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David McDow

Discussion  - 
I think there's a bug with "wpa_supplicant-2.4-1".
I get "Aborted" after issuing 
# wifi-menu
I manually connect to my router through cli and wifi-menu.
To solve this problem, I downgraded to wpa_supplicant-2.3-1.
Has anyone else experience this problem?
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Kyle Lambert

Discussion  - 
I don't always browse this community, but when I do, it is to see all the gorgeous desktops. :D
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I don't always browse this community, but when I do, I remember I've not pacman -Syu'd  in two days.
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trying to install pacbackup...get the following error...
:/tmp/yaourt-tmp-ralpheeee/aur-pacbackup/./PKGBUILD: line 23: python3: command not found...
any suggestions pls?
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Perhaps in your ~/.bashrc
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I updated Arch a few hours ago (I keep my system fairly updated - twice a week if not more - last update was probably Tuesday to pull the new google-chrome-dev package from AUR), and now, everything is segfaulting.

From the log file:
Apr 23 02:10:01 templar kernel: traps: chrome[5509] general protection ip:7fdddc859150 sp:7ffc8649a868 error:0
Apr 23 02:10:01 templar kernel: traps: chrome[5514] general protection ip:7fdddc859150 sp:7ffc8649a868 error:0 in[7fdddc847000+18000]
Apr 23 02:10:01 templar kernel:  in[7fdddc847000+18000]
Apr 23 02:10:01 templar kernel: 
Apr 23 02:10:01 templar kernel: 
Apr 23 02:16:00 templar kernel: traps: gnome-terminal[6065] general protection ip:7fc182c62150 sp:7fff4be5ba88 error:0 in[7fc182c50000+18000]
Apr 23 02:16:00 templar systemd-coredump[6070]: Process 6065 (gnome-terminal) of user 1000 dumped core.
Apr 23 02:16:15 templar kernel: traps: nemo[6107] general protection ip:7fa579201150 sp:7ffd60d37188 error:0 in[7fa5791ef000+18000]
Apr 23 02:16:16 templar systemd-coredump[6112]: Process 6107 (nemo) of user 1000 dumped core.
Apr 23 02:16:27 templar kernel: traps: geeqie[6122] general protection ip:7f9fded74150 sp:7fffd36a6678 error:0 in[7f9fded62000+18000]
Apr 23 02:16:27 templar systemd-coredump[6125]: Process 6122 (geeqie) of user 1000 dumped core.

VLC crashes on start and isn't usable, mplayer runs, but crashes after viewing a media file (any media file). geeqie crashes at close, but launches and behaves normally otherwise. gnome-terminal says it crashes at launch, but seems to work just peachy.

I rebooted, but got the same behaviour. So I forced an update, wondering if a bad package slipped in there, and low and behold, glibc-2.21-3 was available along with a new revision of git and python2-ply. I installed those, rebooted again (as I always do for glibc updates), and still saw the same issues. The segfaulting issue was not present prior to the update I ran a few hours ago, and, nothing in the forums or a few Google searches has turned up much. No, I haven't attempted to downgrade glibc, as I was running 2.21-2 for a while with no issues.

The packages that were upgraded the first run that seem like they might potentially be involved are related to systemd, vte-common, and frameworkintegration.

I've double checked my mirror list to ensure they're up to date and I'm not using an out-of-sync one, and at this time, pacman -Syyu says there's nothing to do. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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You're welcome.
I wish I found that sooner, as I already reinstalled system thanks to bbqlinux and its quick and simple ISO package.
Funny thing is, I updated system after reinstall and I do not have the segfaults. Not sure maybe it will reappear after a reboot.
But so far everything works without the fix.
It is good to know that there is a potential fix if I see the problem again.
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Joseph Finley

Miscellaneous  - 
Decided to take plunge into Arch. Reminds me of Gentoo years ago minus on demand compiling. Seems fast..just trying to figure out how many of you load those widgets on desktop. I loaded Gnome 3..but desktop is basic.
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I don't. My desktop is just a plain blue background until I start some application. 
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Josh Smith

Screenshots  - 
I posted my desktop about 5 months ago, but it had some issues. They're fixed now (have been for a while :P), so I figured I would share again :)

This is a plain Openbox setup. The panel is lxpanel. I'm using Guake as my terminal (man, one button access to a terminal is so nice!) and Plank as my dock. The wallpaper is part of something called the Focus Collection. Check it out here:

Overall I've really liked this environment and have tuned it to be intuitive enough that I've actually rolled it out to a bunch of primary school students in my school district for use in the classroom :)
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Finally after a breake i have finish My Archlinux + Compiz-standalone Compat-Style, Uploading Iso and working on screen cast, stay tuned :)
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+Bernardo Henriquez Thanks very much for sharing those! I love them. There is a very nice simplicity, but with a very pleasing color and shape design. Very well done!
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Does GNOME Software Center work fully on arch linux? If no, what works and what doesn;t?
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It absolutely works! However, it won't do live updates for some reason. It downloads the updates, then you need to reboot, it will apply the updates in a special boot mode and then it will reboot again into your normal setup. I think this is a bit annoying, especially as there are updates pretty much every day on arch.
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Is there any way to force Nvidia's PowerMizer to level 0? This   Option "RegistryDwords" "PerfLevelSrc=0x2222; PowerMizerLevelAC=0x3; PowerMizerLevel=0x3"   seemed to work in Mint but it doesn't work when added to 20-nvidia.conf. Any ideas? Thank you.
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+Bill Kolokithas This only changes the PowerMizer settings Auto/Adaptive/Max , I want to change the the max clock frequency so that it doesn't go full throttle every time I open a new browser tab.
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Jim Scholfield

Discussion  - 
I think that one good thing to come from UEFI is that it has been a part of causing me to stop distro hopping. I've even quit using any of the Arch spin-offs now. And I completely killed windows quite a while ago. It was just wasted space for me.

