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Another perfect meetup oppertunity is the last FREE outdoor Tango event happening this year at Spitalfields, which is also part of the much bigger 'London Tango Long Weekend' event.

Come along, invite your friends and create your own Tango Meetup!
It's not a marathon, not a festival, not a bird, plane or superman..

Fri 16 - Mon 19 September 2016

Dance in our local milongas, see our wonderful city, ride the double decker red bus and indulge in some sticky toffee pudding!

Local organisers working together to bring you
4 milongas, 2 practicas, 5 different venues, and 6 great DJs, add some visits to the pub and you've got yourself one great Long Weekend in London!


If you plan to attend all the weekend events, we offer you the
'Long Weekend package price' of only £35.00
Includes Fri + Sat + Sun night milongas + Sat afternoon practica
(schedule below)
Sun afternoon milonga is Free and Mon night Practica is £5

This package is ONLY AVAILABLE to purchase online in advance no later than 14 September. Please note the 'package price' does not include any pre-milonga classes.


Alternatively, it will still possible to pay for each milonga separately at the door and to pay the 'regular' higher price.


Friday night: 16 September
Carablanca Tango Club (Holborn)
8 pm - 2 am EXTENDED
DJ Richard Slade
£12 at the door full price (£10 as part of the Long Weekend package*)

Saturday (afternoon): 17 September
Tango Garden (Russell Square)
4 pm - 7 pm
£6 Full price (£5 as part of the Long Weekend package*) price doesn't include pre-practica classes
In-house DJ Mariano Laplume

Saturday night: 17 September
Tango-Fever London milonga at Conway Hall (Holborn)
8 pm - 2 am, DJ Jalal Ito
£12 at the door full price (£10 as part of the Long Weekend package*)

Sunday (afternoon): 18 September
Tango @ Spitalfields: Free Outdoor Tango (Liverpool St)
1 pm - 4 pm (12.30 Taster Class for Beginners), FREE entry
DJ Diego Doigneau

Sunday night: 18 September
Tango Etnia (Camden Town)
** Special night in the main large ground-floor hall **
** Performance: Pablo Inza & Sofia Saborido **
7 pm - 11 pm, DJ Mary Meriù Wu
£12 Full price (£10 as part of the Long Weekend package*) price doesn't include pre-milonga classes

Monday night: 19 September
I Love Monday Practica (Euston)
8 - 9 pm: intermediate/adv class w/ Pablo Inza & Sofia Saborido
9 pm - Midnight (special extended night), practica only £5, class + practica £15
In-house DJ Hiba Filomena Faisal

For accommodation ideas, to find a host or just for general banter..

Got questions, need help? Email us on

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Haven't seen any worthwhile Tango Meetup entries lately and there is this fairly new Milonga on the scene close to Waterloo which is having another Milonga with live music this coming Sunday which might be worth checking out.

And even if you happen to be a complete Tango novices it could be a good opportunity to simply soak up the atmosphere, have a drink and listen to some live Tango music while watching the dancers.
Tango Tree Milonga happening again this Sunday 20th March
Tango Tree - Google+
Tango Tree - Google+

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Oh dear, I originally posted this with a wrong date. Amended now and it takes place on Sunday the 10th January 2016 @ 4pm!
Right, so I've had a quick look around at the current Tango Meetup events (commercial ones that is) aimed at beginners or those that just want to practise. The one that stood out and is fairly reasonable priced is happening at Bow Road Methodist Church run by Frances Pace, Tango Instinct.

It's £5 p/p which is probably the next best thing after a freebie.

So if you are looking for something right now before our London Tango Meetup starts to grow it could be one to try.

NB Advance booking essential. Entrance on Bow Road.

Event Details

This event is for complete beginners AND those already dancing tango: see below for the different activities


We’ll give you a taste of this beautiful, sensuous dance and guide you through the basics.  Our teachers will help you become confident and skilled so you can enjoy the passion, connection and elegance of tango.
Taster afternoon: Sunday 10 January 2016

4-5pm: taster class: you'll learn simple, lovely steps
5-6pm: time to practice, socialise and be inspired by watching experienced dancers


4-5pm: *help out with the taster class (or bring a partner to practice with separately while the class happens)
5-6pm: guided practica: I'll facilitate you to switch partners with those at your level 

* if you'd like to help, you get free entry: contact me for a discount code

Do I need to bring a partner?
No - it's completely fine to come on your own or with friends

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
No - your name will be on the guest list at the door.

What clothes / shoes shall I wear?
Please bring shoes with a smooth sole so you can turn easily.  Office/work - type shoes are fine; for women you can either wear something flat or with a small heel (trainers or heavy boots make it a bit more tricky).  You can wear any clothes you feel comfortable in.

How do I get there?
Bow Road Methodist Church is 5 mins walk from either Mile End or Bow Road tube - super quick on the central line -

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London Tango Meetup community is all about making friends to explore the London Tango scene with. It's always more fun doing things in a group and I remember being fortunate enough to learn this pleasant pastime with some amazing people years ago. 

It may take some time to grow our Tango Meetup community, but it will be worth while. Quite a few Meetup groups exist already, but they all seem to be geared towards the commercial side of things which I am not overly keen on. So in the interest of growing members, I will periodically share events from other Meetups on here to give you all something to chew on so to speak until we start to create and share our very own Tango meetups.

In the meantime you may also like to keep an eye on the 'London Tango' community group, which aims to showcase all the main Tango events in London.
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