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Respect my authoratah... 

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Elites don't give up till there enemy is dead >:3

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Hi I'm new +HALO HUMOR​ gracias John 

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Name: Lexington 0-77
Age: 29
Gender: male
Features: a scar across his left eye from when an insurrectionist pulled the knife card when he didn't have his helmet on
Skin color: white
Eye color: Right eye: Sage Left eye: Blue
Hair color: Dirty blonde
Height: 6'7 in armor.
Weight: Wears lighter armor then most Spartans. Approx 746 LBS in armor.
Accent: His voice drags a slight Russian when agitated.
Armor color: Gunmetal and Lapis
Rank: Gunnery sergeant.
Skill: Sniping, engineering.
Weapons: SRS99AMC, M6G, knife
Position: 45th Rangers
Family: Mother and father deceased, sister is a spartan as well
Artificial intelligence: Complex, UNSC smart AI. His appearance is a greyish undertone, he is outfitted with marine armor.
Bio: A SPARTAN IV, former ODST, Lex grew up in Russia, but moved to Texas at a young age. He hunted often, and always aimed for the head. His engineering comes from his mother, who helped develop the MAKO variant of spartan armor. Lex is a nice shot, and can almost ALWAYS fix a suit of SPARTAN armor. He prefers to be the strong, silent type.

Images below: Weapons. Lexington preforming assassinations on other Spartans in the wargames simulator.
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