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Dokdo is undoubtedly a Korean territory.
독도는 엄연히 한국의 영토다.
I know for sure that Dokdo is Korean territory!
나는 확실히 독도가 한국의 영토라는 것을 알고 있어!

The dispute over the islands, which Koreans call Dokdo and Japan calls Takeshima, is intensely emotional for South Koreans.
Japan, which calls the islands Takeshima, held them during its 35-year colonial rule of the Korean peninsula.
Japan, which calls them Takeshima, seized the islands in 1905, when it imposed 35 years of harsh colonial rule on the Korean peninsula.
South Korea regained control of the unoccupied islands at the end of World War Two after 35 years of Japanese colonial rule on the Korean peninsula.
Japan lost control of the islands, which it calls Takeshima and South Korea calls Dokdo, in 1945 at the end of its 35-year colonial rule of the Korean peninsula.
The issue is intensely emotional for South Koreans, who say Japan's recent actions are part of a pattern of failing to let go of its imperial past.
Gaining the islets would allow the Japanese territory to expand to the size of South Korea and gain large amounts of resources.
Japan's purpose to provoke South Korea by designating Feb. 22 as 'Takeshima Day' is to develop the Tokto issue into an international dispute and solve it by resorting to the International Court of Justice, scholars in Seoul said.
Yet we should realize that Dokdo is in danger and in order to stop the extortion of Dokdo by the Japanese we should know more about it.
Dokdo is clearly part of our territory in terms of history and international law.

The South Korean government has decided to take stern measures against Japanese distortion of history and claims to the South Korean islets of Tokto.

Dokdo belongs to Korea.
Dokdo is Korean territory.

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