet on his desk accompanied by a letter. On the letter are an explanation on the what and why, instructions on the how and what seems to be spilled tea.

Hocus and the grunts had finished fixing up the ancient fortress and making their adjustments, this flying beast would not be easily damaged. Hocus had started research on the capabilities of the four cannons of the fort and decided to go to +Nick Vevasi Oliver to both thank him for the grunts and to give the boy an update on what exactly this old magician had brought along.

Hocus had requested Oliver to send some grunts to help him fix up the Sky Fortress. Oliver had, after taking a few a few seconds to process the fact the elderly magician had casually mentioned he brought an ancient flying fortress with powerful cannons, agreed to his request. Hocus had some pokémon cut out Oblivian stone and others teleport it to the base. Quite some unnecessary entrances would be sealed perfectly. (I'll post about the stone in main nml.) This happened under supervision of Hocus and some grunts, while the other grunts cleaned the inside of the fort and the regular Steelhead armor.

The old man moved through the ancient hallways, his hands folded behind his back. There was a certain atmosphere of... power. He felt it. Hocus glanced over one of the larger rooms, and realized the fort needed some cleaning and scavenging. The inside, that was. The structure itself was in perfect condition, preserved flawlessly throughout centuries.
"I should ask _+Nick Vevasi​__​ to come look around and send some people to make this place less of a mess... This is no job for an old man."_
*He turned around, and disappeared into thin air.*
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