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《Welcome To Fairy Tail Roleplay》

1.) No sexual content past kissing. However hinting that it happened is allowed.

2.) Respect the moderators and owners. They are put in charge for a reason. Their decision is absolutely final. That said, if one moderator says no then please refrain from asking a different one. It saves us all time.

3.) All members are limited to a single profile. There will be no exceptions to this rule under any circumstances.

4.) Refrain from "God-Modding" at all times. You are not invincible. If there is no logical way for someone to hit you in the roleplay, then please state so. Otherwise it would fall under "GM'ing".

5.) No "Meta-Gaming". This means that your OC cannot know informatiom that they have no way of knowing in character. Just because you know said information, this does not mean that your OC does.

6.) This is an OC-Only community. There will be no canon characters approved. The only exception is for a community arc, but it will still be rare.

7.) No "Bunnying". This means that you cannot control someone else's OC unless one's magic allows for this to be done. Such magic will be kept at a rarity to keep bunnying to a minimum.

8.) No content unrelated to the Anime/Manga "Fairy Tail". This is grounds for an instant ban. Naturally there will be a three strike system in place.

9.) All OCs, Guilds, and Magic must be created using the provided blank layout or else it may either be ignored or instantly denied by moderators and owners.

10.) Keep all pictures PG-13. Simple as that; I'm not running a Hentai community.

11.) No asking for positions such as Moderator or Owner.

12.) Always assume that a Moderator or an Owner is reading your post and going through every mistake. So don't try to get past any of the line requirements. Your post may instantly be denied if caught.

Character Creation Layout:

Guild Creation Layout:

Magic Attainment System:

Magic Creation System:

Guild System:


10 Wizard Saints:

Magic Council:

Notable Guilds:

Finding Dragons:

Dragon Slayer Modes:

Banned/Limited Magic:

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Name: Speaker
Age: 19
Bio: When Speaker was little, she was attacked and her mouth was sewn shut. She cut the thread but was unable to pull it all out. She wanders as a soldier for hire... if you can find her. ((que A-Team music))
Guild: Fairy Tail
Powers: Manipulation, and flight
Weapons: knife and words

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[General Information] W.I.P.
Name: Zephyr Tetrix
Age: 34 
Gender: Male

[Personal Interests] [Optional]
Significant Relationships:

[Guild Information]
Rank: (Determined by Guild Master)

[Magic Information]
All OCs may start with no more than a single magic.
Magic Name:
Magic Ability: (A link to Wiki would be fine if you don't want to add an entire description.)

[Physical Information] [Optional]
Animated Photo

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Name: Siren
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Magnolia
Personality: Calm yet enjoys a good fight

[Personal Interests] 
Likes:  Lightning and thunder-storms
Dislikes: Attacks on his guild
Sexuality: Straight
Status: Single
Significant Relationships: None

[Guild Information]
Guild:Fairy Tail
Rank: Guild Master

[Magic Information]
Magic Name: Lightning Magic
Mastery: Master
Magic Ability: Allows user to move as fast as lightning by wrapping his/her body in lightning. This magic can also be used for distance attaks and melee. This magic also has a defensive shroud that when used lessens the damage taken.
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