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(1-2)Nimrod Dagh, his relationship with ANU (EN.QI(s) father) Master Builder, Nickname Nimrod Dagh or Nembroth or Negroid, real name Sargon, he is part Sumerian.
If a group of people come together and do not wish to acknowledge the “God” of the Bible and the Qur’an or either, hidden forces will move on them, call them a out, set out to slander and literally destroy physically, just to stop anyone from showing that they can do great things without being subservient to the “God” of their image and their language, this still works today.
They control the minds of religious fanatics and foolish haters, that then creates the atmosphere to destroy anyone who can succeed without going through them, because of this many are afraid, humans are in a state of Babel, about the truth.
Many people today want you to respect and worship the intermediaries, example: Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Maitreya, Muhammad, Massau and the likes, which will be them, if you decide that you don’t want that, then they say you are lost? We have “Blood” moons, called so, because the colour of the moon will be red, well so are tomatoes, you can’t call it tomato moon? Just because you drink the blood of your “God??” why does the rest of us have to associate it with blood, eat the flesh (cracker) of your “God” the rest of us don’t??  why does the Moon changing colour have to be associated with religion, how about the Earth, Moon, Sun all line up, and so no sunlight gets through, thus producing this deep red colour.
The same way Tam.muz came down on Nimrod, Nimrod (Sargon) saw Tammuz (Adonis) as a weak lord, because Nimrod repented Tammuz to his heart that man had become disagreeable and wicked. So when Tam.muz repented, Nimrod dishonoured the weak mind, Nimrod did not want to be a slave of a slave, being a mighty builder, hunter, warrior before Tammuz. Tammuz came down on Nimrod, when he saw he had a culture and he was cultivating, building great monuments, he was considered disagreeable, all because he did not want to worship the intermediary.
Tammuz (Adonis) means, “Sprout forth, sprout of life” (Tammuz is the son of Ishtar) Adonis means “My master is who he is” Aramic/Hebrew “My master is Yahuwah” Ado-nis in Nuwaubic means “Master” Akkadian “Lord” (Akkad was the capital of the later Akkadian empire)
Nimrod means “rebellious one, or in Hebrew, “One who rebelled, Nickname Nimrod Dagh or Nembroth or Negroid real name is  Sargon, he is Sumerian, hunter, master builder-builds the city of Calneh, which translates as “fortress of ANU”  (EN.QI father) builds monuments and towers called Ziggurat in Cuneiform, greatest city is called Bab-el meaning doorway to El, who is ANU, which is not hell, it was a way for his people to speak directly to the father ANU, “who art in heaven”  it’s written that this city Calneh had a tower that reached the heavens, this is kinda true, only that it was more like a beaming up to a mothercraft, remember Nimrod built this structure so that the people could directly speak with ANU, that’s who the fortress is named after, Gabriy’el,  means “One who comes forth from EL or messenger of El. 
It is Abraham of the Bible that falls from ANU’s grace, not Nimrod, full name Millah Abram, “the rites” he turned to Ba’al which means “Master Lord” To this day the “God” of the Bible and Qur’an has never produced a city as great as the Mayans, the Shang Dynasty, the Tama-Re(Africa) or the Anunnagi, word meaning, “those beings that ANU sent down)  After the flood Sargon(Nimrod)  is the first king of mankind, he is the son of Kuwsh/ Kush/Kush/Kish and Sumerians/Ishtar(IN.ANNA) is his mother, Nimrod is a Ghibboreem means mighty Ones, Giants, the language is Nuwaubu/Nuwaubu, brought to Earth, from above, sound right reasoning, are to this day the people who are and daughters of the “mighty men” the Ghibbore, just as in (Genesis 6:4) also called Jabbarians, from where word Jabbar, El Jabar, which is where the word Algebra comes from, El Jabbar, the great alchemist…Note: Nimrod is not only physically fit, he is 8-9 foot tall..(if not-taller)
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She is called Hathor by the Greeks, it is the Greeks who refer to her has Hathor, but her name is  A-theer, means
“The Dwelling or house of Haru (Horus)”  
just like Aset is Isis, she is referred to has Isis by the Greeks, her name is Aset, means “Throne, seat” Aset is the head of the Known world at that time, Aset’s face is that of the Sphinx before Napoleon blew her lips, ears and the cobra on her head dress off with cannons.
