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EVO closing ceremony is today. We're looking forward to listening to you telling everyone about your experience in ICT4ELT this year.
Who is gonna make it ? Who is ready to say a few words in the live session?

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Hi, pls I need materials on ICT knowledge. Thank you n anticipation

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Dear participants,
I would like to share my reflections on ICT4ELT course. In the first place, it helped me fight my technophobia. Thanks to the very precise tutorials, useful readings and the unrelenting and enthusiastic support of our moderators, I managed to create my first wiki page as well as my first online exercises. I have realized that it is not as difficult and time-consuming as I thought it would be. What is more, I have really enjoyed my learning process and I had a lot of fun exploring various multimedia tools.
To sum up, ICT4ELT has been a great and inspiring course and I will certainly take it again next year. I will also recommend it to all of my colleagues.

ICT4ELT is the best course for teachers who don't feel comfortable using new technologies. It has definitely broadened my personal view on some internet tools I didn't feel like exploring earlier.

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I have read about the top 200 tools for learning and I felt as the Arab saying says "As I learn more, I realize how much ignorant I was". The Internet is really a sea of information and no doubt this is the reason why surfing is the verb to use while dealing online. There are many tools that I already knew about but others I have never heard of. I'm trying to complete the course in time this is why I am not reading everything but I will certaily go back to benefit from all these readings.
I have also read the 7 ways to create quizzes and in fact created a quiz on "ImageQuiz" and this is the link to try it: .
I also created a quiz on socrative following the tutorial on YOUTUBE and it was successfully created but when I log in as a student I cannot find it. I tried so many times until I gave up but didn't understand what went wrong. Any tips I didn't pay attention to?

I have just found out that Google will soon be closing down Drive on Mac/PC. Does this mean it will only work on mobile devices?

Dear all,

It is the last day of our session but the materials will stay available to you and you can keep learning from them.

Our last live session will be on Sunday, 25 February and we expect to see a lot of you there. You will find all the information about it in the Announcements in G+ as well as in the wiki.

The certificates will be available after the final live session if you have completed all the weekly tasks. Please finish as many tasks as you can and do not forget to complete the final feedback questionnaire.

In case you need any help, please ask in the G+ Community, as we will be monitoring the discussion this week, too.

Thank you all for being a wonderful group of teachers learning together and sharing for five weeks.

Wishing you all the best,

Your moderators

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Dear ICT4ELT participants,

How did you enjoy your past 5 weeks of unparalleled community building and peer-based learning? You are invited to come online to discuss, reflect, and relate your stories about your experience in EVO2018 this January-February.

In a break from tradition, this year's closing ceremony is the week after the official end of the sessions. We have seen from experience that many of the sessions like to stage their own events around the time of the official end of EVO, and a closing ceremony on Feb 18 interferes with that; hence the choice of Sun, Feb 25.

As usual, the session will be held in Bb Collaborate and streamed on Vance's YouTube channel, with opportunities for you to join us live in BbC or participate in real-time in the YouTube or Chatwing text chats.

Please join us live if you wish in Bb Collaborate at the link here:

Find more details and the time of 1400 UTC Feb 25 where you are at

And let us know here if you have any questions or comments.
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