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Name: Angelica and Faith
Age Angelica: 14
Age Faith: unknown
Genders: Female
Race Faith: Ice Dragon
Race Angelica: Human
Angelica's powers: Can summon Faith when she needs her, if Faith cannot be there, she defends herself with the power she trained her to use.
Faith's powers: Can freeze someone solid or unfreeze them when needed. She is very swift, smart, and can communicate with telepathy.
Bio Angelica: She was on a trip with her now sickly grandfather when they stumbled upon an icy cave in the arctic. There they encountered Faith, injured and weak. They helped her to regain her strength and at that point Faith decided to choose Angelica as her being to protect and serve.
Bio Faith: She is here to carry on the magic of the cold. The race of ice dragons is growing smaller every day. Therefor they must find people that are pure of heart to help and serve in exchange for protection from the warlocks that wish to kill them.
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name: Blade Sith
age: unknown
race: unkown
doesnt talk much and can usually be found sitting on the edge of the high stone wall that overlooks the city. The only records the city has of her is a simple bio with a picture that says shes a wanderer. Doesnt have many friends because she doesnt talk to people
picture: my profile picture.

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Code name: Silver Indefinite Blade
Other self's name: (in the human world) Stela
Race: ???
Appearance: (Photo 1 is in human world, photo 2 is alternate self)

Note: The photos are of Asuna from SAO, if anyone is wondering! 
Also my idea of two worlds and an alternate self are taken from Black Rock Shooter. Though I talk as one person, I won't switch between the two. 
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Is it okay to add ecchi on?

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