The Greeks invade Kemet (Egypt) they had Kemet for 300 years, forcing the Kemet priest into revealing the knowledge about this mysteries place.
Kemet is at least 10,000 (longer) the knowledge was taught to 100’s of generations for 1000’s of years, so even if you were never taught directly, you know the knowledge, for your forefathers were taught.
So the Greeks only had Kemet for 300 years before the Romans came back in for it, it’s not long enough for the Greeks, we know this because the nation is finished (2015)
Everyone was allowed to come and learn the knowledge, and all those did from the 4 known corners of the world, somewhere greedy like the Greeks and Romans, who wanted ownership of this mysteries place.
It was forbidden for foreigners to be brought into this parameter, so the priests, invented signs and mislead the information, the Greeks and Romans are an "invading force"
In 2015, Italy is finished, the Greeks have left the building (Euro) almost in the same way that these nations came into Tama-Re is the same way they have fallen, Greeks have no sovereignty, nothing, no Socrates  or Plato to think or quote their way out of this crisis that they are in.
When I had researched, the amount of crap I had to go through/translate, the Greeks did the best they could with the translations, they basically did not understand, and so we don’t, the Greeks go on to set up Europe, enough said there.
This is why many don’t understand Tama-Re (Egypt) why we live in a dysfunctional society, where nothing works, a million laws to govern 11billion people.
Systems in place to “control” us, not just religions, if you really knew what was/had taken place the systems would “collapse” and you and I would be free-maybe, I prefer the word “conciseness” an area of the mind that you process information.
No-one is ever “free” but free your minds from shit knowledge, awaken to reality, be conciseness, that means an area of the brains were you process information.
You have to by-pass religion, science, the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Latin to reach the source..
(This image depicts A-theer (Hathor) sitting under electric lights, can see the cables, power points, even the subject is holding and eclectic lamp) when you receive the right knowledge/information this in turn creates wisdom. 
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All great empires were influenced by the Neteraat who brought their architecture to this planet, that being, in most places the Mir, which is called “pyramid”.
The word pyra-mid is broken up into two parts, the first word being pyra, meaning “fire” and the second mid “middle” referring to the column of energy called Tachyonic energy.
The pyramid’s (Mir) were built from the top down, old science called anti-destruction, versus destruction.

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The “power” of a woman..
The Ankh, number 9 this number was considered as sacred in Egypt, the key, Ankh means “Key of the Eternal” which will open the domain of all truths. Nuwaubu (means “News bringer; sound right reasoning”) (Nuwaubu was brought from the heavens to the Earth) you possess that key, the idea is that you have to open the door, our inner door is called E-anna means “Temple” the abode or Iy which means “coast” three realities governs the abode, the three points of a triangle (Mir)
Female is “inner” Male is “Outer”
The “Supreme Beings” said to us, “go and multiply my children”
NIN.TI took the blood, which carried the gene of a Neteraat, mixed it with 14 females of the Homo Erectus state of evolution (female came first, not male) however the “a-sexual” trait from the reptilian was still dominate, making them unable to procreate on their own, so NIN.TI chose to breed with the Lares/ the Simians (intelligent ape people whose queen was called Zira) which was already on Earth.
NIN.TI wisest scientist and geneticist, EN.KI mother
Neteraat “Supreme Beings, guardians”
If we look around us, we will see “different” types of human beings within the race, if we look at the different types of “beings”, be they animal, reptile, and amphibian or even insect and us the human animal. We would like to see ourselves as other than part of the animal kingdom, when actually we do act just like all other animals.
