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Welcome to my community Roleplay Galaxy~! I hope you all enjoy your time here! I will be looking for new mods for the community so please message me if you want to try and be one~!

You can do any kind of roleplay as I stated, but the images must be censored and such, plus must have a nice little warning if it will be anything 18+ so that people may know. If you have any questions I ask of you to message a moderator or myself if you are curious of anything. I hope you will all share this community so that we can have more role players here, and do remember to tell any of the mods if someone is being rude to you outside of the role-plays. If the person that posted the role-play has rules, please follow them. Thanks for reading this~!

||| Mods |||

||~ Profile Example ~||


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Name: Alison Collins
Age: 190(vampire)
Abilities: can control the elements
kind of blood she drinks: Animal blood 2 times a week
weakness: Sunlight
Nickname Ali
Race: vampire
Sexuality: straight
Gender: Female
Height: 5,2
Personality: Cute funny sweet but also feisty don't piss me off well be just fine
Like boys, night time, winter and life
Dislikes: N\A
Bio: Abandon as a child and was suppose to die but didn't so now she went to a kingdom to be sold as a slave not knowing she was of royal blood strong but fragile and has never know love only pain


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He was a prince. A prince of a far away land, a land known as Venturia. He was obedient, though curious. His father never allowed him outside the castle, for he was afraid his son would be captured or even killed. The prince, however, wondered what the world outside his home was like.

She was a thief. A good one, at that; maybe even the best in Venturia. She had never been caught, with the help of her gadgets. She had a grappling hook as well as a dart gun, among others. Both quick on her feet and with her wit, the rogue could get out of almost any situation. She was high on the wanted list, if not at the very top.

Perhaps, if it weren't for the events that happened on that fateful day, the two would have never even met. Yet they did, and this is how that story begins...


"Okay... Okay... You can do this, Kaleb..."

The prince, Kaleb, was whispering this to himself over and over. After several months, he had finally worked up the courage to try to escape the castle. To see
the world beyond. He had been coming up with a plan for it, too; even a fake name, in case anyone asks (just because he doesn't know the world, it doesn't mean the world doesn't know about him).

He peeked out his window. Even though his room was on the first floor, it was still a ways above the ground. It just didn't seem that way with all the trees below. Kaleb had already tied up all of his blankets and bed sheets, so he tossed one end out the window and tied the other to his bedpost. Then slowly but surely, he climbed out the window, inching towards the ground.

This was when he realized he had made a bit of a mistake. It was the middle of the night -- about midnight, to be specific -- and Kaleb could barely see. He proceeded with extra caution now, careful not to miss the rope in front of him. He managed to make it halfway down to the treetops.

And then something happened. He didn't miss the rope, but his hand did slip from it. Kaleb panicked, his body swinging sideways, causing his other hand to slip as well. He fell into the trees below. Luckily, he wasn't hurt too bad, but he was still a little shook. As soon as he regather his bearings, he began to climb down the tree.


"Okay, you can do this..."

The thief, [Y/N], was making her way through the same forest on that very same night, in the direction of the castle. Her plan: Break into the castle, and [steal something valuable/kidnap the king's son]. She had made good progress; none of the guards patrolling the forest had seen her (nor had she seen any of them, for that matter). In fact, she was already at the cliff. All she would have to do now was climb this, and she will have made it into the castle.

It would not be very surprising if she were nervous. No thief had ever successfully stolen from the castle before. Those that had tried were either dead or still in prison. Let's hope her perfect record remains untarnished...

However, just as she was about to start climbing, she heard something rustling in the trees. She quickly turned, expecting a guard, but instead there was something much more unexpected: the prince was trying to make his way down the tree. So, instead of running, she walked up to the tree, causing Kaleb to notice her and turn his head to see her.

After the initial panic of hearing someone walking up to the tree, Kaleb was a little relieved to see it wasn't a guard. Since Kaleb had been isolated inside the castle for so long, he had no idea the girl below was one of the best thieves in the kingdom, so he decided to ask her for assistance.

"Uh... Hello... Um... Do you think... you could help me down?"

