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I found this freaking unicorn on the web, I think you guys should see!

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Hi guys I found some picks I thought were cute. Ps this is not MY art.
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Look what I found on the web!! Look close and you can see somthing in the unicorn.

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Name;DJ. Sweet Note
Cutie Mark;In the pic
Talents;Make music and make AWSOME tune
Likes To;Hear Music,Make Music,Hangout with Friends
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Sexuality: straight
Species: pony alicorn
Likes: making friends
Dislikes: bullies
Bio: he is small for his age because of a mutation in his dna that caused him to stop growing when he was 1 and right after his parents were killed infront of him but he was sparred, when the police found him he was crying ontop of his parents screaming wake up mommy wake up daddy over and over again before he was removed and sent to a orphanage where he has lived his whole life
Throughout his life he has always had to have been moved from orphanage to orphanage because the kids would always beat him up cause they always thought he was lying about how old he was till he was 10 years old and they finally found a orphanage that the kids accepted him so hes been able to stay there, but while the other kids moved up in ages and rooms he was always stuck in the one year old room but his froends always remained loyal begging the owners to allow them to play with him, luckily the owners said they were allowed because of how old he actually was

When the time for him to go to school actually came he was super scared that all the teasing and bullying would start up again and he would have to leave all his friends but the owners forced him to go and yet again he was bullied for his size coming back to the orphanage with broken bones and bruises every day.

Eventually a pony by the name of sparkie shimmer came to the orphanage looking for a child to adopt and she saw firestrike and asked the managers why he had so many bruises and fell constantly and once she heard the story of what had happened all throughout his life she instantly decided she needed to adopt him and give him the life he deserves

So she filled out the paperwork needed to adopt him and took him home with her promising his friends that they cpuld come visit him then she carried him home on her back and showed him around the house glad that he was clinging to her as if she had saved his life.

Lisa i lost the yandere comunity O.o i cant find it

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Name: Fire Blaze
Age: ???
Gender: Male

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Name: princess Lisa lights
Age: 3,000
Husben: +Prince Rainbow Blitz​
Daughter's: rainbow hearts and love lights
Son's: lighting blitz and light storms
Loves: singing helping my friends out and spending time with my family
Hates: none
Sister's: snow fake, snow luck, chary notes
Brother: lighting storm
Bffs: rarity, Apple Jack, fluttershy, pinkie pie, rainbow dash, twilight sparkle, and sunset shimmer
Gender: mare
Race: alicorn

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