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Read the beautiful story of an expat mom that connects Football, her children and her father. Amanda Van Mulligen’s new post on Multicultural Kid Blogs #kids #football #multicultural

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Beautiful! Life lessons learned from the World Cup from +Kim Vij
Life Lessons Learned from the World Cup 

Little unknown fact about me, I used to play soccer quite a bit as a child and teenager, in fact I was lucky enough to go to nationals with my team on one point and play with some of the nations best!  While watching the FIFA World Cup this summer it reminded me of many of the Life Lessons Soccer can teach you.  I'm sharing them on our blog today.  Go check it and and see what else you would add!  

Read it now:

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What Life Lessons has soccer taught you?

I shared a few great links for Soccer Resources & Videos to +FIFA WORLD CUP +U.S. Soccer +The Huffington Post +adidas +Dale Partridge +LIVESTRONG Foundation +Nike +McDonald's +US Youth Soccer +BuzzFeed +Multicultural Kid Blogs and MORE!  

Created with +Canva LUV their World Cup Images!  

#worldcup   #allin   #riskeverything   #parenting   #youthsoccer   #soccer   

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MKB One World Futbol World Cup Giveaway

Help us bring the power of play to kids in need around the world!

Multicultural Kid Blogs has teamed up with One World Futbol to donate up to FIVE virtually indestructible One World Futbols to kids in needy communities - but we need YOUR help!

Share this post to help us reach 1000 page views by midnight ET, July 13, so we can donate TWO One World Futbols - then vote in our poll to decide where we should donate them!

Then visit our nine participating member blogs to SHARE their posts - the three with the most shares by midnight ET, July 13 will get to donate a One World Futbol to the community they have chosen!



With participation from +Eolia Disler , +Stephen Greene , +Amanda van Mulligen , +Maria Babin , +Monica Olivera  and more!

Thanks to +Stephanie Meade , +Annabelle Humanes , and +Leanna Alldonemonkey for their help on this project!

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Here's another wonderful #summer drink from +Marie-Claude Leroux , this time from Cote d'Ivoire!

#MKBWorldCup #IvoryCoast #cotedivoire #recipes  
Learn some interesting facts about Cote d'Ivoire, their love of soccer, and try this is a delicious drink, basically a West African iced tea. #Worldcup   #MKBWorldCup   #Mundial  

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Multicultural Kid Love Sports!

Here is our latest Wordless Wednesday post, with photos of kids and sports.  Thanks to everyone who contributed!


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Love this #summer drink from West Africa!  From +Marie-Claude Leroux , as part of our World Cup for Kids project!

#MKBWorldCup #worldcup #Cameroon  
World Cup for Kids project with Multicultural Kid Blogs.
Today Cameroon will be playing against Mexico and we've made a delicious West African drink to enjoy while watching (or enjoying summer sunshine) #worldcup   #worldcup2014   #MKBWorldCup  

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Why do kids love the World Cup?

+Becky Morales has put together this AMAZING video of children around the world talking about why they love the World Cup - and who they are rooting for!

#MKBWorldCup #WorldCup #mundial2014  
Why Kids Love the World Cup
Watch this video capturing the excitement of the world cup featuring kids from around the world!  

Created by +Becky Morales and +Multicultural Kid Blogs who asked kids around the world why they love soccer, and who they think will win the 2014 World Cup. Check out their enthusiasm!


Video submissions came in from Brazil, Ghana, US, Australia, The Netherlands, and MORE.  If you'd like to collaborate in our next video, please connect on where they'll share updates on future projects.

Kuddos to +Canva for their fun soccer graphics available!  

#worldcup2014   #globalcitizens   #globalkids   #mkb   #mkbworldcup  

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