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Been a while since anyone has posted in here! If anyone uses Help Scout, I've built a custom app that pulls in customer data to the right side of your conversations

Hi All, I am curious how many of you use the admin of SparkPay to take orders that come in via phone. If you don't... how do you handle these, do you have another order manager type program? I ask because we take what I think is a large number of orders in the admin this way and our salespeople have had lots of feedback on the order taking process. Mostly, they wish the layout utilized space more efficiently and have also expressed some frustrations with the speed of the admin. Just wondering what others think of it and happy to discuss more if anyone is interested.

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Hi everyone, we just joined the community here and wanted to introduce ourselves. We are in the vitamin and supplement industry and have been with SparkPay for about 2 years now. Love having a space to share ideas and possibly find some partners for dev share on certain projects.

Hello All, I want to present (what I feel) is a useful tool for monitoring your storefront. Be forwarned this is very much a work in progress.

This project is built by me, separate from Capital One/Spark Pay.

This gives you a decent overview of your store's daily activities.

The project is completely open source and I'm all ears to any suggestions/pull requests/etc.

The company we hired ( to overhaul our main website ( released the Drupal module that they created to fetch content from SparkPay into Drupal as an open-source module.

If you're interested in using or contributing, here's the module:

Here's an example of a product that was imported from our SparkPay site:

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Hi Guys, We've been kicking this around for years but I think we are FINALLY going to migrate our store from another platform to Americommerce. I just found this group. Brian Gluck - I need your help - Contact me please!

I can't figure out for the life of me how to restrict certain colors to certain sizes in the variant setup of a product.
I have a product that comes in 2 colors and 2 sizes. Red and Blue and Large and Small. However, the Blue color is not available in Small. When a customer selects Red they should be able to pick both sizes, but if they select Blue, they should only be able to choose Large.
How do I do this?

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We're experiencing a site outage as of late last night (2/14/16) as of about 12AM, EST.  Appears to be a database connectivity issue.

Is anyone else experiencing this same thing on their web store?

HI SparkPay community.  We have run into a wall.  We are looking to add the GOOGLE REMARKETING TOOL code.  Has anyone had success?  Thanks so much. 

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Your site's navigation is crucial to the user experience and ultimately conversions.

I recently implemented a custom, dynamic mega menus which can be tailored for each menu option.

See it in action on and please let me know what you think!
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