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How Cisco Saved Me from Security Nightmares?

One fine day recently…. I, my team, and all the clients were not able to access our company website. We soon found that our network was breached, and our website had been hacked. All the important & confidential data of the company, website, and its users was in the hand of attackers (read, Hackers). This turned out to be a classic case of ransom, as they now wanted me to pay them ___ a certain amount of money, I was communicated that they, otherwise, would reveal or sell the data to my competitors. This left me with no choice, but to pay the money to attackers. So I had to pay the money to them and then I was granted access to my website & data.

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Infographic: The Evolution of File Storage

The Network Administrator at one customer now spends only a few minutes a week dealing with file storage. The IT department at another client was able to avoid a $1.2M hardware upgrade by switching to Nasuni. They also said goodbye to painful, months-long procurement hassles.

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How to use WireShark in GNS3? A Step-by-step Demonstration

This guide will provide you the easy demonstration of how to use the 'WireShark' network traffic analyzer in GNS3, and after completing all the steps you will be able to use WireShark.

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Realizing the Digital Age: Why connecting the planet may not be enough…

Essentially, as techno optimists, we are laboring under the firmly-held belief that we just need to connect the planet. Adding in the compounding effect of the aforementioned innovations, we believe we will truly transform the world via connectivity and deliver a step-function improvement in both productivity and the quality of life globally.

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We need to separate in- and outbound traffic because when you add or average them, necessary information is lost. For example: does 100% mean 99% in and 1% out, or 50-50?

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Meraki – What is so special?

When most clients purchased Meraki products last year, they didn’t get many of the features you have today, Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), iWAN, Port Isolation, templates, NetFlow, these are not small features – these are huge – and with most vendors you would be forced into a costly upgrade – upgrade, click enable on feature – done. That is one hell of a way to deliver value.

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Cisco Installs Healthy Wireless Network in UK Hospital

Using Cisco Catalyst 2960-X and 6500 Series switches along with Cisco Aironet 700 and 1600 Series access points, MKUH was able to redesign and deploy an entirely new network. And with Cisco Identity Service Engine making sure that devices are safe and able to securely connect to the network, the hospital had the security that that they needed.

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How virtual machines changed data security forever

Virtualization introduced data growth that was unprecedented for many companies. Since virtualized environments move and scale quickly, they can incite data and VM sprawl. In that process, data can be misplaced or overlooked among a company’s many VMs.

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Cisco achieves 100% detection in Breach test

“The Cisco FirePOWER 8120 with NGIPS and Advanced Malware Protection received a breach detection rating of 100.0%. The FirePOWER 8120 proved effective against all evasion techniques tested. The solution also passed all stability and reliability tests.”
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