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Here’s a character sheet for Eberron in case anyone needs it.

Are there any plans to offer the Adventurers! (revised KS version) available as a POD?

Quick question about the new Game Master Guide. At Red Plague's description (page 50), it mentions a Hindrance named "Red Touched". I can't find it in the GM's Guide or Player's Guide. I guess it's a left-over from Tricarnia, Land of Demons, right?

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Dear Fans!

We have published new edition of Beasts and Barbarians, this time Steel Edition. Backers got their pdfs for free, those are for sales.

After the first, seminal, Player Guide, the fans and players demanded a more complete game, the Golden Edition, which served us well for five years.

Since then, many things have happened in the Dominions, both in the official sourcebooks and published scenarios, and in the awesome stories you’ve told with your friends around the gaming table, and we decided to extend the timeline by the same amount of time, giving us the chance to introduce new events, sinister plots, events and characters.

We’ve hammered down this new edition in stel, the holiest of metals: it now includes an extended timeline, new lore, an expanded setting, gear, adventures, monsters and much more - and we streamlined the rules as well.

Oh, and all of this is in full color.

Beasts & Barbarians Steel Edition Player Guide includes:

Summarized descriptions of the lands and the history of the Dominions
Accurate descriptions of the various playable cultures, including clothing, religion, technology and so on.
More than 40 new Hindrances and Edges to create sword and sorcery heroes.
Specific gear (from loincloths to Amazon Hawk Ships)
Three custom-made arcane backgrounds and their specific trappings: sorcery, Lotusmastery and enlightenment.
Setting rules including After the Adventure events, crafting rules, expanded mass battle rules
And much more!
The Game Master Guide includes:

A detailed history of the Dominions, expanded and focused on the last five years.
A gazetteer of the Dominions, including old and new plot hooks for each region, and the new Dominion Events.
A chapter focused on themes, tricks and narrative techniques to make your games even more Swordy and Sorcerish.
Rules and tips to create Character Tales (adventures focused on a single player character).
A fully-fledged character generator.
An expanded Bestiary, including Personalities of the Dominions, the movers and shakers of the setting.
An introductory One Sheet adventure.
And of course, GRAmel fans will get it cheaper! I am currently sending emails with discounts!

I have a question for you folks:

Under armors in the gear list, the defense for medium armor is listed as "4/agi-1" (and 3/agi-2 for heavy)

How does that work ?
I could not find a reference for that anywhere.

Is that a choice ? a limit ? (like, you pick 4 or agi-1, whichever you prefer ?
or you roll agi-1 and it's capped at 4 ? )

Precisions would be appreciated, thanks.

One question about the Scythed wheels for chariots. They give a +4 bonus to Force manouvers in chases, but that it's a mechanic of the old explorer's edition. What would you do using deluxe rules? I would go with a +4 to Ram attempts in vehicular combat, but in chases I'm not sure.
+Alfonso García ;)

Hi there,

Quick question about the Minion/Relic skill :
How do you deal with the loss of the relic or the death of the minion?

- do you simply replace it by another?
- do you compensate it with the equivalent number of xp?
- or do you simply do nothing and tell your player to just go cry elsewhere?

Other question about the Summoning sphere of power :

how many creature(s) do you allow a player to summon? I didn’t read anything about a maximum number.

I found it a bit over powered when the pc’s necromancer summoned two very powerful creatures (mummy & wight like) and a regular skeleton...

I made up on the spot the house rule to give a cumulative -2 difficultly for each extra creature after the first one.

What’s your take on it?


A quick lore question about the Domains. Are Brown Sea's waters salty or sweet? Are also Buffalo River and Sword River freshwater?


Just a quick question about the armor rules in Adventurers!
I never understood which defense value one should use for medium or heavy armor (4/Agi-1 and 3/Agi-2)? It seemed to me one should take the worse of them as the armor encombers you but I'm not so sure now.

I'll appreciate your take on this!
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