[]These are the rules of the duel.[]
[]Females only, but I suppose you can be something other than human. If you are, check with me first, and it has to be humanoid. And no magic.[]
[]I need someone who pretty much matches the description in the second paragraph.[]
[]No more then 10-15 lines, but no less than 3, per character. Don't go overboard, for my sake.[]
[]Romance is allowed; in fact, it's recommended. However, don't do a "love at first sight" sort of thing.[]
[]I know I mentioned "per character" up above, but just start with the one for now.[]
[]If you read the whole thing, answer these questions:[]
1. What is the name of the kingdom?
2. What line is shared by both the prince and the thief?
3. True or False: Kaleb sneaks out at dawn.
[]Reposts are unlimited, so don't be afraid to ask![]
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it's been 7 years since the bombs fell and fire rained from the sky. You where one out of 100 people who took shelter in the metro tunnels, sewers and other under ground areas. Since the fall, you've taken it upon yourself to leave the metro after the radiation cleared. The rads cleared within 6 years, instead of the estimated 10 or 20. You've been wondering ever since. As you come across an old mall, you see blood tracks leading inside the mall. Knowledge dictates that it's a dying animal that you could eat as the blood is still fresh or even another human. If so, there equipment will be useful to you. It's a rough world out here and you do what you can to survive. You follow the trail of blood inside the mall, letting it take you up the stairs to the second floor. Whatever it was, it lost a lot of blood. You shine your flash light up ahead, the room growing dark. You look around and see a shoe store. You go inside, seeing the blood trail. As you enter you see it leads to a body. This person is wearing a burlap suit that is stitched to all it's appendages, being made of mutable burlap prices. Even the feet are wrapped. The hand however look like claws, showing metal tips at there end. The head is... interesting. It's a stitched on smile with empty eyes. As you examen the body, you see it is slightly stained with blood but no visible injuries, despite the blood trail leading right to him. He lays there, dead, so you think. You then.... (I'd like some description. Nothing wild but enough to make it interesting. Anyone can rp)
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Name: Maria Grimleal
Age: about 17 or 18
Gender: female
Species: Human
Height: average
Weight: pretty lightweight
Likes: bear meat, her friends, candy, blue skies
Dislikes: lamb meat, her darkness, her friends in big danger
Personality: Maria is very cheerful and sometimes childish. She, however, fears that her darkness might harm the people she cared about; especially Chrom, her friend.
Bio: Maria is the daughter of Validar and a street performer. Her father was in search of a woman with a strong bloodline. He encountered a street performer who was related to one of the Grimleal members. The two got married. When Maria was born, her mother had to travel to Valm to handle issues (which lasted for a lot of years). During that time, Validar raised his daughter and secretly planned to prepare the vessel for the Fell Dragon. Of course, he had to deal with her pranks and childish behavior. Maria inherited beauty from her mother and advanced magic skills. Little is known.
Appearance: [First pic is her adult self. Second pic is her child self.]
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[Fire Emblem Awakening roleplay. I need a Validar, and many others yet to come. OCs are allowed, but Validar is desperately needed.]

Fire Emblem: Fallen Memories

So, you know how Robin was Chrom's tactician and saved the world from the fell dragon? Well,.......let's forget that and go back about 20 years. What if the mother didn't escape with the child, trusting that her husband (Validar) would raise the child well? The story I will tell you is nothing you've ever heard before.

The queen (Jane) was the mother of the soon-to-be child. Her screams of labor terrified the guards who stood by the door. And in the hallway was a pacing young male known as Validar. He was the king of Plegia. He promised to his people that his child will bear the mark. The woman he wedded was a street performer with a strong bloodline. She was the perfect candidate.

Another scream interrupted his thoughts. He prayed to Grima, hoping his child would be the one.

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Little Red x Wolf boy

I was a young girl running through the woods. As I was running I accidentally ran into you falling backwards onto the ground. You looked down to see what ran into you, and noticed me looking up at you with tear filled eyes. "I'm sorry.." I said holding back a sob. You then...

((Please be descriptive))
((I will make Private posts))
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Evangeline Sravos
Age: 18
Species: Human (Though immortal to some extent)
She's a strong yet quiet girl. She is a leader yet. Still is so quiet. She is kind and caring. And she is very talented with her sword. She might seem shy and sweet on the outside, but piss her off and she's changed to the polar opposite of what she normally acts like. She used to be a princess once but over the years the kingdom fell and so now she's just known as the knight Evangeline.
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Egypt wasn't completely aware of things, could barely comprehend what had happened over the past few days. All he knew what that his family was gone. His family was dead. No more over bearing mother, no more annoying little sister. In less then a week his whole world had been flipped upside down.

