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This community is for anyone who has been incarcerated, has some who has been incarcerated and or is still incarcerated. The system throughout the United states has been unjust not only in the way of living and treatment but also and more importantly in its said rehabilitation process. Regardless if you did the committing offense or not you/the people that we love should be entitled to the rehabilitation that the system says that they provide. Rehabilitation should not stop when your released from custody.
My concern is with the people who get out of these places homeless, only given $200.00 and told to live after being incarcerated for 5 years or more. Have you ever heard the term a dog shall return to its own vomit? Well this is what happens to the people who are released homeless, nothing to eat and nowhere to stay, they return to what they're use to. Old associates, drugs, and sometimes worse crimes than the original committing offense.
Think of it like this: jail is where you run into all types of criminal, some who have committed some of thy most atrocious acts of violence, some who were just simple drug peddlers. Now combine all the crimes together and what do you have back into society? A very dangerous person. Is this what the system is breeding? Yes. I know from experience.
I was born into the system as a foster child raised all around northern California. I had diffrent group home councilors every day as said parents (they didn't care, by the way they were criminals or people from the streets). I've been to juvenile hall, boot camps and other places Befor I got to the penatentry. When I got to the penatentry I didn't know some of the illegal crap that I know now. Now I'm out, (by the way for the second time) and although I'm trying to do the best I can I still find myself in a fight with the system. Plainly we need help not supervision we need your support. I'll write more on this until then thank you for your comments and articles feel free to post
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