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Hey guys. These are the roles in the community.
Beast Boy: Me
Raven:+Raven Roth
Cyborg:+Cyborg TT
Terra: +Homunculus Lust
Mas y Menos:
Jinx:+Maddie The Comic Book Girl
Deathstroke (Slade):
Tell me if I missed any characters! Im going to let my members tryout for the spots, the best one in my opinion gets the spot. YOU MUST BE ACTIVE ON THIS COMMUNITY. IF YOU ARENT ACTIVE FOR A LONG TIME, I WILL KICK YOU OUT OF THE SPOT. Also, you try out by making a profile, and then starting a roleplay. The one who I think is the best gets the spot.

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Greetings to all my earthly friends. I am Starfire, princess of Tamaran💎
Greetings to all my earthly friends. I am Starfire, princess of Tamaran. 💎
Friends - The Teen Titans
Crush - Robin💖💖💖
Species - Tamaranean
Residence - Titan Tower, Jump City


(We need more members.)

(Why is this community so inactive?)

*Turns into a cheetah to hog the couch* Bruh... (+Raven Roth +Cyborg TT)

Finishes full length episode of ttg
Whaaaaattttt is this?RRRrrrobbbiiiinnnn.......wee have a situation......

(Who wants teen titans season 6?)

*Robin has to go to a dance with... KITTEN.* Uhh, guys, look at Raven...
**+Raven Roth, looks, skeptical and aggravated** (+Homunculus Lust, +Cyborg TT) Also... Starfire...

Scarecrow and Jinx are sneaking into the Titans tower. They land in the main room. ((open to +Maddie The Comic Book Girl +Garfield Logan (Beast Boy) and Raven Roth. I can't find her tag because there are so many!))

((Open rp))
Jinx was sprinting down the streets causing mischief along the way. She had left the HIVE tower, she needed a break from Mammoth and Gizmo. Or as she afectionetley called them, the morons . She reached an alley and stopped looking over her shoulder at the trail of destruction she had left. She smiled.
Beautiful night.
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