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[][][The community looked a bit dead so I decided to post this][][]
//First name.// Hannah
//middle name.// Lilac
//last name.// Okmaru

~Nobel information~
[If not a Nobel leave blank]
//where they rule//

~bussnies information~
[If not in the bussnies line leave blank]
Candy company / M Candy
//self employed or repisetive//
Self employed
//date of birth.// June 22
//zodiac sign.// Cancer
//place of birth.// Unknown
//current age.// 13

//Parents. {adopted or biological}// [Adopted]
Sophie and Excalibur Moon (currently dead
//Hair colour.// brown
//Eye colour.// sunset colored
//skin tone.// Carmel
//height// 5'2 I am not short
Anything but a dress or skirt
//where they live.// -a fairly large house on the beach
//with whom.// servants
//country// New England

//years of school.// 8
//school.// home schooled

~Enemies and friends.~
//friends.// none
~storms (thunder/lightning)
~being Alone
~Closed minded people
~being lied to / taken advantage of
~forgetting things
[][][][personality traits][][][]
{What they shows to everyone:}
//neural mood.// she usally gives off a sleepy vibe not really wanting to do anything
//when angry.// being fairly hothead when mad she tends to use violence before thinking of taking
//when happy.// lightly smiles and is more willing to help
//when sad.// her sunset colored eyes turns to a more royal blue color. She usally stayes by herself
{To people close to them.} [Optional]
//neural mood// slightly bubbly and very clumsy but is still lazy
//when angry// walks away to stop herself from doing something she might regret doing or saying
//when happy// smiles and laughs her sunset colored eyes gleem with excitement looking like a soft pink and blue
//when sad// stayes by herself. Her eye color royal blue when asked what's wrong she claims she fine

//early life.// Hannah was a very sick and forgetful child. She spent most of her childhood at the orphanage not able to remember her actual parents except for having random flash backs to thoes moments. As a child she would get made fun of sice she had short term memory
//life as a child.// she soon got adopted and spent her life in big houses playing around with the survents. She usally got in trouble for getting into arguments, not doing work or not wearing a dress when told to
//as a teenager.// Her parents went to a bussnies meeting over seas but since she was sick and had bed rest for a while she couldn't go. Soon she got news that their ship didn't make it there and crashed. Sad and angry she blamed herself. Slightly shaking it off as time went on she got a little bit more stronger in health not getting sick as much. she had to take over the busines not sure how she would do it...
//as an adult.// .....
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Dunno where to post this..
//First name.// Hyperion
//middle name.// Matthew
//last name.// Ravencroft

//date of birth.// 19/4/1875
//zodiac sign.// Aries
//place of birth.// Ravencroft Mannor
//current age.// 13

//Parents. {adopted or biological.}// biological. Mandy and Albert Ravencroft.
//Siblings.// none

//Hair colour.// silvery white
//Eye colour.// almost black
//skin tone.// ivory
//clothes.// usually a Blue suit-like jacket, white shirt, black Dress pants and formal shoes.
If he must mix with ordinary people, a white shirt, Black pants, formal shoes and a jacket of some sort.

//where they live.// Ravencroft Mannor
//with whom.// the servants
//country// new england

//years of school.// 8
//school.// st. Stephens eilite private school for young boys of Nobel blood.

~Enemies and friends.~
//friends.// Garnet [village girl], Lili [head maid and demon/reaper]
//enemies.// most people.
//likes.// Hyperion enjoys reading and being alone, there isn't much else for him to do to entrain himself though he is learning to cycle.
//dislikes.// Hyperion hates bussnies poeple, meetings of any kind, idiots, bullies, the fact he 'isn't normal,' and pyshical contact.

~personality traits.~
{What he shows to everyone:}
//neural mood.// short tempered,well spoken, condescending, blunt, rude, stuck up.
//when angry.// he yells at anyone and every one, things maybe thrown as well as harsh words.
//when happy.// Hyperion doesn't usually show happiness It is greeted with a tight smile.
//when sad.// again Hyperion cannot and does not show many emotions to much people. If upset or distressed he shall leave the room to find the comfort of his room.
{To people close to him [very few]}
//neural mood// his neural mood is mostly the same as with others but he may be more talkative and cheerful.
//when angry// he acts just the same as woth others when angry due to anger issues.
//when happy// he can sometimes bounce up and downand exclaim the subject of happiness again and again.
//when sad// he will became very still and sometimes curl up in a fetal position and cry his heart out but will become angry if the person shows they know he is crying or isn't helpful.

//early life.// When young Lord Hyperion was only five-years-old his parents met an intimly death when they went out to a ball and were assassinated while that. The young Lord was at the mannor and was instantly took into the care of the loyal servants. He never understood then what an orphan meant he'd only heard it and thought to parents were on holidays.
//life as a child.// he was homeschooled until he was ten and then atteneded an elite all boys private school. The gravity of what happened to his parents it him and he became quite depressed and angry at it-he felt like they abandoned him.
//as a teenager.// his life is the same as always -boring and uneventful. His family has many companies and such he must take care of which he finds a bore. The head servant thought it best for him to make friends in and out of school. Once a week he goes into the town and walks about but has failed on making any friends.
//as an adult.// to be continued......

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"milord.....i made you this cake"

Hello young lord and ladys

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