this place is dead? nonono, it doesn't even exist, more like.

Hello! This community is going to be put under new management, due to me not wanting to embarrass myself at how stupid it is. Don't get me wrong, this is a good topic (TF2) but the community itself that I made is stupid. I don't like it for many reasons and I'd rather not say. The new owner is Hazel Bronwyn and she may change this community to what she wishes.

You may still post on this community about whatever you please.

Hello!  ≧◠◡◠≦

how this place is dead

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Hello! Guys

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Roland was a warrior from the land of the brave
A demoman for hire, fighting to be done
The deal was made in England on a dark and stormy day
so he set out to Australia to join the bloody fray
Through 66 and 7 they fought the robot war
With their fingers on their triggers knee deep in gore
Days and nights they battled the robots to their knees
they killed to earn their living and to help out the australians
His comrades fought beside him Van owen and the rest
but of all the demomen Roland was the best
So MI6 decided they wanted Roland dead
That son of a bitch Van owen Blew off Roland's head
Roland the headless Demoman
Scotland's bravest son
You can still see his headless body stalking through the night
in the muzzle flash of Rolands Grenade launcher
Roland search the country for the man that done him in
He found him in Brisbane
In a bar room drinking gin
Roland aimed his grenade launcher he didn't say a word
But he blew out owen's body from there to Melbourne
The eternal Demoman still wandering through the night
now its ten years later and he still keeps up the fight
In Ireland
In Lebanon
In Palestine
and Berkeley
Patty Hearst heard the sound of Roland's Grenade launcher and bought it
based off of this song ((not a bio)):

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       On a cold day, A soldier lived in a cabin in the woods, He bought his ticket to Russia to go on a commie killing spree, but ended up in Siberia the coldest region in Russia. After he killed everyone in a gulag, Guards and prisoners alike believing them to all be Commies. However He needed to find shelter and found a cabin , where he killed the commisar inside. One day he heard a small sound outside. His curiosity peaked , by curiosity he ran outside in a rage carrying a single rocket launcher. Outside he found not a commie but a small child, a Russian child. The soldier could not bring himself to hurt the small Russian Like he did with the rest. To him she was rather "adorable" he forced himself to say from her bright blue eyes to her brown hair, from her small dress to her scarf to big for her to wear. For once in his insane life he showed mercy and kindness to the little girl. He took her to the warmth of the cabin and named her Sonja as it fit in his mind. He would defend her fiercely from both commies and wildlife alike

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Name: Sonja Petronov

Class: Medic

Gender: Female

Weapons: overdose , vaccinator, bat outa hell

Likes: Unknown

Bio: Raised in Russia she watched as he her parents died in a fire caused by the Soviet government at the age of 5 she later was forced to be a nurse at a young age and went insane to the point she  will go into a random blood rage though she acts like a child most of the time
Sonja Petronov V2
Sonja Petronov V2

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Name: lochlan
Nickname: scrapheap

Class: engineer
Team: grey (just his own personal team)

Gender: M

Primary Weapon: Widowmaker
Secondary weapon: short circuit
Melee: the Eureka effect
Misc: grappling hook,

(normal clothes): look's gray but Can look like any team color

Likes: Pyros, buildings, friendly spies( even if there on the other team) and helping out,
Dislikes: sappers, sticky bombs,

Bio: used to be an old red engineer until he found out that the war was absolutely useless now he's just go's in with his modified Eureka effect just watching the war go on and sometimes intervening in battles to change the outcome
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