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Dear All,

We are looking for a few projects to feature on the Epicollect5 home page.

If you are interested please get in touch.

The projects must meet the following requirements:

- Be public AND listed.
- Have a nice project logo, small description AND full description.
- Have at least 50 entries or more.
- Be of academic and scientific interest, but we are pretty open on that ;)


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good morning, when downloading the entries from the server to the device they do not appear.

Photo 1 - device where the entries were entered
Photo 2 - dvice just synchronized
Photo 3 - within (Alll folder) it is empty
Photo 4 - the entries is on the server

Is it a bug?
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Thanks for the app!
I want to use it to navigate to certain points in the field then input the values for that entry. I can use the online version of Epicollect5 to create an entry and input the latitude and longitude. But when I use the IoS app on my phone I can not find a way to display those entries on a map based on their lat and long and navigate to them.
Is this possible?
Thanks for your help,

Monitoring Tool

How to make a project?

Hi there,

My name is Chito Federico from the Philippines.

I am doing this project where every prospective user of the Epicollect5 has distinct data of its own. The first thing that comes to my mind is to create replicas of the same project with distinct ids for each. So my first question is: Is there a limit as to how many projects can this platform allow me to create?

Secondly, if I were to use only one project for all the prospective users, is there any way that a FILTER be assigned for each user so that we he downloads, he will just get what data are due them?

Thank you for this amazing app.

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am not able to add entries in my laptop

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Hey Mirko,

My name is Fred and i'm looking for an application such as Epicollect5.
What's the license of this application ? It's possible to connect the mobile app to a private server for collect sensible information ?

Last question, When I want to put some information in each entry by default such as adress or city it's possible to send an excel or this feature is not available ?

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