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What are the best AUR helpers for Arch-based Linux distributions? Which one do you prefer to use, is it missing from the list?
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Another vote for yaourt. That's the first one I used, and I've tried others but keep coming back to yaourt. I haven't tried pacaur though.
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jeff m

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I am getting back into using Arch.  What do you recommend as the best GUI for a box with low RAM like 256m?
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+Pyrrho Ruan Ha, I forgot all about JWM. 
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Ondřej Hruška

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Last autumn I managed to wipe my /bin.
I somewhat fixed it using live disk's chroot, copying it's bin content, and some magic with pacman cache, nonetheless there remained some files in /bin that got copied from the live disk and were not owned by any package.

Fixing AUR packages, that was a whole different story, no fun at all. This experience taught me to make system-wide backups.

The "orphaned" bin files stayed there peacefully, all worked, but since pacman didn't know about them, they were a potential security risk - no updates coming for them etc.

Now I discovered their existence, and fixed it - installed the packages that should own them with --force

Here's a script I used to find them, maybe it'll help someone:

for F in `ls /bin`
    pacman -Qo $F | grep "error:"
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En Ware
Could try --as-needed instead of force
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Ondřej Hruška

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Just a little heads-up, after some recent update I had this bug where wifi wouldn't connect:

Successfully initialized wpa_supplicant
dhcpcd[1534]: version 6.7.1 starting
dhcpcd[1534]: wlp2s0: adding address fe80::23df:e1fe:8268:a348
dhcpcd[1534]: if_addaddress6: Permission denied
dhcpcd[1534]: enp0s25: adding address fe80::73f4:99e:dfb1:eeb6
dhcpcd[1534]: if_addaddress6: Permission denied
dhcpcd[1534]: no interfaces have a carrier
dhcpcd[1534]: forked to background, child pid 1548

As it turns out, something enabled a NetworkManager.service in systemd and it was blocking wpa_supplicant / dhcpcd from running.

To check for such evil services, run this:
systemctl --type=service

After I did
sudo systemctl stop NetworkManager.service
sudo systemctl disable NetworkManager.service
all is good again. Hope it helps someone!
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Good work.
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Jake Bryan

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Hey! Anyone whom lives in the Greater Cedar Rapids Area please come to my new LUG meeting on February 21st! I want to start a local community which will promote computer literacy, FLOSS, and technology discussion group. I want this group to be neutral on politics, distro bias, etc.. Granted I am an Arch user that is why I am posting here.
FlyerForIntialMeeting" NewTux" by Larry Ewing. Licensed under Attribution via Wikimedia Commons- http:// commons. wikimedia. org/ wiki/ File: NewTux. svg# mediaviewer/ File: NewTux. svg Cedar Rapids Linux User Group Inaugural Meeting! What: Interest meeting for a Linux User Group! When: February 21st at 2PM Where: Cedar
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The +William Christensen​. I'll let you know when I'm ready.
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Hilarious reddit thread, the Arch Linux security model: Moving target.

"I just sneak into my favorite developers' houses and set up cctv on their screens to grab the code as they start typing it so I can build it before it even saves. I'm working on prototyping a minority report style of memory reading that'll allow me to grab the code for compiling before it even exists, but it's still nda'd by the nsa..."
71 points and 12 comments so far on reddit
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It definitely disappeared as it wasn't in the comments(there weren't many so didnt miss it) and there was a comment that said it had been deleted so I assumed that was the one.
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Josh Sabboth

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Package usage. Common statistics. Sum of submitted packages, 55536624. Number of different packages, 48069. Lowest number of installed packages, 1. Highest number of installed packages, 9987. Average number of installed packages, 1179. Submissions per architectures ...
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I am glad that they do still support i686 as one of my laptops is very old and has a coreduo processor.
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i had a strange issue with cups and gutenprint today, but found an rather unusaul solution.
i have an mpx280 printer from canon, but system-config-printer refused to find drivers for canon, althoug i have them installed and would freeze.
so after many hours of swearing and offending all gods that may exist, i had a feeling, i downloaded the .deb file for the driver from canon website, and extracted the deb file.
then i got to kde printer settings, choose manually add .ppd file, choose the .ppd file from the unpacket .deb file, rebooted and viola, printer working.

i think the issue of cups not detecting drivers arrose after latest update, i had an old arch install in vb, i could add and remove printers, then i updated that install, and i could not add printers anymore.
so i think its a bug either with cups or gutenprint.

i thought i would search first and do whatever possible solution before i ask for help on the forums or g+, so if you have problems with your canon printer, maybe this solution could help you
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IIRC I fixed it by deleteing /usr/share/foomatic/db/source/opt, but could have been another directory under /usr/share/foomatic/db/source, as long as you keep the ppd's around, I don't think there is a problem. (also, after I got trough the first enumeration of the drivers reinstalling foomatic-db did not retrigger the bug)
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I just got this email lol. I was like WTF
Temporary change #ArchLinux to #Debian

Jan 15, 2015 07:37 am | Hayden James

 Starting the year with a new setup, Debian instead of Arch Linux. What Linux distribution do you use primarily?   Also see: Choosing the Best Linux Distro for “you”
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+Christopher Parsons I actually just hashtag archilinux. 
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yaourt -S htop-temperature
Interactive process viewer with added support for CPU temperature
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pacaur -S htop-temperature

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I just discovered this awesome visual top command (written in node.js), which is a great replacement for top or htop in some situations.

It's just two commands away on your Arch-Box:

$ sudo pacman -S nodejs
$ sudo npm install -g vtop

Love it!
vtop - Wow such top. So stats. More better than regular top. Written in node.js
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Really cool, I just installed this in all me servers.
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Any arch users looking to learn some PostgreSQL?
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I'm not familiar with metasploit, myself.
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Darrell Dupas

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bash: less: command not found
echo "will arch ever cease to amaze #arch" &&  expac -s "%-30n %v" | less
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unseeable character / cut and paste issue never mind the bullocks just talking to myself here
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Kids no longer like Ken and Barbie?
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Enrico D'Ortenzio

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suggest me some cool gtk theme and icons set please... :) 
I'm running xfce
I've had enough of Numix xD :)
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Another reason why I really like Atlassian products.
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But still, it's good to see that they maintain an Arch repo. Some company even do not provide a systemd service file (yes I'm looking at you, New Relic!).
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Woho :D This is my new coffe cup at work :D
The Arch Linux Mug, an awesome ceramic mug printed on both sides with the Arch Linux logo. Printing is highly durable and resistent to 1000 whashes and more. This mug can contain 280ml (9.45oz)  of your favorite coffee or tea, with a diameter of 80mm (3.14inch) and an height of 93mm (3.66inch). Shipped with a free Arch stickers: - Arch Linux Shaped sticker
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Would like to get one, too, but 19.99$ shipping for a 11.99$ mug is not ok for me :-(
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What makes +Arch Linux​ better than +Debian​ / +Ubuntu​?
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Arch has no sympathy for mistakes. There is only one way to maintain an arch system, and that merely requires that you read the front page news and do what it says or read the wiki and do what it says.
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Serge Lussier

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Ohhhh! I just saw KDE*  4.14.12 packages into the "Recent Updates"  section ( testing ?) 

Is KDE 14.12 coming soon ? 8-) 8-) 8-) 
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some are at stable already, though. Sad thing: Some depend on kde4 stuff which conflicts with plasma5 :-/
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