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When you try and find a Minnie Mouse roleplayer but you get no luck.

Fuck furfags.

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Waaaaassssss gooooooooood folks

I love you.

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"Being in love is everything to me, so don't you take it away from me."

"My name is Hacchi. Hacchi Tora"

"I'm 19"

"Well, a lot of people think Im really sweet and cherishing. I'm also a bit rough, though. And to be honest, I have a dirty humor."


"Such a thing to ask, huh? Well, if you wanna know, 109 lbs"

"I'm really short. 4'11"

"Well, um... Let's see. I was born in a small town. It was quite peaceful. It was um, named Momo Hollow, it was. I had a great time living there as it was. I had a friend, Marlai. She was a shy girl, but I had a weird feeling that she wasn't a good friend. Not a real friend, like pretending. I was right. No one liked me because I was a special needs kid with ADHD, Claustrophobia, Dyslexia, I had depression, and other bad things. My parents had been going through a tough time of poverty. So, I became depressed with this thing. My parents had been arrested for breaking into a home. Er, and uh, I was sent to a orphanage. Sad, right? Well, I got adopted and the treated me like shit, man. I ran away at age 14 living on my own, so here I am now! " 
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Hey thanks for inviting me

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Thanks for the invite

Uhh... I'm new here.... I Just joined.... Can someone give me a tour of this place? Like, what I should and shouldn't do and stuff liek that?
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