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Thank you for the support for my race, I have reached my goal, however the other members of my team have not. If you want to donate to one of my team mates

Tomorrow is payday for a lot of folks:-) A great day to donate, this helps so many children.



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Good day.

I designed a diet program, called The Superhuman Diet for optimum performance to help people become the ultimate in their chosen sport.

The eBook contains science backed information on how certain foods and diet choices can improve aspects such as agility, speed, power, endurance and more to help you break through perceived limits and help you transform your body into the ultimate.

I started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise funding to complete the program. Donations will count as pre-orders of the program and contributors will therefore get a sneak peak of the program ahead of its launch.

I was wondering if you would be able to help me sharing my campaign and thereby helping me raise awareness and reach possible backers.

Please follow the link to my campaign for more information about the program:

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This Weekend! The Xtreme Air Louisville 5k Run

The first-ever Xtreme Air Louisville 5k run will take place on Saturday, April 16, 2016 at E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park, located at 3000 Freys Hill Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40204 (click here for directions). 

#Louisville   #obstacles   #5k  

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Killer #SpartanRace  training workout! Need some workout ideas this Tuesday? Here you go!

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Thanks for the invite. Come check out some obstacles in development, diy links and other things OCR related you can share here. If anyone needs dimensions or specs for your backyard setup or if you are planing an event hit me up.

Twitter / Instagram @obstacledaddy
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Could this be the most optimal training tool for obstacle course racers?

Maximum muscle recruitment, Major core engagement, functional skills development... Check it out!

   #OCR   #MudRun   #SpartanRace   #Sandbag   #Training   #Workout 

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Is a keto diet the best nutritional path for fat loss and endurance running? CRAZY study inside is making me reconsider what I once thought...

#OCR   #Nutrition   #Keto   #Ketogenic   #Diet   #FatLoss   #Running   #endurance   #SpartanRace   #ToughMudder   #BattleFrog

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Some of the best #OCR  training and nutrition tips backed by some of the most cutting edge science based evidence. Interviews with elite obstacle course racers and more! All in the FREE  #SpartanBuddy  VIP package >>>

#ToughMudder   #SpartanRace   #BattleFrog   #MudRun   #Training  

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