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Heres a profile template

Name: Flurry Heart Crystal
Age: 17
Sexuality: staright
Gender: female
Likes: nice people, loves to eat, loves to read and sing, love to help others
Dislikes: mean people, wars, anything evil expect those who turns good
I live all alone in a apartment. I have been living on my own since I was 6 when my parents died unexpectedly. I am good at most things. I'm shy at first meeting people. I am into singing. I write my own songs or sings others but I never sing in front of people I'm to shy.
Then a picture of yourself

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Hello guys it'd Asuna. Curently I'm in my tent right now lonely so please try and help me out to try and find some where to live!



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Kiari Sanya
Shy very deadly
Spends most time alone in the dark or secretly killing. She is deathy afraid of brightness 

Open Rp
Kairi was sitting alone in a corner sharpening her knife with nobody around. She was very bloody so she had to hide herself. She was thinking about how lonely she was

Ppl u need a profile to post here

Name Asuna Fugiokha
Age 16
Sexuality Straight
Likes Dance,Colored Hair, Fluffy Stuffed Animals,Studying,Music,Sleeping,The Color Black,Watermelon,Chocolate,HOST CLUBS,and Making New Friends.
DisLikes People chewing with their moth open,,People calling there selfs fat or too skinny,Very bright lights,Bright colors,Uniforms,Labels,Annoying People,and seeing the future.
Bio My mom died when I was 5.Then my dad had to get a new job so we can pay the bills and what not. My dad and I lived together until I was 14. He died. Then I moved in with my grandma but she wanted to make the house bigger so my uncle and aunt can move in. Now I live in a tent in the woods. I still go to school and I still come home to my tent. I'm trying to find some where to live. Also I look like my profile picture. 

Do I need Hang outs to talk to you people?

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Name: Raven Damen Taylor Parks

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Likes: ?

Dislikes: ?

Bio: Raven is a regular teen
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