They kill to survive, they scheme, they shed, they copulate, they produce, they die, there are many different breeds of humans.
Some like children to mate with, some like their own gender, some are caught in the wrong gender and some, I just don’t know about.
(is this a defect within the human body/race/species)

3 races where created, first being was the Negroid, the second being the Mongoloid and the third being the Caucasoid, within each one of these races there are many species.
This batch of humans now which is about 200,000+ years old, the common DNA ancestor is from Africa.
Negroids were the first on the planet and all the others came from them, does that make them the mothers and fathers of the other races, yes and no, because it makes them the mothers of all others, being all people come from the FEMALE.
Are women a “God” that is the unspoken but well known truth in the Scientific community, that “God” produces gods, So when “God” was creating “God” and said “I create in my own image and after my own likeness” this creating “God” would have to have the power of “God” to create other “Gods”; thus, the perpetuation of “God” eternal was in the original creation of “God”
This is how it was, and this is how it will be…
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Science is one way; the Tama-Re is the real Science.
1. Nun is the male part and Nunet is the female consort, they are the deities of water, 3/4ths of the human body is water, and lymphatic and circulatory systems are the source of life and reproduction. Water is the most important element in existence and needed as a source of conduction.
2. Shu, the male is the deity of air
3. Tefnut the female is the deity of rain and moisture, that is atmosphere, who is the mother of Geb, the male deity of earth, soil, sustenance, and this list of names will lead into Nut, the female deity of the sky, which takes you into Asaru the male, Aset the female, Sutukh the male, and Nebthoot, the female, which leads into human kind.

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Horus/ better known has Haru, meaning “far-away, mountain” (under Haru, we were Kings, we lived good)
Horus is Osiris and Isis, son
His Birthday is 25th December, born in the year 4000
Born of a Virgin, Osiris had been dismembered (14 pieces) by Seth, Horus joined his father in the “other” realm, with the help of Isis returned to fight and defeat Set, Isis puts him back together. Raised (Osiris) Asaru or Ausar (means “He who is seen, The Eye”) from the dead
Adorned by 3 kings
Had 12 disciples or followers
Healed the sick and the injured
Crucified, then resurrected after 3days
Known has the “Lamb” the “way” “the light” also, “Gods” appointed Son also, the “Good” shepherd.
Osiris is EN.KI incarnated…
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Ammit means devourer (“Eater”) of the dead(the animal? In the picture)
Ma’at (Duat) this is where ancient Egyptians believed or souls waited to be judged, the purpose of Ma'at (law/justice/truth) among the Khemet (Egyptian) people of ancient Upper and Lower Egypt was to divert chaos
The heart is being weighed on the scale of Maat against the feather of truth, by the jackal-headed Anubis means, Messenger between heaven and the realm, the scale setter, the ibis-headed Thoth (Djhuiti/ Tuhiti) head scribe, if his heart is lighter than the feather, then you are allowed to pass into the afterlife. If not, he is eaten by the waiting Ammit.
Ammit; "devourer" or "soul-eater"; was a female deity in ancient Tama-Re (Egyptian) with a body that was part lion, hippopotamus and crocodile—the three largest "man-eating" animals known to ancient Egyptians. A funerary deity, her titles included "Devourer of the Dead", "Eater of Hearts", and "Great of Death".
Ammit lived near the scales of justice in Duat, the Egyptian underworld. In the Hall of Two Truths, Anubis weighed the heart of a person against the feather of Ma'at, the goddess of truth, which was depicted as an ostrich feather (the feather was often pictured in Ma'at's headdress). If the heart was judged to be not pure, Ammit would devour it, and the person undergoing judgement was not allowed to continue their voyage towards Osiris and immortality. Once Ammit swallowed the heart, the soul was believed to become restless forever; this was called "to die a second time".
Ammit was also sometimes said to stand by a lake of fire. In some traditions, the unworthy hearts were cast into the fiery lake to be destroyed.  Ammut ate the condemned person, rather than only the heart. An evil person then dissolved forever in her stomach.
