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Kingdom of greece

Leader: John benadect

Capital: sparta as first capital and athen as second capital

Languages english , Greek and Latin

Religions: cathlocism as main
Minor : Muslim

Goverment: Constotutional Monarchy

Economy: Strong

Industry: One of the largest in meterterrain

Areas covered: See map

Population: 18 million

Currency: gold

Active Military Personnel: 2 million

Reserve Military Personnel: 1 million
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Name: John benadect

Gender: Male

Birth Date: 1888

Nationality: greece

Personality: Loyal, and Vengeful

Languages: English, irish and german

Family: Unknown

Class: former solider

Allegiance: Independent

Weapons: Combat Shotgun, Desert Eagle, shield, and spear

Equipment: Type II Armor, and Backpack

We don't know much about him, but we know we was part of the ira and was a irish drunk for some reason he came to America on a assassin job bringing his weapons he had took over a abandoned metro station and started a group called the kit short for killers identity target it is the now a settlement the abandoned metro called the candles guidance the currency is bullets . He then got the role king of greece due to his brother's assination

Character Template ?

I claim greece

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Join us now we make a contest that the winner will be my new co-owner!!!

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Name: The Russian Empire

Leader: Tsar Nicholas II

Capital: St. Petersburg as first capital and Moscow as second capital

Languages: Russian,Finnish,Kazakh etc

Religions: Russian Orthodoxy as main
Minor: Russian Catholacism,Islam,Buddhism etc

Goverment: Constotutional Monarchy

Economy: Strong

Industry: One of the largest in the world

Areas covered: See map

Population: 182 million

Currency: Rupel

Active Military Personnel: 12 million

Reserve Military Personnel: 4 million
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Give me that British Stuff.

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I claim the Ottoman Empire.

All you people who claimed a country, make profiles when you can. We need to start up the RP so this community dose not die.

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