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Name: Creed
Alias/Nickname: Sir Creed
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Occupation: Royal Assassin
Magic: Vox
Skills: very skilled in Hand to hand combat, sword play, and magic
Abilities: Blue Spirits
Height: 5' 11"
Likes: Blueberry muffins, my spirit thats likes a little sister to me named Winter (2nd picture), looks up to Mayor Gabbi and Raz, animals, and Late Night Bar (can be found there talking to Lord Cry on my days off or for information)
Dislikes: people who hurt my friends
Appearance: 1st picture
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Anyone want to rp?

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Celest: This town used to be called Trond but changed names in 1830 to reflect the towns growing interest in astronomy and astrophysics. The town has a lot of astrologists and researchers and also houses the biggest optical telescope in Victubia, which is dubbed “Celine”.

The astronomy teacher at Victubia University comes from Celest.

Dove: Dove is a quiet and peaceful town that doesn’t care much about the outside world, which is quite ironic considering that one of Victubias biggest explorers; Burton Ventelle, grew up in this town. Maybe it was the towns almost close-minded philosophy that made him want to explore in the first place?

Finch: A small town close to water, mountains and forests, Finch has become an important trading town in the middle of Ekard, Crina and Mitten. It also works as the base for The Guiding Lights, so people who wants to register as a forest guides does so in Finch.

Finch is also the hometown of the famous Paranormal Investigator; Cenric Steel. Even though he lives with his family in Syd right now.

Amber: Has a rivalry with its neighbouring town Brant for as long as the two towns have existed.

Amber is mainly a simple fishing town, but has also made efforts to become more of a tourist town, offering boat tours in their small but charming archipelago. Amber brags a lot about the fact that they have a train station and Brant doesn’t.

Brant: Has a rivalry with its neighbouring town Amber for as long as the two towns have existed. Brant has a good working relationship with Syd and a lot townsfolk are hired to work as miners in the nearby mountain. The people of Brant were not happy when Amber was chosen to be connected to the kingdom train tracks, and the people of Amber has never shut up about it.

Mica: Mica became one of the trading ports for fabric and textiles from both England and France in the 1700. Because of this a lot of the fashion designers of Victubia flocked to the town, and now Mica is considered the “Small Fashion Capital”.

Mica is also a “gateway town” that the rich part of the population pass through before taking a ship over to the town of Crane, and many of them buy new outfits in town.

Crane: Crane is all about high society and everything in this town is expensive and glamourous. Almost all events taking place in Crane is “invitation only”, and an excuse for rich people to socialize with their own. Crane hosts regular balls, parties, dinners and often acts as hosts for political meetings. The town has its fair share of corruption and shady stuff going on behind closed doors.

“Common people” can and often do visit the island, as it has beautiful nature and grand architecture, but the places where you can stay are very limited, and the high society part of the visitors will most likely look down on you.

Kite: Kite is sometimes known as the “Gatekeepers of the Ekard Winds”, as the brisk southern winds blows through the town before entering Ekard Valley. 

The town has long been celebrating the winds as the symbol of change and new life, and almost every home and important building in town has a colourful kite that blows in the sky. Nobody seems to remember what came first; the town name or the kite celebrations.

Cybella: A small town with close ties to Ekard, Cybella was a humble fishing town for most of its existence until minerals were discovered in their mountains in 1842.

Beautiful red garnet was found in the mountains and the town was fast to produce beautiful jewelry with the gems, as garnet brooches and matching bracelets were popular at this time.

It is considered incredibly romantic for couples in the area (mostly Ekard) to travel to Cybella to buy a piece of jewelry for your loved one.

Renas: On this small island there is a tiny café and a boat rental shop. That’s it.

Oh... and there’s also an old castle ruin that once belonged to the Renas family, an old noble family from Ekard. No one knew much about the Renas family but their youngest child ended up burning the castle to the ground 30 years ago. No one knows what happened with the family after this.

The castle is now considered haunted, and people visit the island to test their courage by walking among the castle ruins.

Betony: A small but charming town that doesn’t stand out a lot. 

In the early 1800 a young Italian couple moved to this country and set up a violin making school in Betony, the only one in Victubia, and since then music has always been a big part of this town. It has a famous choir (Betony Bells) that often tours Victubia and sings at events and on special occasions.

Silva: Surrounded by forests, the town of Silva has embraced their environment and has become quite famous for their beautiful and unique woodwork. 

Their surrounding nature is also home to the “gold of the forest”, cloudberries, and it has become an important selling point for the town. The townspeople make a lot of different foods and sweets with cloudberries.

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+Dark Creed​ here you have it! :). If you dont like it or you want me to change something, just send me a dm and I can change it. Enjoy your oc in Victubia world :).

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In case anyone needs help finding what magic fits them so here is a quiz 

I have a question to all of the members does anyone draw FanArt?

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Thanks for the invite

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Name: Mokka
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Occupation: VMA student/artist and writer
Magic: Fire and Wind
Skills: She can control red spirits, creating weapons. She wears a mask to protect herself. Her right eye is red and it´s a mystery why it is like that. Her wins magic is still unskilled and has not so much control over it.
Height: 5' 4
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Name: Kaori Atsuko Fuji
Alias/Nickname: "kaori", "pixie",
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Occupation: Healer/ Therapist
Magic: Vox
Skills: Heals wounds and will help those whose dreams are nightmare
Height: 5' 6
Weight: 180 LBS (pounds)
Likes: CANDY, anime, comics, talking to Queen Minx, and helping people
Dislikes: Hatefull people, heights, veggies
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