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Recent photo of two white-tailed deer at Robert Moses State Park in New York.

Rules and Guidelines

1. Please ensure that the photos posted to this community are of good quality. No blurry, grainy, or out-of-focus shots.

2. No nudity or pornography.

3. Humans are allowed to be seen in your photos as long as a human is not the main focus of the photo.

4. When posting your photo, please put it in the right category. You may suggest a new category in the Discussion if you find your photo does not fit into any existing categories.

5. Links to photographers' websites are allowed on photo posts. However, please do not make the posts with the sole intent of selling something. For example, do not include "buy prints of my photos here" in your post.

6. Please be respectful towards other members. Rude members will not be tolerated and be removed from the group.
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