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Who Banned George Pendarbes and what did he do so wrong? So Anybody just explain it to me?

I found this google+ user name Lavendar Rose who made a rude post about Debra from Teen Mom OG and then She started criticizing and troll me just to make me look bad

Link to google+:

Please report her for harassment and hate speech.

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This person needs to be taken down for stealing people videos. He stole +Scotty Kilmer's Videos. I enjoy watching scotty's videos and I don't approve on this harassment being done towards him. link to google+

Youtube Channel:

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This person needs to be terminate because he is stealing +Neighborhood Car Reviews's Videos and is probably stalking people.

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Link to google+ profile. It is that elena troll back again harassing people after the 1st account got terminated. the google+ profile is listed here. link to youtube channel:

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Most Wanted Imposter for impersonating the real Josh Opray

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