Ammit was not worshipped; instead she embodied all that the Egyptians feared, threatening to bind them to eternal restlessness if they did not abide the principle of Ma'at.
Ammit has been linked with the goddess Tawaret, means, “The Mighty One, Mother of the Deities” who has a similar physical appearance and, as a companion of Bes, means “protector of women and children, repeller of wrongdoers”   
So (you) petitioner will be led from Duat to Arus (the Field of Reeds) or the two halls of truth, whereby  EVERYTHING you have done in your private life WILL be revealed, the two halls of truth(the field of reeds)  
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Tama-Re (ta-ma-ray) means “Land of the Sun” this is ancient Egypt’s name, 3 parts to Egypt, ancient, middle, modern, Re (Ra) means “Creative power” to make “the sun’s rays” Tama-Re is from Egypt down into Sudan, Sudan has more Pyramids (Mir) than Egypt, the whole North was also part of this vast area called Tama-Re, upper Nile, lower Nile people..
History does not start and end with Egypt, they cut us off at Egypt, Egypt is a Science, by doing this the Vatican can regulate the information, how can a country be a Science and why Egypt.
Note; Ancient Egyptian science is based on sound/acoustic they worked with stones in a very sophisticated, a very efficient way, quarry techniques, machining of the stone, cutting them(laser)
Temples have frequencies ever present, the Mir (Pyramids) are power plants.. 
These “higher, supreme beings have the ability to “extend” life, coming down through history, we Humans(Hu-mans) are joining on-to an “on-going” event…no starting point or ending point…
Before time as you know it was logged, beings existed in and out of this dimension.  Worlds existed; planets were inhabited by intelligent beings, who all lived in their own time zones, based on their locations in this vast boundless universe(s). Each place is in itself the place or origin of time, as in the word then which becomes past and present simultaneously. These were agreeable and disagreeable beings. This was a system that was very similar to that presently on Earth, called the chain of existence that existed. Whereas, stars burnt out, planets died, and beings had to seek residence in other star systems. Often times the beings redeveloped new survival tactics, eating habits, and even genetic alterations and manipulations to make it possible for the beings to exist in environments unsuited for our biological existence, the beings- often at times had to alter environments, create climates and season.
Often times, the survival of one being, meant the extinction of another. One of these, such star systems housed Rizq, a planet in the 19th galaxy, the 8th planet of a three sun-system, which was inhabited by the Rizqiyians, also called Neteraat (Nuwaubic translation “Supreme beings, guardians”)
The three suns of this planet Rizq, were known in time by three different names, the most common being: Atum, Atun and Amun, referred to as the Re-Ra (rays) the Sumerians call them Utu, Afsu and Shamash. When this planet was visited by disagreeable beings, from a dying star they were welcomed into this great empire, those that welcomed them were called Neteraat, the Sumerians called them Anutu.
There is a star wars going on with the agreeable and the disagreeable
This resulted in the destruction of the shield that protected Rizq
Neteraat  prepared great crafts called Nibiru(many sizes-Sumerian word-Ashuric/Nabra”to raise, to elevate, to go up” creates an orb giving the impression of a globe or planet structure, multi-dimension)  to scout the universe in search for a precious metal called Zawhab(Gold) that could be changed into dust and create a shield to protect the dying planet Rizq. One scout, mission resulted in a tremendous crash into a planet called Maldek, which was inhabited by the Maldekians, or Troglodytes, who are the reptilians, this event caused the killing of most of the beings, leaving only the military and warriors alive. Another planet was crashed into by Nibiru, a distant planet in the 18th galaxy called Tiwawaat, the Sumerians called it Tiamat, the Egiptians called it Ta, and today we call it Earth.
The reptilians originally escaped from Maldek and took residence here millions of years before the crash, built great cities beneath the waters, they are aquatic, they were sea dwellers.
