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Name: M.U.M.O
Age: unknown
Gender: male
Race: robot
Abilities: able to release steam so it can move quicker
Skills: able to scan opponent and predict his/her next move
Weapons: my armor and my blades
Bio: M.U.M.O was built for one protect and to kill all who try to stop him


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This was the pictures for my character forgot to add them 
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you had heard legends of a man made of fire. The legends said he was evil, made of nothing but pure hatred...the legends also said he lived near a volcano. One day you decided that you were gonna see if the legends were true or not so you ventured to the nearest and the most inactive one...then you

Name: Arcadia shred

Gender: male

Age: 16

Sexuality: straight

Species: shadow demon

Grade: freshmen (9th)

Likes: music, delicious foods, beautiful scenery, fruit snacks

Dislikes: assholes, bully's, liars, people who think they deserve something, and lastly people who think there above others

Personality: Arcadia comes off as a little bit of a random person due to his nice and caring personality but sometimes he goes into a psycho side (explained in the bio)

Power/abilities: Dakra: a pitch black katana that is literally unbreakable

His shadow: his can shadow come out of the ground letting letting it stab or grab things it's also the way he can summon Dakra

Bio: Arcadia was born in a aggressive environment and was bullied for quite the time sense his shadow abilities were not very strong but one day when he was being bullied he just "snapped" and very literally snapped said bully's neck this is the time when his psychopath like attitude was adopted into his body which basically randomly came and said creepy and weird stuff........mostly creepy. After that no one approached him and of course were terrified of him and his random outburst but away from that Arcadia was very smart and somehow as time passed he got a lot more dangerous with his powers thanks to his well "psycho side" currently he's starting his first year at dark hearts academy. 

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ronald: hello who wants to help me with my dog his name is naruto marvel>

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Name: Rana voca
Age: 12
Sexuality: unknown
Species: reaper and half vampire
Grade: ( N/A)
Likes: anime,friends and like to help other people
Dislikes: rude people and haters
Personality: always happy and sometimes fill down
Powers/abilities: vampire control: can control anything when here eyes glow red and any object alive
Magic scythe: have a scythe that can turn into any weapon
Extra info: sometimes become scary and moody

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Name: Luna (Last name is unknown to her)
Age: 15
Sexuality: Unknown
Species: Dark Mage/Angel (Wings are hidden)
Grade: 10th (Sophomore)
Likes: Ravens, sharp things, long hair, color black, blood, and sunset.
Dislikes: Cats, bugs, snakes, and good angels.
Personality: Quiet and analyzes people's traits and rates their evilness. Also very slow to trust someone.
Powers/Abilities: I can fly because of my raven wings, and am great with using any objects as a weapon. For example, with a handkerchief, I can wrap it around one's eyes and without their vision, it'll be an easy win. I also have a faint vision of the future. I saw my life as a demon years ago, and I have lived up to that.
Bio: My family's life was took by the gods. I watched as angels swooped down and slowly and painfully took my parents away, because they violated the law: No angel is suppose to marry a human. But my mother had. I was worthless, weak, and stupid. I just watched them, and then, I was alone. Ever since then... I just hunt the angels. Try to find allies, but they always betray me. For 9 years, I've trained and hunted. Living by myself, getting attacked by angels and gods. I worked hard to live, taking care of my wounds and such. So don't ever say you know pain, because you will never know mine.
Extra Info: I carry around a scythe for battle.

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Luna: Does anyone feel like going to explore in the new woods? I've heard that challenges awaits those who enter...

i enter the school ground. i looked human except for the large sword i was carrying. you see me walk around the school yard confused
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