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Is anyone using or thinking about using Hapara Student Notes? We are using it for our secondary students and would be happy to share ideas and experiences!

Hi, wondering how I can access archived student work from 2016 if I was not the class teacher, but do have admin access to Hapara and g suite?

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Help Hapara with Highlights - Focused Browsing

Hello everybody.
We're currently reviewing Focused Browsing to better understand how teachers are using it. You could really help Hapara by answering some questions and testing out a prototype of a new function. This will take the form of a 30 minute video call with one of our team.

If you would like to help out follow the link below to Calendly to find a time that works for you. Please note: if the link takes you to a page that reads: “URL is invalid” it means that we’ve stopped booking calls and should read: “thank you, we have all the help we need!”


The Hapara UX Team

Once a student has "submitted" a Google doc via the Hapara workspace can they still see it? Can they see if I write their grade or make comments on the document? Can they see their grade if I don't return it?
Is there a way to close an assessment once the deadline is passed? Basically I want to lock documents that have not been submitted so that students can no longer work on them - is this possible?

Hi can anyone tell me how to switch off notifications in Hapara workspaces? They are driving me insane.

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There is a virus spreading through Google Drive accounts and affecting people worldwide. If you receive an email / Google Doc link from, DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. Report the email as spam.

Your Hapara account should not be affected by this virus. Google is currently investigating the issue and working to resolve it. You can find their updates here (

If you have opened the link, you should check your connected apps (, delete any apps that you don’t recognize and change your password.

Hopefully Google will have this issue resolved soon. 

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If you'd like to learn more about using Workspace, check out our free webinar this week with Beth Still

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If you haven't participated in our efficacy study yet, we would really love your feedback!

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