He had been told something about how his mother's car had malfunctioned or something and her brakes ceased working. He he didn't understand that. His mom always had her car in tip top shape, she had just brought it last year. How could it just malfunction. To make matters worst there had also been a drunk driver involved. He was told his mother could have made it safely off the road she was traveling on if the man hadn't smashed head on into her. He had been oblivious to the accident until someone was ringing his doorbell. He had answered the front door to find police men with solemn looks on their face and questioning him about his mother and sister. Then they had taken him to the hospital and from then on out everything was like a hazy dream. A hazy nightmare.

His sister was dead. His mother was dead.

He couldn't believe it.

Now he sat in the home where he had grown up, had marked the walls as he grew taller and taller, had broken doors doing dumb tricks. He was going to be with his father now. His dead beat dad that had bailed a few years ago, the man was suppose to be picking him up after he got off his plane. Egypt didn't want to leave. He stared at all the plain walls that once were adorned with pictures of his family and paintings that his mother had liked. All their things had been packed away and out into storage, his house was to be sold and he was going to leave him childhood home. In a few days he would be in New York with a father he never quite got to know.

He huffed out a breath and gripped at the long strands of jet black colored hair, tugging it and making his scalp hurt. He felt his throat become clogged and his eyes water but no tears fell. He had been crying quite a bit now, all this week actually. He didn't know if he had any tears left.

He wished he would have been in the car with his mother and sister. Wished he didn't have to endure this pain all by himself. He wished he could see Aria, his sister, one more time and apologize for not hugging her goodbye before she had left with his mother. They had gone to go see their sick grandmother and Egypt had not wanted to come along. He wished he could apologize to his mother for yelling at her before she had left. It had been a stupid argument about how he didn't want to be stuck in the car with his kid sister for six hours. Now thinking about it he'd give anything to sit with Aria for six hours and playing I-spy.

A gentle hand on his arm interrupted his thoughts and he looked up to see his mother's sister, his aunt Bailee. She looked down at him with puffy eyes telling him it was time to go. He stood stiffly and walked to the door taking one last look at the place he called home. There would never be another place he could call home again. He was almost sure of it.

His aunt laid a hand on his shoulder, squeezing it as he got into her car and sat the passenger seat. She gave him words of reassurance as she started the vehicle and patted his hand which had a death grip on the arm rest. She knew he was deathly afraid of cars, well not so much the cars but the people in them. Could you blame him? He stiffened in the seat as she drove to the airport the, remaining quiet the entire drive. He hadn't spoken for days since the accident. There was nothing to talk about. His aunt Bailee though was ok with that. They had nothing to talk about anyway.

When she had been given the opportunity to take him in she had refused. For that he was still angry with her. He had known her all his life and yet she wouldn't take him. If was puzzling as to why. If she had taken him he wouldn't be driving to the airport, getting ready to get on a plane. He would be sitting next to some stranger for lord knows how many hours and to top it all off he would be going to live with his father. His father who he hadn't seen since he was eight, his father who hadn't called for holidays or birthdays. The man who he already resented.

As they pulled into the airport he felt his heart drop. She was really serious. He didn't show his disappointment as she she parked by the doors of the large Airport. Shakily he got out and took his bag from her. She gave him a quick hug, one which he didn't return and fixed his hair, pushing it away from his dark blues. He turned to leave but she grabbed his arm gently and turned him around, her expression was one that pleaded for him to understand.

"Good Bye, Egypt. I hope you understand."

He didn't respond just waited until she released him and stiffly began to walk away, with out sparing her another glance. He did understand actually. She was only a woman so selfish that she wouldn't even take her dead sister's son in. She didn't want him because he cost money, he realized. All children did. That was probably why she didn't have her own.

He checked in and waited for his flight to be called, boarding his plane quickly after. He sat near the front hoping to get off first. His ear buds in and music turned to its max volume he waited out his flight. When his plane landed he was jolted awake, to his dismay he had went to sleep. Egypt no longer liked sleeping. Too many memories too many nightmares. He turned his music off gathering up his things and slowly but shakily standing and exiting the plane.

