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Please join us for a special Discuss Muhammad Day peace and security event. We will be answering calls on September 11th between 8:45 AM and Midnight. The point of the event is to expand dialogue between cultures and foster mutual understanding.

If you would like to participate there are 3 different ways. You can either email your thoughts or concerns in advance. Or, on the day of the event, you can call in live. Alternatively, you can send in photos of your own discussions about Muhammad following a few simple guidelines.

Note: We will NOT BE ACCEPTING PICTURES OF MUHAMMAD! Any pictures of Muhammad will not be considered. Seriously, we won't even open or look at them. They will immediately be deleted and the servers and hard drives will be destroyed without using fire or pork products. Instead of directly drawing Muhammad, we are only accepting photos of discussions about Muhammad.

Artwork contributions can be submitted by drawing or taking a picture of yourself or others discussing Muhammad. They should not be discussing anything else. This is very important. The people in your photos must explicitly be discussing Muhammad and their views on American or Islamic culture. No other photos of different conversations will be accepted. Submissions should be in no later than September 2nd, 2016. Finally, taking place in real time on September 11th, we will begin taking calls at 8:45 AM.

Allahu Mo Tzu!

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