I go commando now. I don't use any boot manager nor boot loader. I turn on my system and it gets right to loading the kernel. Kernel updates work great without any process to copy or move kernels. I don't install a boot loader nor a boot manager. I use a simple one line command to write the correct entry to UEFI.

This page explains how to use the efibootmgr command to tell UEFI to boot Arch directly. In my opinion though, this page isn't perfectly done and neither is the beginners guide.

I'd really like feedback from this community about this. Do you use this and did you have to figure out some things are incorrect here? I'm guessing this was written by someone with experience but there are some errors. Did this page or the beginners guide referring to this give any of you trouble that could have been avoided with some changes?

I'm thinking this is something I can contribute to the wiki about. I also think I'm sorted out well enough about the subject to be correct about the changes I'll suggest. I am however going on my experience with just a few systems. I'd like to know if anyone cares to do this and has anyone had experience with this?
The Linux Kernel (linux>=3.3) supports EFISTUB (EFI BOOT STUB) booting. This feature allows EFI firmware to load the kernel as an EFI executable. The option is enabled by default on Arch Linux kernels or can be activated by setting CONFIG_EFI_STUB=y in the Kernel configuration (see The EFI Boot ...
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I should have mentioned this before though I'm sure many here are aware of it. For any of us that are running in UEFI mode, with the $ESP mounted at /boot but using a boot loader, you can try this without changing anything other than the UEFI variables.

The command in one of my comments above creates a new entry in the UEFI boot order that will launch the Arch kernel directly. The existing boot entries, the boot loader and the whole $ESP for that matter are left untouched. This new boot entry is just put at the top of the list.

If you want to do this do be sure to look at the man page or help for efibootmgr to ensure my parameters are the same as what you'd need. Your partition numbers and device could differ for instance. If you decide for any reason you don't want this, you just delete it from UEFI with efibootmgr.
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Not my #desktop  and not #friday !
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all right thanks.
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Tom Lopez

Screenshots  - 
Showing some LXQT. Just found out about compton-conf-git in the AUR. It shows up in the LXQT settings window. Had some fun playing with it :)
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At first I thought it was an xp screenie....
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I'm trying to upgrade my kernel using yaourt
And i get 'failed unknown public key 16digitcode'
'One or more pgp signatures could not be verified!
Makepkg was unable to build linux-lqx'

I've done this
But didn't work. How does everyone update their kernel? As an Arch(Linux) newbie, whole thing seems elusive to me. Please help.
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+tune-o kim Arch tries to move users to start their use of the AUR the "manual", hard way. When I first came to Arch I wondered if that was really necessary. Now you can just add the French repo to install Yaourt and never install from the AUR manually.

I use pacaur, I use a helper now. But having to install "manually" in the past did really teach me what is happening during the installation just because I participated in it. I recommend doing that and holding off on using a helper even if takes a bit longer.
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Just got my shirt from +Unixstickers​ a few days ago. Loving it so far. ☺
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everywhere, comrades.
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I love arch linux
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The 69 Eyes! :D
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Rancid Frog

Upgrade Notes  - 
last time I updated I get segmentation issues and vlc stopped working.
The packages causing problems are:
gtk3 ( sudo /usr/bin/gtk-query-immodules-3.0 --update-cache )
gdk-pixbuf2 ( sudo /usr/bin/gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders --update-cache )
vlc (  sudo /usr/lib/vlc/vlc-cache-gen -f /usr/lib/vlc/plugins )
Nothing seems to get the segmentation issues to go away.
Any suggestions on how to solve the problems?
Or recommendations for vlc replacement?
Thank you
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+Rancid Frog You can find the log at /var/log
Revert your update by # pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/<TABCOMPLETION>
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John Watson

Miscellaneous  - 
Could anyone recommend a really simple image editor (preferably gtk-based) that can do the following:

1. Resize
2. Crop
3. Rotate

That's really it. I have many image "viewers" installed but I find myself stuck when I want to do the above 3 things.
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+gerald schenk With viewer I meant to be able to watch multiple images at a time. Although 'display' can work good with limited amount of images.
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Ondřej Hruška

Discussion  - 
I've reported a Gwenview bug, if you want, check if you have it too and maybe add a comment to the tracker, I really want this to be fixed :(
Product: gwenview. Classification: Unclassified. Component: general. Version: Git (add output of "git log -1 --oneline" to description). Platform: Archlinux Packages Linux. Importance: NOR major (vote). TargetMilestone: ---. Assigned To: Gwenview Bugs ...
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Yeah it's bad, know of any good alternative +Sven Karsten Greiner​? ShowPhoto is OK but not really there & DigiKam too unwieldy for small things like viewing and rotating photos
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