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Not really my experience, but still a funny clip. 😄

..::| Manjaro |::..

Decided to try Manjaro for few weeks after reading about it. I've had too many issues of freezing and upgrades breaking. Fixing another kernel upgrade right now and just frustrated. Any bootstrap recommendations to install Arch quickly, even a GUI as long as it's default Arch? I don't have time to always do it from scratch =/

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Had to post this here, this shit is hilarious

"Arch Linux is a Linux Distribution which combines the user-friendliness and ease of installation of Gentoo with the power and flexibility of Ubuntu"

Dear arch users! I have installed arch linux about 5 times in the past. I know the details of the process quite well. Hence I'm quite bored when I need to install it again on a new computer. I remember having used the AUI script ( ) which unfortunately is not maintained anymore to assisst the installation process. Do you guys know any other similar install scripts? I don't want a full image, just a script. Or maybe you can convince me that an image is good, too.

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High 5 Allan and the dev crew, good job! :D
waka waka waka C * * * yeah!

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I don't know how I feel about this review. I don't think they tried hard enough.

This is not very specific to Archlinux, however, does anybody knows of spreadsheet program in Arch which can support more than 1,000 rows. The current Libre Calc is not scalable enough.

Right now I'm on eOS, but I wanna formatt it and install Arch, I love pantheon desktop, is it possible to install Pantheon desktop successfullly on Arch?
I'm a newbie.

I've tryied in vbox but never could make it work and I don't want to screw my main PC

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I made my own Arch stickers. 

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All uploaded to [community], you'll get the updates when your mirror syncs. 
MATE Desktop 1.12 has been released.

The headline changes in MATE 1.12 are:

  * Fixes and improvements for GTK3.
  * Touchpad support now features multi touch and natural scrolling.
  * Multi monitor support has been improved.
  * The power applet now displays model and vendor information.
  * Improved session management which now includes screensaver inhibition while playing media.
  * MATE now listens to the org.gnome.SessionManager namespace.
  * Extended systemd support.
  * Long standing bugs and many little usability paper-cuts were fixed.
  * Dropped support for win32 and osx.
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