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Force Users Profile
Jedi/Sith/Gray Jedi: (must choose one)
Force Sensitivity:
Lightsaber Color:
Force Abilities:
Hometown: (must be on Earth)
Appearance: (includes hair color, eye color, tattoos, scars, etc. You may include a picture if you so desire.)

Non Force Users
Hometown: (must be on Earth)

1) Approved profile required
2) No bullying inside community
3)If you want to post something that is not rp related, please make it Star Wars related. If it isn’t, the mod/owner team will delete it.
4) Respect the mod/owner team
5) Don’t block the mod/owner team
6) No canon characters. Characters must be original.
7) Unlimited profiles
8) Don’t ask to be a mod. Mods will be given out by me and my other owner, +Jon Durik+Nicole Bilyak
9) No sexual content. If you want to do something like that, make it in a PP.
10) 3 strikes, you’re banned.
11) Have fun!
Unbeknownst to me, this post was deleted. So I revamped it. Sorry for any inconvience.

I am revamping this Community.

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Should I revamp?
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No can I make this Community better? Any suggestions?

Name: Alicia Scott
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Sexuality: straight
Rank: none
Jedi/Sith/Gray Jedi: Gray Jedi
Force Sensitivity: high
Lightsaber Color: white
Force Abilities: balance between light and dark side
Hometown: New York City, New York
Appearance: pink hair, gray eyes, Amazonian tattoos on her arms
Other: unknown
Personality: sweet, calm, sarcastic
Biography: Alicia was born in New York. She discovered her Force sensitivity when she was 15. She was indifferent on picking a side because she had a balance on both sides of the Force. So she went to the Gray Jedi where she has been ever since.

This Community is becoming dead!! Make your profiles everyone.

Name: Kai Shan
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Sexuality: heterosexual
Rank: Jedi Shadow
Jedi/Sith/Gray Jedi:Jedi
Force Sensitivity: extreme
Lightsaber Color: Violet with a dark purple center instead of a white
Force Abilities: all know Jedi shadow abilities
Hometown: Gering Nebraska
Appearance: Kai Has brown hair with teal tips,and grey eyes,stands at about 6'4 and is about 190 ibs
Other: after touching a holocron kai's midiclorians increased
Personality: serious while on a mission
Biography: Kai is the twin of his sister ,when he was discovered to be force sensitive, he was taken to the temple. were he went through the basic steps of a jedi's career untill he was given a choice on which branch he would like to become he decided he would become a shadow .(that's the best you get I suck at backgrounds)Kai is a descendent of Jedi Knight Bastilla Shan,Revan, And Satele Shan

Name: Connor Comancho
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Rank: Jedi Knight
Jedi/Sith/Gray Jedi: Jedi
Force Sensitivity: High
Lightsaber Color: green
Force Abilities: Push and pull
Hometown: San Francisco, California
Appearance: Black hair, green eyes, scar on left eye
Other: unknown
Personality: Calm, down-to-Earth, compassionate
Biography: Connor was destined to become a Jedi from the day he was born. He went into the Jedi Order when he was 3 years old. He trained with the Jedi for many years. He became a Jedi Knight when he was 18 years old.

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Hey if a owner comments on something DONT DELETE THE COMMENT.

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Here's a list of all abilities(including some you can ignore) that Jedi Knights can have/use.
Mind, that Guardian's abilities cannot be used by Sentinels and Vise Versa
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