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( Open RP )
I sat in a cage with chains on my arms and legs crying
Owners : NO CRYING ! He yelled at me ... then salmed the caged with his hand
Me : Ur a jerk and evil ! Jerks on my chains
Owner : U my dear are just a freak and will always be one leaves

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Name : Aggie
Age : 15 or 115
Gender : Female
Type of freak : Shape -Shifter
Good or Evil : Good
Parents : Unknown
Siblings : Unknown
Friends : None
BackStory : I live in a horrible freak show run by a mean man !
I heard of a place called Cirque Du Freak and wish I could escape to that place .....

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Name: Raven 
Species: ???
Age: 16 (ages every 7  years)
Bio: Was with her boyfriend walking in the woods one day, and he stepped on a poisonous snake. All of the sudden a man only a little older than Raven appeared, and said if she ever wanted to see her boyfriend alive again, she would come with him. The man brought her to cirque du freak, where Raven now shows incredible flying skills- sword fighting, painting, etc. 

waiting for lily to come out for the date and then....

Name Steve leopard
Relatives: Mrs. Leonard (mother)
Desmond Tiny (father)
Darren Shan (half-brother)
Hibernius Tall (half-brother)
Evanna (half-sister)

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Name: Lilly
Age : 15
Species: Android
Bio: Was born a human but got electrocuted and need to survive so became a robot.

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name:Darren Shan
race: half-vampire
age:16 (grows 1 year old every five years)
power:nails can pierce anything,superspeed,superstreth
weakness:snake,bat and bear blood

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Bio:was raised as a sailor but then got abandoned so is shy but loves to sing and dance loves animals has a bandage on his eyes only uncovers it when evil is around
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