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I liked this one so much, I thought you might too :)
Debjit Ghosh - Google+
Debjit Ghosh - Google+

You can't just solve me.
You can't deny that you imperfected me so that you might replace me.
You see blood, because you want blood.
I see light and I see time.
Don't try to imprison me so you might hold the light of my eye because ya done taking me from its blackness.
I am sorry you can't love me because ya to busy embracing people to dominate the outlook.
I will remain true to my destiny's path.
I loved you.
I cared when no-one else did.
However, money was you're thing, your bait for a cruel game.
I will remember. To me it was a penny down a precurser for sharing thoughts.
I am sorry for my naivety. But now I worry about the one sided love affair and your wish.
My mind is mocked and I am slandered.
I am accused of a lack of self control.
But I am self-aware.
Always seen to be told what to do.
Disguarded. But never let my guard down.
The story this land tells me of itself
You joke about
Your heart somewhat exploited
You like to harm the messenger
For your own selfish mark.
Fuck harmony right, you want the lead.
If I don't bow down you will force me down or make my life hell...
Whose eyes don't you try to look through in your crusade?

#lovealways #honesty

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In the mist
In the mould
There is consistency
that has to hold;
The ongoingness of a cult
is fast and yet not alone;
Unlike the big proud flatter
the seems are not so of chatter;
The collective has not defeated
the individual crowd,
Never has Never will.

(c) 2017 SD

Hi. My name is Sarah and i am 33 years old. I live in the UK. Here is one of my poems i have wrote:

The clouds open,
water falls from the sky.
Tears fall from our eyes,
when we start to cry.

The sun.
Is that God giving us a smile?
A smile that shines over us and lights everything up.
The sun will shine and then go away for a while.

(C) Sarah Jackson Bennett

Bitcoin's a flyin
Missiles a shootin
Hackers a stealin
Killaz a killin'
Narcos a dealin'
This world's a spinnin,
heyo it's 2017

Watching .. pushing his lacking onto the many,
Trying to use the anger if his energy in a want to make people slur my spirit,
So he can turn holistic into the vagina and anus.
Cunning enough to try and also use his penis hole in attempts to insinuate and infect the atmosphere with the desire to be the creator eye.

The fate of life resists such use. And the game to 'if we cant make her nothing, we will make her resisted' - the earths conciousness, that is, is the psychic war of all anguish. The dispair of many is still to come, if the relentless continue to try and win against time and destiny.

Trying to follow the focus of my view, and then declaring to have power over it ... seriously.
Then using it to try and make me fall into my own trap.. In spite.
Honestly a terrorist act.

I ask is the hate within you so much that you desire to destroy the heights of systemic order to act out the fantasy of rebirthing your origin in an attempt to change who you are?

The rhetorical question is to insist the act of befuddlement and the protest of loving coppulation has no merit in the satisfaction of the cold war.

The specific lores of a souls evolution is not a tool for these who try to take godlight in vain and project.

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There is always the game to make the balanced mind appear crazy.
It is not new.

All I can say is that, there is nothing I believed that is not actual.
There is only ongoing debate about the factors of opinion and the harrassing attacks to try and deprive me of the depths of my clarity.
They desire to remove links of mythology and instead invoke a new perspective.

The stolen design and the thief who pays to have my greatness compete with a glorified apology for the invasion.
Thats when I myself am not targeted for the uninvited intrusion.
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There is no half world majick.
There is only one water cycle. One seasonal turn.
The sorcery done to stolen heads is hurting the good.

The goal to draw on negative to project a positive of evil is a joke.

The game to declare what I see as horror and give nut power to sluts who try to infect the atmosphere as they strive to go above clouds.

The truth about trying to take the sky is obvious. The lies only manifestations of anger the ignorant, the supporters of the drug ice, the cocaine players trying to denounce correlation and the extacy users tickled in their come down to try and fight for happiness.
All this along with smoke and mirrors is the corcle of hatred. The condemtion, made justly, tries to implore onto me. My being. My spirit.

The last resort... To isolate me, tag me as the problem, just like the last 150 years of this sydney crown has willed.

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