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Hi everyone! We'd love if you would join us over in our primary Hapara Community. With almost 2,000 members from around the world there are even more people here to share ideas and answer questions.

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Introducing Camp Hapara Auckland! Learn how to use Hapara Dashboard, Highlights and Workspace to support student learning, engagement and digital citizenship during a 4 hour, hands-on session. Find out more at

im in a Catholic secondary school in Melbourne. We have a school G-Suite with hapara.
My tech staff are saying access to those under 13 has been suspended until their parents give authority. They say this has occurred over the term break.
Can any one confirm this or give advise?
Craig Tellefson

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There are some changes coming soon to Highlights! Learn everything that's happening here:

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Coming soon: New real-time updates in Workspace will mean co-teachers can update a Workspace at the same time!
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Kia ora, I know it has been shared before but can't remember where. Setting up workspaces for staff pld.
2 methods I am looking for:
1: the basic set up workspace and have teachers as learners
2: not so basic I think. Set up the workspace with teachers and co teacher but the co teacher may also be learners for some of the activities. I have tried to do this and the workspace was not happy with me.

Is anyone using or thinking about using Hapara Student Notes? We are using it for our secondary students and would be happy to share ideas and experiences!

Hi, wondering how I can access archived student work from 2016 if I was not the class teacher, but do have admin access to Hapara and g suite?

Once a student has "submitted" a Google doc via the Hapara workspace can they still see it? Can they see if I write their grade or make comments on the document? Can they see their grade if I don't return it?
Is there a way to close an assessment once the deadline is passed? Basically I want to lock documents that have not been submitted so that students can no longer work on them - is this possible?

Hi can anyone tell me how to switch off notifications in Hapara workspaces? They are driving me insane.
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