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You will have noticed things go quiet in this forum.  I decided to try using the Meetup page for communication.  It's going quite well so, for now, all correspondence will be over there.  I wont delete this page as we might use it on the actual day for sharing documents and links.

Possible venue:  AUT City Campus, WG Level 11 (the same place as the July meetup pizza session).  It's better suited to production than last year's space.  Thoughts?

Q:  Are there any restrictions to who can come?
A:  There are currently no restrictions on who can come.  But you need to provide everything you'll need (e.g. hardware, software, bongo drums).  So regardless of skill level/type everyone's welcome to come.  However, we've had quite a popular response so I think I'll have to find a sponsor to set up a registration page for us.

KiwiJam14 is also a chance for those who want to do Ludum Dare 30 to have a shared space.

The way we ran KiwiJam last year is that it was basically a shared work space for the exchange of ideas etc. But we also ran a small just-for-fun competition for those that were interested. Some participated. Some just worked on their own project. The idea behind doing it at this time is that if LD opens around 3pm on the Friday in the U.S. that means at 8am here on the Saturday, anyone who wants to do it has a shared/collaborative space. So we'll actually be framing this one as KiwiJam / Ludum Dare (posibly even also a unity workshop or something like that at the same time if someone puts one together). It's worth a try to see what comes of it. Its also partly to shine a light on the global gamejam (like Ludum Dare) culture. Get more people to have a go at it by seeing others do it and documenting it. Nurture some of the more fringe game designers.

If you want to submit to Ludum Dare 30 then this is a good spot to link your submission.  Or you could share it on your portfolio, DropBox, GoogleDrive, etc...  and share the link here.  That way we don't nbeed to set up a new submission system.  Thoughts?
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