The planet was a void and it was dark, the waters were deep, the half exploded again to form the asteroid belt, the Neteraat became guardians of this damaged planet until such time as to repair it-only to discover that the precious metal that they were looking for was present, they could transport it home to Rizq.
The face on Mars was an ancient marker for incoming extra-terrestrials to know about the Adama projects (Adam-Ashuric/A-daam “dark red, brownish” Adama- “of the ground, Earthling”
“Homo Erectus” beings abducted from planet Ta “Earth” and taken to a laboratory on Mars to breed another being, what we are seeing on Mars today are remnants of cities, bases and monuments of an ancient Egiptian civilization.
Human beings- Aqins or Homo sapiens part deity and part monkey, different conditions, various breeding and seeding were necessary with different terrestrial earth beings, apes and reptilians and extra-terrestrial beings, beyond earth beings. Transportation of different species to this planet and Mars was done as a result, there are various shapes, sizes, skin colour, skin texture, facial features, blood types, all traceable back to animals on this planet and others; yet one being of the Adama projects was accomplished after many experiments, successes and failures, deformities and illness, and hybrids with the power to procreate and they were in the image and after the likeness of the scientists that created or grew them in the lab, this caused a compassion for the experimental animals, the compassion by one being, NIN.TI led to education and etiquette on civilization.
Gold (Zawhab)
A group of beings called the Neteraat led by EN.KI or Anunnagi (Annunaki) arrive on Earth with crafts with loads of workers(Nephilim) to mine the gold, the work is tiresome, they decided to create a being  for the purpose to work the mines.
Neteraat EN.QI
Neteraat  bring their architecture to Earth, that being, in most places the Mir which is called “pyramid”  Pyra meaning fire, mid referring to the column of energy called Tachyonic energy the son of a king, leads- new title became EN.KI(EN.QI) ruler of Qi he built water-ways, mines and dams, while they hovered in large mother ships above the planet, until the dust cloud created by the impact, that blocked the sun, EN.KI launches teams of beings responsible for the development of seeding and growing life on this planet suitable for food and air. They hover over the Earth first, in an area called the Persian Gulf, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Libya, Afghanistan  (Mesopotamia) ENL.LI (brother) takes the Persian Gulf, no dead sea at this time. EN.QI takes a base in Swaziland-Zulu land- South African. EN.QI has a son called MUR.DUK also known Amon-Ra or Amen, MUR.DUK is also called Osiris (Asar) son Horus, EN.QI also has another son called Nergal.
ANU, father, the highest of the Yahweh (many are called Elohyeem-means these beings) over
ANU Is 1 of 9 council members, deities.
NIN.TI(Sumerian name meaning “lady of the rib” or Nunet- mother- the wisest scientist and geneticist to breed the Homo Erectus(which was one of two, Genus Homo-4ft-the pygmy tribe originated )already existed on the Earth with the genes of a Neteraat, to speed up its evolution, Genesis is Gene, sis is Aset(Isis)
Sumerian are different from those people of Noah, even though, they were part blood related, they Sumerians- were linked to beings called Anunnaqi/Anunnaki who came beyond the stars, before the bible recorded them the Nephileems, the tablets record them: Enuma or Elish or Atra-Hasis in Cuneiform. 
Nickname Nimrod Dagh or Nembroth or Negroid real name  Sargon is Sumerian, hunter, master builder-builds the city of Calneh, which translates as “fortress of ANU”  (EN.QI father) builds monuments and towers called Ziggurat in Cuneiform, greatest city is called Bab-el meaning doorway to El, which is not hell, it was a way for his people to speak to the father ANU  directly, “who art in heaven”  after the flood Sargon(Nimrod)  is the first king of mankind, he is the son of Kuwsh/ Kush/Kush/Kish and Semiramis/Ishtar-universal  mother…
Tama-Re (ta-ma-ray) means “Land of the Sun” this is ancient Egypt’s name,if you understand Tama-Re, you will understand the starting point for the Human race..

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