Battle Groups for AW/AQ (Updated Feb 19, 2018)

BG1: Cutts, PE, Naveen, Omida, Ralphy, Addy, Igorot, SAshiny, Uncanny, Hazza
*Strength: 2301k, Officers: 3, R5 4*s/R3 5*s: 17, BossKillers: 6

BG2: Bolsa, Robot, Crimson, BadBlood, Jaylen, Magmin, Rackem, Falling, Mand1ner, 615Mag
*Strength: 2445k, Officers: 4, R5 4*s/R3 5*s: 11, BossKillers: 5

BG3: IndiePoet, SuperT, Twist, Aqqa, Pastor, Freedom, Zened, Alpha, Makisig, Chunky
*Strength: 1841k, Officers: 1, R5 4*s/R3 5*s: 7, BossKillers: 1

Pastor, just checking in on you. Hope all is well, and we'd like to see you come back.

Proposals for AW:

We lost a war by 250 points. It kinda sucks... So.... What ideas do people have to get better results in the war. Add your proposals in the comments and afterwards we can decide which ones to implement.

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Roll Call!

To be eligible for wars, respond with your MCOC name so we can connect everyone and improve our war strategy and results. Plus it's nice to know who everybody is :)

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Summoner Advancement:

So, MCOC chat is a lousy place for a discussion. Let's figure it out on here...

I figure we have 3 options:

A- Open and Rank up every week.
B- Go back to 'Save Week'/'Christmas Week'
C- Try '265k Week'/'Go All Out Week'

The benefit of Option A is that we all do what we want and don't have to coordinate or communicate. The disadvantage is that we may not always hit the 265k threshold, or we might be stuck in the 70-100% range which gives less 5* shards than option B.

Option B has worked really well. It is easy to coordinate, most of us have been good at respecting the rules. We are normally in the 40-70% category or better which is more 5* shards. Disadvantages: We're not maximizing the 4* shards that we could get by doing weekly SA. The higher level you are, the easier it is to get points and now almost everyone is over 100k. We might be at a high enough level that we can qualify every week for better prizes.

Option C would allow all of us to open and rank up until we hit 265k after which we would take our 4 & 5* shards and start saving. In the second week we would open everything and aim for better prizes. The disadvantage is coordinating is harder and people would have to check messages before opening or ranking on 265k week.

Does anyone have another option? If not, which of the 3 do you think would work best?
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Open Every Week!
Back to Save Week / Xmas Week!
Lets try 265k Week / All Out Week!

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Alright, it's that time again. I don't know which to awaken and which to take to 4/40. I have 2 generic 4* awakening gems and 1 4* science awakening gems and 3 t4 basic catalysts I also have rank downs for 4* and 5*. Any insight would help!!
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Here are my masteries for those curious.

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If you're looking for suggested mastery builds this is a great breakdown. There are a lot of ways to go and different builds for different goals. Personally, I'm building out something similar to the mystic destroyer one. Only differences are I only have limber at 3/5, mystic dispersion at 3/5 (but I'm taking it to 4 soon), perfect block at 1/5, recovery at 3/3, and deep wounds at 2/5. I am not a fan of the "suicide masteries" (Liquid Courage or Double Edge) since I'm not focused on arena. I'm a big fan of assassin, deep wounds, and if you have a lot of mystic champs mystic dispersion is beastly.

Everyone in the alliance should definitely have the base setup of the beginner build. You need to be able to parry and evade. Then you should focus on getting precision and cruelty maxed. They will make your hit so much harder and are a must. From there take a look at the options and choose one you think fits your team. The very end has a rough index of the expected PI increase for all of your champs based on each mastery. It can be super useful for trying to get higher PIs across the board.

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Wish me luck...
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