He collected his luggage and made his way to the front of the airport, with the help and a flight attendant that is. He found himself to be tired and sluggish, his nap on the plane wasn't refreshing, if anything he wanted to take another one. He hadn't been sleeping for the past week because of the constant night struggles and vivid dreams.

He peered at each of the signs wishing he knew what his father looked like now. Last time he had seen the man he was eight and all he could remember was that the guy was tall and held the same eyes as Egypt. He looked...well wasn't sure how to describe him. He didn't want to see his father to be honest. But fate had other ideas as he caught a familiar man's eyes. Egypt stopped dead in his tracks his golden brown eyes trailing down to the sign that had his name written on it. So this was his father.

He stared at his father, at Y//N, he finally remembered the man's name. He found Y//N staring back with the same amount of scrutiny. It was strange. Finally Y//N stepped forward through the crowd and stopped in front of his son who simply stared. Finally Y//N spoke.


//Father needed. This honestly can go anywhere besides romance of COURSE, that's weird. Um your character can be whoever. He can have any personality. Sassy, rude, let him be a savage. He can be super natural. Look, I don't care. He can be in gang I don't careeee. Just make sure you have fairly good grammar and can be descriptive meaning three plus lines. Soo yeah.//


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What has this world come to?

{Rules: no text talk. Please identify the difference between actions and words with bold or italics. Creativity would be nice. Please do not abandon the rp. I want the rp to flow and not have to sit there trying to think of something to happen if there is a standstill, so you will have to help with your own efforts and ideas, at least two lines unless It is truly not necessary but I like to keep it semi-descriptive. Male is preferred and thank you for your time. Enjoy!}

Elizabeth has been your friend since the 5th grade. She was a bit quiet but she was caring anyways. Her eyes were a brilliant green, her hair in brown curls down her back. She was a bit on the shorter side, looking even smaller when standing next to you, whom was fairly tall. You both started highschool together and everything was going fine. You guys hung out after school, watched movies and went to parks over the summer. But then it came to 10th grade. Everything changed.

Elizabeth's parents went through a bad divorce and she was forced to live with her father, the mother moving away. Nearly instantly, a new step-mother was in the house and treated her as a slave. You wanted to try and stop it, but Elizabeth kept in insisting that she was fine. That one day it would get better. That maybe if she kept doing everything asked, her step mother would like her and not force her to do so much. But it still bothered you. You couldn't come to the house. She was barely allowed outside. It was the near middle of the year and you've had enough

She walked into school, looking fairly pale. Her lips looked dark and dull along with her normally cheerful eyes. She walked with a limp and she walked slow. Her hood was pulled over her head to try and hide a cut on her cheek that went down to her jawline. Just from her posture she looked like a zombie. Her sleeves were pulled over her hands as she walked, nearly being knocked to the ground by mere people passing her. It wasn't a good day, and for that she was vulnerable

one of the bullies walked up to her, trying to talk in her face. The popular girls and their jockey boy friends, making fun of her torn up cloths and scuffed shoes. Asking about the limp and the cut, calling her inappropriate names. She ignored it. Or so you thought. Truly she was dazed. Her eyes staring. She wasn't hearing them. She was completely zoned out. Once in a while this would happen but she was gone. A glimpse of fear already in Her eyes. The guys whispered to each other, talking to the girls and then they moved back. They knew she wasn't listening. They knew she was too weak to fight and they knew she was vulnerable. She was an easy target for them, so why wouldn't they take it? The first guy grabbed her bag, throwing it to the ground. She stumbled and fell from the force of them pulling it off her shoulder. The other guy lifted her up. She had a slow reaction, blinking and then hitting at him but obviously with no effect. Everyone was already in classes. No one saw. They picked her up like she was nothing, had she even eaten lately? They laughed as she whimpered and squirmed, telling them to put them down but her voice was cracking even at such a low volume. Quickly she banged on a locker with a certain pattern before they took her away from it, starting towards the locker room. You heard it from your classroom. You knew the pattern, you taught her it in case she was in trouble and she couldn't talk for she lost her voice often lately. You stiffened in your seat and...

{Sorry that it is so long but if you read all of it send Mad Madeline in the comments!}
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